Thursday, November 3, 2016

Monday morning QBing the CMA Awards - on a Thursday.

Here's my CMA AWARDS review...

*  Almost all the big stars of today - and many from the past - were there to celebrate the Awards 50th anniversary.   I definitely appreciated the moments of honoring the great songs from the past.  I am not a Garth fan but I liked the medley that he and Trisha Yearwood sang of some of the great classic songs.

* The highly promoted 'opening number' was good. I felt Brad Paisley had to keep it together for some of the 'old timers' on stage.  Bless their hearts!!  He was leading them through their parts.   And, bringing out Randy Travis at the end.... ok, here's my take:  He has been honored at various Nashville events now.  Yes, I am very happy that his therapy is increasing his ability to speak - and he even sort of sang "amen" at the end of his "Forever and Ever Amen" mega-hit.  But,  enough.  It's a sad moment too.  I feel like he is brought out too often now.   It's weird.   Again, it's sad.

*  I think Brad and Carrie did a good job with the opening chat together.  They are always funny...and cute together.  And clean - country music is never raunchy.  (Ok, not 'never' - but they don't drop the F bomb or tell trashy jokes.)   I know Carrie was very concerned about talking about the presidential candidates without favoring one.  They pulled that off.  I personally loved that they brought out the Tim and Faith 'Barbie' dolls again.  That was funny!! 

*  I'm a fan of "Stay Humble and Kind" so I was glad the songwriter Lori McKenna won, and I loved seeing Tim sing it. I wish he would have one for Best Male Artists.  That song was HUGE - and he has been on the radio with song after song this year.   I love Thomas Rhett too and "Die a Happy Man" is a beautiful love song.  But, "Stay Humble and Kind" was such a needed song this past year.

*  I'm still not quite sure who votes.  Fans do...   but I think there is something else that goes on behind the scenes.

* Garth as Entertainer of the Year???   Seriously?    Any of the other nominees would have been a better choice.  All of them had more songs on the radio this past year and toured more.  I have heard the Nashville music community doesn't like Garth much... this is why.

*  Beyonce?   Again, seriously?   She was added or announced on the day of the show.  I guess it was the CMA's way to get higher ratings, thinking they would pull in non-country music people, to watch her.  But, it is the COUNTRY music awards show....   grrrrrr.    Fans reacted immediately on social media.   I remember when Lenny Kravitz came out with Jason Aldean at the CMA Festival, and then Lenny stayed on stage and did his own set.  Fans were not happy.  Including me.  We all paid big bucks to experience live country music. Throwing someone out there who is a different musical genre performer is just wrong.

*  Performances I loved:   Keith singing "Blue"...  he NEVER disappoints and he should win more often!   The Dolly medley by the ladies was good - and watching Dolly enjoy it was priceless!   As I said earlier... Tim singing "Stay Humble and Kind."

*  I loved Miranda singing "Vice"... emotional and raw.   Very personal perhaps.

*  Carrie:  My take...   she has a beautiful voice and can really belt it.  Have you noticed that all her songs are starting to sound the same?  I miss her early stuff.  I love when she sings softly.  She should do that more often.  It's more emotional.   Her wardrobe changes:  Again, why?  So, unnecessary.   I think she is scooting out of country music just like Taylor.     Bye bye...

*  I love Brothers Osborne and I am glad they won!  I can't believe they beat FGL but I am glad they did!  They are talented guys and don't jump all around the stage.   I became a fan seeing them live at the CMA Festival this past June.  Writers, singers, players - they are two talented brothers!

*  I love "Little Big Town" too!  Karen Fairchild was featured on the song last night, but man, they harmonize so well together.  So awesome! 

*  Poor Dolly didn't get to say her whole speech.   Love her - and she is smart, funny, and a legend - and they should not have rushed her. 

* I would not have chosen Maren Morris for Best New Artist.  Kelsea had more hits on the radio.  Both are writers and performers.  

I think I get so excited each time one of these award shows come on tv, and I look forward to it.  So -  maybe I get too critical.  Not everything is going to be a 'grand slam' - right?

What did you think?


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