Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge questions

Here are this week's Hodgepodge questions

1. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Do you enjoy working in the yard?   What is your least favorite yard activity?     I love love love doing yard work.  As I wrote in one of my earlier posts, I am definitely an outdoor piddler.  I love to spend time in my yard picking up twigs, and weeding, and planting flowers, transplanting, etc.  We still use a service for the major stuff like mowing and pruning and shaping the bushes and trees.   My least favorite activity?  I can't think of one but I will say my least favorite part of yard work is finding snakes.  And, yes, they are around.  I fear them.  I can't identify a "good" snake so I am afraid of ALL of them.  I don't like how they hide and slither.  I don't like how they can climb and lay up on tree limbs and door frames.  (I just had a head to toe shiver! Eeeeooow.)

2. What puts a spring in your step?     Two things:  This beautiful spring weather and seeing the earth come back to life.   And, listening to my favorite country music.  I can't help but "move" and sing along. It definitely puts me in a good mood!  I love to start my day listening. In fact I have it on right now.   ( :

3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action?   I thought about this awhile.  I can only remember times when as a mom I had to jump up, out of bed quickly...  when I heard the sound of one of my young girls sick in the middle of the night.   That maternal instinct took over and even in a deep sleep I could open my eyes, get up, and spring into action. 

4. Carrots?  Cooked or raw?  I only eat cooked carrots in stew or veggie soup, when mixed in with other vegetables.   So, for me it's RAW, dipped in a little ranch dressing.

5. Do you take hotel shampoos and sundries from a room when you check out?   I used to collect them to put into our guest bathroom for our visitors.  But, now I only take them if I opened them and they are "half used."  

6.  Which team or club that you belonged to was the most enjoyable?  Why?  During my years living in Sparta I belonged to a group called "Sparta Friends and Neighbors",  It was like a newcomers group and we held meetings, had coffees, social events, and did a little charitable work.  It was a fun group of ladies, mostly like me, with husbands who transferred for the job, and were looking for friendship.  We had all kinds of activities available.  I often when on day trips with the group, I was a substitute for the bowling group, loved doing crafts, and of course eating out with them.  I was president one year and secretary for the group a few. I also typed up the monthly newsletter for 2 years.   I am still in contact with some of my friends from there, thanks to Facebook and email. 

7. Is cloning a sign of progress?  The questions above have been light, but this topic of cloning is pretty serious!  I'm trying to make the connection. birth... replicating birth?    I have a concern about cloning because I think we should all be totally unique individuals.  BUT, I must say that by cloning animals and copying genetic makeup we might find medical cures or be able to "wean out" physical defects.   I see the good uses, but I also worry about "mis-use."  Part of me wants God to be God....He does it best!

Random thought:  Continuing the spring theme:  does anybody else have this delimna?  I love this weather so much I don't want to do anything INSIDE my house!  I want to be outdoors as much as possible during these beautiful days.  So, the whole idea of "spring cleaning" gets put on the back burner for me.   Guess I need to wait for a raining day...

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  1. I've got no real desire to do any spring cleaning (I think I'll wait until fall and do an annual fall cleaning). But when I've needed to stay inside to do anything that I couldn't postpone, I opened the doors and windows wide open so I'd get the fresh breeze blowing in ... it felt close to being outside. Not the same ... but it was the best I could do.