Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Favorites... road trips, colors, senior citizens...a true Hodgepodge!

Take a moment to relax after last week's busy week of holidays, and participate in the Hodgepodge!  Everyone is welcome!   Here are Joyce's questions for this week, and my answers.

1.  When were you last 'on a mountain top?' You may answer it in the literal or figuritive sense.

Literally, I really can not remember.  I have driven through mountains on road trips (see question #5) but it's been a really long time since I have stood on a mountain top.  Saying that, I admit I am not a mountain person.  I much prefer flat land and beach environments.  

2. Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household?  What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own?

Hubby and I have not had a strict budget in many years.  But, when I was single and when I was first married I kept a ledger of expenses.  I wanted to know first, where our money went - and second, how best to use it wisely.  I think all young people should keep a running tab on expenses because it does help identify the realities of life (utilities, rent, insurance, food), and what is left over for FUN, SHARING and SAVINGS.  Sharing?  It's important to give something to a charity or as offering to church. I feel it's a "responsibility."  I would also encourage young people to take something small from each paycheck and place it in a separate (untouchable) account for that "rainy day" need or for future dreams.

3. Cherries - yay or nay?  Cherry pie, cherry cola, black forest cake, or a scoop of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia...pick one.

I do not crave cherries.  My answer would have to be cherry pie.  When I lived with my parents in Maryland in my teen years we had a small cherry tree in our backyard.  My mother was able to pick enough cherries for just a few fresh, homemade cherry pies.  They were really delicious!  

4. Should you discuss religion or politics with people you don't know?

Oh my.  A loaded question!!  Politics  today is SO divided and I really think people will not/can not talk with others with other viewpoints without getting upset or personally offended.   As for religion, I know that God wants us to "share the good news" and to bring His message of love, of Jesus, and of eternal life to those who don't know it.  So, it's a challenge on HOW to do it without turning the person off, or coming on too strong, or sounding like a crazy person.  I think it's best to "live" religion and be an example of what a believer is.  I try to do that.  I certainly LOVE a good religion discussion... if both sides are open to it.

5.  When you take a road trip do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger?  Where were you headed on your last road trip?

I love a road trip by myself.   I love the hours on the open road to listen to music LOUD and to sing along.  I have a rule that when driving on a road trip any & all food is allowed to keep me awake so it's one of my rare opportunities to stop for fast food.  I also use M&M's as my "caffeine pills".    If I am with others on a road trip, certainly it makes sense to share the driving.  In that situation we have a rule that the driver controls the music.   I like to drive - but I also like to be the passenger and take a snooze.  My last road trip?   Joyce, how many hours on the road is considered a "road trip?"  I drive 4 hours occasionally to North Carolina to see my daughters.  That's not a long trip though.   At Thanksgiving we drove to northern Ohio for a family get-together... 13 hours.   That trip takes us right through the NC and W VA mountains (back to question #1) and I dislike it VERY much.  I don't like windy roads and I definitely don't like being in a valley between mountains. I have a claustrophic feeling.  Seriously....it bothers me.

6.  If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalant?

Ok, so I try to hang my clothes by color... it looks more organized and it's easier to find the article of clothing I am looking for each day.   Definitely the most prevalant color is white.  I have a large collection of white tops for all occasions: warm or cold weather, t-shirts for under sweaters, or golf shirts, and a few sweaters to throw on top of any other color.

7. Who's your favorite senior citizen and why are they special? 

Hey. I'm a senior citizen in the eyes of AARP. So is my hubby.  So, not counting us?   I have a few.  I live in an area that has a rather large retired community so I know many senior citizens.  In general I have to say I am impressed with how so many of them are still active and engaged in life.  They are wonderful role models.  I realize that they have their health, and when you have your health you have everything!  Right?    So, I will list a few here by first name:  Dave, Jeanne, Penny, Janet, Rich, and Jane.  They are inspirations.   They still love life, give back, stay positive, and enjoy people. 

8.  My random thought.

The South Carolina weather has been unusually cold this past week, and we actually had some snow flakes this past Saturday night.  Western Carolina gets snow from time to time but it's really rare here along the coast.  It was enough to remind me how much I dislike cold weather...and wind, and snow, and bundling up, and hurrying in and outside. Ugh.   I'm hoping that was the end of our winter and now spring can come and warm me up and let me enjoy being outdoors. 

Have a good week blogging friends!


  1. It's interesting to read today how many people organize their closet by color. I organize mine by garment-all my dresses hang together, trousers, nice blouses, etc. I might have to add that to the HP one week!

    Four hours is definitely a road trip : )

  2. My closet is organized like Joyce's. If I went by color there wouldn't be much point. Black, white, brown and green - that's about it.

  3. That's exactly how I organize my closet, too! How funny! My mother-in-law lives in SC and she's been complaining about all the cold weather over her way. I think we've all had ENOUGH! Time for spring to roll on in!

  4. Yes, my closet is organized by color too but also by type. It works for me and I guess that's what counts.

    Loved your answer to #4!

    Have a happy rest of the week!

  5. I love that you organize your closet by colors! I organize by garment type and then color within those groupings. It's pretty easy to do since 99% of it is black. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a infrequent visitor to the Hodgepodge...hope to join in more often!