Monday, July 23, 2012

A different kind of vacation.

I just got back from vacation two days ago.  I went to northern Ohio to my side of the family's annual get-together in a place called Lakeside on Lake Erie.  I have been going to Lakeside, Ohio since I was a young child.  I first went as a "wee" little one, really before I can even remember.  Then I think I missed a few years but started back in high school.  My parents had moved at that time just an hour & a half from Lakeside, and my Dad bought a lot and built an A-Frame cottage there.  I missed a few times during college and when my hubby & I lived in California.  But since 1989 I have not missed one summer of meeting up with my family there. Parents, siblings, cousins get together.

Each year we pick a week in the summer and try to get us much of the family as possible to congregate there.  We rent a cottage near the one my Dad built so we can have enough bedrooms (and bathrooms) for everyone.  We have lost a few family members through the years, and have gained a few too.  It's a tradition that continues year after year.

It's not a "flashy" vacation. In fact it's a step back in time.  Lakeside is a chatauqua town that offers wholesome family entertainment. Religious programs and values. It has a slow pace and it's a break from the modern world.  We sit around and talk, we put together jigsaw puzzles, and make crafts.  (Ok, we bring computers and iphones now. We can't totally live in the past! ha)

I have learned through the years to really appreciate the family vacation.   It's so hard to get us together with our busy worlds and with all the miles between us.  But, we can always count on the Lakeside week.  It's a rare thing.

I am very happy to have this tradition.

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