Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

My blogger friend Joyce has some good questions for her Wednesday's Hodgepodge. 

Here they are, and my answers.  What are yours?

1. St. Patrick's is this Saturday.  What is your favorite touch 'o green in your closet?  I have always liked to wear green because I have green eyes.  I think if I wear green it makes my eyes look bolder.  So, I have a few green tops, but perhaps my favorite is a mint green pullover sweater.  I wear it with jeans mostly. 

2. Where is your favorite green space?  I think I'd have to say I love the green grass on a golf course, both the fairway and the putting green.  I may not be very good at playing golf, but I love the beautiful manicured courses and open spaces.  When playing golf  I much prefer the green grass, and NOT the brown wooded trees, or the blue water, or tan sand traps! ha!

3. Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or are you just right?  I am 5'9" and am quite content with my tallness.  I can "carry weight" abit easier than shorter ladies, so that's good!  I think I can "wear"  clothes a bit easier too.  Occasionally I have trouble finding long sleeves long enough, or pant legs long enough, but that's ok.  I prefer to wear short sleeves and shorts (and flip flops) anyway and I live in a climate where I can a good part of the year!

4. What's a sure way to pick a fight with me? Ok.  My answer should be if you say something mean about my hubby or my daughters, or my family in general.  But, really, I will not fight.  Instead, I will be hurt and sad, and walk away.  I'm not a fighter.

5. Broccoli - spinach - string beans - peas. Which green veggie is your favorite?  Of the four listed I have to go with broccoli, BUT one green vegetable was left off the list and it is my favorite: asparagus.

6. March is National Women in History Month.  What woman in history do you most admire? 
I have a couple of answers.  First, Mary, the mother of Jesus.  At 13 she had a child. She trusted the angel and accepted her role and then came to find she raised God's ONLY son and perfect person.  Then she had to watch people torture him and kill him in a slow, awful death. What strength!   Other women I admire: Juliette Low (100 years of Girl Scouts this year), Belle Barach (NYer who came south and lived in a man's world during a time when women were usually seen & not heard),  and, yes, Oprah (modern history) for her commitment to making a difference via her show and then with her millions.

7. Finish this your way:  " Stay calm and____________ on."    I say "Stay calm and pray on."   Also "Stay calm and sing on."   "Stay calm and move on."  "Stay calm and love on!"


  1. I just set mine to auto post so now I feel safe reading. I try not to read before I set up my post because I almost always see an answer I like better.

    I'm not a fighter either : )

  2. I feel just like you regarding #4. ;-)

    I envy you, living where you can wear shorts and flip flops most of the year. That would be my dream ... but only if I can move my daughter and her family, too ... couldn't stand to be that far from my grandkids. ;-)

  3. How I'd love to have green eyes! I love going for walks on golf courses in the late evening. I'm now a follower! :)

  4. I'm not a physical fighter and I'm quite tolerant, but if someone crosses the line, I'll fight verbally and written until I win.

    I think you're absolutely right about green and green eyes! When I wear g4reen or blue, my eyes look a brilliant green. (so I wear lots of green and blue!) :)