Friday, July 6, 2012

Eating like an American.

Pulled pork bar-b-que, chicken, potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, hamburgers, brownies, cookies, and more....  all-American food! I had it all the past 4 days as we celebrated the 4th of July here.  But, now - I DON'T WANT the all-American figure! 

We Americans have a weight problem.  We have lots of good food and many reasons to celebrate, and we enjoy all our blessings. 

I'm at an age where the "battle of the bulge" is getting tougher.  I never thought I'd be 55 and looking at myself in pictures - and seeing flabby arms, and a pot-belly stomach.  But, it's happening.  I see it.  I know it's part of what happens as we live and age, but I'm not going to "give up" and give IN to it being that way.

So...hear me now blogger friends:   I'm going to stop eating "junk" food and try to put some sort of exercise into my life each day.  I think that much of a change will make a difference and make me feel better. 

Here goes.....

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  1. Good luck! I eat very healthy but allow myself the occasional treat now and then. The big thing for me is exercise. No matter how little or how low fat I eat if I don't exercise I do not drop a pound. Ugh.

  2. I hear you, Marla! It gets tougher every year. I'm trying to get daily exercise into my routine. I have trouble committing the time, but I know it's important. Good luck to us all!

  3. Thanks for the kind words ;) It is hot here too which is a bit rare for northern California. Sadly it's been the hottest year in history, they say. :( Hopefully where you live it isn't too hot & your keeping cool.