Monday, November 21, 2016

My blog. My view.

I know...

What am I going to say that is new or different?  

There have already been endless commentaries, news reports, and social media memes about this election.   What can I add?  

And, really, half of you reading this are already saying, oh Marla, 'geez, get over it.  move on. stop whining. '

But, the other half of you may be like me and are not quite ready to let go of the disappointment, and ready to 'give in' to the results. Why??    Staying quiet means being okay with the results.

*  I think that during the too-long campaign season the half that I am a part of always saw Trump as a joke.  Even among his own party he was not respected. The media reported on him with a bit of disbelief. Late night hosts had much more material with him than with his opponents. He was the one that was easy to poke fun of because he had no filter on himself. He never knew how to act 'grown up' and he even openingly said mean things about groups of people...including the handicapped and minorities.

I admit - quietly along the way there was a group of Americans watching, and willing to overlook Trump's rudeness, because they felt forgotten by America.  They felt that those in Washington didn't understand them - and certainly didn't pass laws to help them.  As the election showed, those unhappy people, and those hoping for more Republican ways in government, and those wanting to send a message to Washington, and those not wanting Hillary - all came out and voted.

*  So, why can't the other half of America (the ones who didn't vote for Trump) accept the outcome quietly?

I speak for myself on this one.  But, I have talked to some who agree with me.  I think by staying quiet after this election we worry that it looks like we accept Trump's moral failings, his dividing language, his egotistic style.  I don't want to compare him with Hillary in this post.  Or Obama.  That is not what this post is about.  But,  I don't get that so many Americans overlooked the fiber of America (acceptance, equality, freedom to live here) to vote the way they did.

Now, I know I have not experienced financial hardships during the past 8 years, or before, and I know I have not felt our government left me behind.   But, then...I'm white - and I'm married to someone who earns a nice salary.   We have always had medical insurance.  We have a home.  Food.  We have had opportunities that others have not.

* So, for me, that is where my belief in God, my relationship with God, my faith - all come in.  I am a Christian. I believe that as a child of God, I am given the job to do what Jesus said to do... to spread the Word, to help the poor, to love everyone equally.   I do NOT believe that our government should be run by only one religious group (even tho I love mine), but that ALL religions should be treated equally.   All colors.  All backgrounds.  All !!!

Again, why do I not stay quiet and 'get over it?'  Because my faith tells me that we are to speak out, we are to reach out, we are support those that need it.  Jesus never said to just turn around and forget them.  He never said to JUDGE who deserves help.  Everyone is EQUAL.

* Let's talk freedom.  America was founded on it.   People crossed the ocean to live away from a monarchy.  Freedom is what we are all about!  So, freedom of speech is vital.  Freedom of religion too.  Freedom with guidelines to keep us safe and equal.  (I know there is a freedom to protect yourself.  I still think we need better guidelines.)  I believe that.

Anytime a leader talks of one whole group of people not being accepted - I have a problem.  Anytime someone decides what happens to a whole group of people - I have a problem.   Anytime someone bullies and is purposely mean to a whole group of people - I have a problem.

I hurt. I hurt for those groups - made up of individuals left out, bullied, forgotten.  I hurt for those feeling fear.  I can not stay quiet and have others think I am okay with the inequality.

*  At this point I have to say that I know some people vote strictly on the economic picture of this country.  And, they vote because their own pocket is empty.   They are at a point in their life where "me" comes before "we."   I am not dis-allowing this thought.  It's real.  But, that is why it is so vital for others to reach out and help.  Regardless of who they are - or where they come from, or even mistakes that have happened.

* Rudeness breeds rudeness.  Children learn from adults.      Tit for a choice.   Speaking out should not be about that.    Political rudeness has gone way too far.

* I am a woman.  I am a strong woman.  I have daughters.  Again, I want to help all women... regardless of who they are, where they come from, even mistakes made.   I do not judge.  God is the judge.  But, again, I believe that God knows each individual person and the heart of each.   Government should NOT be God.

