Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving on...

In the last few weeks there has been "moving" in the air.  No, not me - this time. I'm not going anywhere.  I've moved a bunch of times over the years and I love where I am now, thank you very much!

The first move announcement came from daughter #1.  She's moving from Charlotte to Chapel Hill.  Whew.  She's staying in the same state and not really moving farther away from here (me).  It will still be a 4 hour drive away, give or take a few miles.  But, she's making big changes and it's exciting and a little scary for her.  Oh, and "Mom" (me) is helping AGAIN with the packing up and the move. I am an expert on preparing to move.  Let see...I moved 6 times as a kid, then 8 times once married, and I have moved my daughters more times than I can count...in and out of dorms, and other school housing, first apartments, etc. 

The second move is still to happen, but this week my cousin has been here with me, finishing up her search for the right retirement home nearby.  She's leaving behind the snow up north and coming down to the world of endless golf courses.  Her move will happen in May or this summer, but yesterday she put an offer in on a home and as I type this she's waiting to her if there will be a counter, and if the purchase can go through.  Again, it's exciting and a little scary. 

Moving on, and making changes can be hard.  It's tough to make the step into a new and unknown world.  But,  from my experience (and I have quite a bit of it!) moves have been positive.  I have loved learning about new areas, and meeting new people.  I have learned to be open to new situations.

I have learned to be bold.  To reach out and say hello first.  I have learned to accept different ways of doing things.   I have experienced the mid-west, and the east coast, and the west coast too!  I can say the moves have taught me to live outside a limited way of thinking.

Ok.  Where was my toughest place to adapt?   I'd have to say New Jersey. We lived in a small-ish town, but it was only one hour from NYC, the Big Apple, the heart of the world!  So, it threw me.Why did we have oil heat with tanks underground?  And septic systems?  And limited stores for shopping?   And lousy weather? Small roads without sidewalks?    It was a hard adjustment after suburban MD, Atlanta, and East Bay, CA.  I felt people were "harsh" and too blunt sometimes.  I felt "stuck."   BUT...  it turned out to be a wonderful place for the daughters to grow up. Schools were very good.  Activities were multiple.  And, the music programs were wonderful!  I found a great church.  I met some dear friends through a "friends and neighbors" club.   So, even moving there turned out to be a very positive experience!

Moving on....     scary?  Yes.  But in my experience, always worth it.

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  1. I've moved loads too and have to say this end of the state is definitely the toughest. We laugh and say moving to a foreign country was way easier : )