Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas card debate

Hi Facebook and blogging friends,

I have a question for you.  Are mailing Christmas cards in the mail passe?   Here it is December 2nd and usually by this time each year in the past I have cards bought and a picture of the family picked out.  I usually compose a letter to put inside the card that highlights our year.

I touched on this in an earlier blog post, but I'm sitting here this morning thinking that for the first time ever I really don't want to send cards - especially to those who have become my FB and blog readers.  You already know what is going on in my life (I probably give more info than you want to know! ha) and you have seen pictures of the family throughout the year.

I have received 3 cards in the mail so far.  One of them is from our newspaper man, who conveniently put his address on it.  Yes, he will get a Christmas tip.  One came from a nephew & family with a great pic.  Each year I usually frame the new picture they send - so thank you to them.  The other card came with no note, no picture, nothing.  Just a signature.  Like it's a yearly obligation.

I don't know.  Perhaps this will be my plan this year.  I will send a card to family and friends who have yet to get online (why haven't they??!)  I can really cut down the list, and the expense.  And, here's another promise from me: the money I save from not sending cards I will give to a charity for Christmas.  I'm going to a lunch next week where money is thrown in to pots in the middle of the table for the local food bank, for "Helping Hand" of Georgetown County, and other needy groups.  Your Christmas card money will go in that pot. 

So, if you do not get a Christmas card from me through snail mail, please do not think I have not thought about you this Advent and Christmas season.  Do not think I do not wish you a joyous season and long for peace.  Do not figure I don't want to share the "Good News" of the baby Jesus brought into this world - for us.  I do!  

Ok?  I think I just solved my Christmas card debate.  

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  1. I still send cards but don't have hurt feelings if one is not sent in return. I think a lot of people go the e-route but I still love a card. I'm not a big fan of the signature only though.