* I will not stay quiet because I want to set an example - and I think when people are not allowed to speak out, we have lost a fundamental belief in America.  Peaceful protests are America.   Change takes time... time is our friend.  Generations change.  To think not, is keeping your head in the sand.   Speaking out can be done with respect.... that is what I try to do.   But, truly, I can not stay quiet when inside my heart and my head hurt.

Will I drive you crazy?  I hope not.  It's not my intent.  Will I open your mind a bit?  Maybe.  Will you understand me a little?  Hopefully.

* Last but not least, I have had a problem with the slogan "Make America Great Again" from the first day it was said.   America IS great!!!  America is one of the most wonderful places to live on this globe. We have so much more than other parts of the world.  The first time I heard that slogan I was offended.  I felt immediately the campaign was going to be negative, and not about the good of America... and the way to reach out our goodness to support others.   And, it was.    America IS GREAT because we have freedoms, and we have compassion for others - ALL people.  The very person who campaigned with that slogan showed me and others that it's okay to be rude, selective, and pompous.  That is not the America I want.

If you read this post so far, I am guessing you feel like me.   Those who fall on the other half of America who voted for Trump probably checked out by now.   But, if you voted for Trump and read down to the end - sincerely, I THANK YOU.   You read/listened to my viewpoint.  We need more of that.  Now tell me yours.


  1. Very well said! I agree with you. I've been talking with friends about Trump's horrid comments during the campaign and some believe he just said those things to get the votes of those who actually feel that way. I have a problem with that just as much as if he meant them. First, a pastor of ours once said if it comes out of your mouth, it is in your heart. Second, if Trump doesn't believe those things, the people who do may very well believe they are justified in carrying out some very nasty acts against certain segments of the population. I could go on and on but you've said it so beautifully. I'm not sitting quietly either. I am a white woman with enough to get by, a roof over my head, etc. But I am terrified. I'm terrified for others and of a huge snowball that won't easily be stopped once it's begun. And the fear that I won't be able to help do anything to try and stop it. Perpetuating hate is a bad, bad thing to do.

  2. Well said Marla. I could write a short novel here with my thoughts. But just wanted to say, I am with you! ! -katie

  3. Yes, we come from different perspectives, but I was glad to read your post all the way to the end. I voted for Trump. Not because I am racist, uneducated, ignorant or any of the other negative labels that have been applied to us. Trump was not my first choice initially; however, because I am conservative in most of my beliefs, I could not embrace what I perceived as a Socialist Democratic platform. I did not agree with much of what Mr. Trump said, but found it much less offensive than the proven corrupt history and record of Mrs. Clinton. I voted with the hope that there will be a return of what I believe to be core American values based on the Constitution. Having conservative judges on the Supreme Court, a strong economy, military and borders were my main concerns. Now, may I suggest that we pay attention to those who have continued to riot, destroy and break the law since the election. They are not those who voted for Trump and have been so greatly feared. No, it is not those of us who pulled the Trump lever that should be feared. For the most part, we are going to work every day, instilling values in our children and grandchildren, can be found in church on Sunday and at ballgames on the weekend. We are common, hard-working Americans with high expectations for the leaders of our country and each other. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion also.

    1. Elizabeth - thank you. Yes, I appreciate that you read my post. And, I read your reply. I certainly understand that you want a stable America and want to 'return' vs. 'move forward' when it comes to values. There are points you mentioned that I personally disagree with, but that is my right... and I can say so. Yeah for freedom of speech! I think we need to keep in mind that the protesting we have seen has been by and large peaceful (there are always a few jerks - both sides have them) and I don't think we need to fear them. As my post said, I will continue to follow my head and heart - and I pray that our new leadership will be able to run the country in a manner we ALL will be proud of, and will give ALL Americans equality and a good life here. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You have said everything I have been feeling. Thinking. I forwarded this blog post to a friend. I couldn't get the words out to explain properly to her what I wanted to say. Thank you very much

    1. Thank you back. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I did vote for Trump and I appreciate your views on the election. He is not out to get anyone, he wants to help all. Everyone has a right to live in America, my ancestor came over from Europe for that dream. We have just been a little to lax on following the laws. He is not Hitler and he truly has a kind heart.