Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February's first Hodgepodge List

As always, thanks to Joyce for coming up with some great questions for the weekly Hodgepodge. Below are the questions and my answers.  Does something strike you?  Then, respond back. I love to read the comments.

1. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 10th, and 2013 is the year of the snake.  When did you last see a snake? Are you okay around snakes or do they give you shivers?

Wow! Where do I start?  I have a major fear of snakes!!!  I hate anything that "slithers" (I do not even like that word!)  Joyce asks when I last saw one?  Well, just last week I woke up and sat up in bed screaming because I had a snake come after me in a dream/nightmare.  It jumped right at me!  Now, I'm sure there are other "deeper" meanings to it...but whatever, it was horrifying! 

I live in an amazingly beautiful area with all kinds of birds, and varmits - and even alligaters. But the one thing I hate the most here are the snakes.  Our house backs up to an old plantation rice field that is now marsh, beautiful to look at but also a natural environment for snakes.  I have lived here 7 years and we have had THREE snakes in the house!  I have seen more outdoors, including a couple on our porches and driveway.  I now have 3 feral/fixed kitties who keep them at bay - and I use moth balls around my house foundation because snakes don't like the smell.    Snakes:  EEEEEEEEEWWW!!!!!

2. The color red in Chinese culture usually means good luck.  Do you believe in luck?

Interesting question.   I suppose I believe that sometimes things just go a good way (and therefore,  unfortunately sometimes they just go a bad way.)   I am a strong believer in God, and have faith in Him, and I try to live my life thinking positive.  When good things happen I do not consider it "luck." But, this world is complex and sometimes people are in places or situations where good or bad just happens.  Are they lucky?  Or unlucky?    At that moment, yes, you can say that.

3. Sledding - ice skating - building a snowman...if given a choice, which activity would you choose?  Which of the 3 have you done most recently?

I am not a cold weather person so I don't enjoy cold climate activites.  But, when I was a kid I used to ice skate quite a bit. There was a time I belonged to a local indoor rink (in Cleveland Heights) and skated weekly.  Even in college I met up with friends and we skated indoors - and outdoors. I used to go to a rink set up in the old Memorial Stadium parking lot in Baltimore.  Music blasted and I spent the afternoon circling the rink over and over.  I had a mishap at the Orchard Skating Rink in Towson, when I skated backwards right into another person, we collided, I fell and broke my arm.   

I have not done any of the cold qweather activities recently - by choice!  ( : 

4. Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited as saying "The years touch much which the days never knew."   Where have you seen this quote played out in your life?

I think I can look back on my years as they have gone by as "eras" - special times I have lived.  There's childhood, and then college years.  There were my first years working, and living on my own.  The early marriage years, and then young children years...  all are "eras" of my life - or years that have touched me, and made me who I am.   As I lived them (those "days") I didn't really understand what I was in...how it was such a special time in my life.    A very nice quote Mr. Emerson!

5.  When was the last time you ate a cupcake?

Just this past Tuesday night!  One week ago.  Once a month at the Pawleys Island Community Band rehearsal we celebrate all members with birthdays during the month.  Last Tuesday was one of those celebrations. I had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.  Yum! 

6.  What's something you can't say no to? 

Just one thing???   ha!  I can't say no to a family member in need, I can't say no to giving when I know I can, I can't say no to chocolate (although I'm going to try to during Lent).  I can't say no to going to a country music concert, and I can't say no to a glass of chardonnay! 

7.  Are you a doodler?

Interesting question.  No I am not.  But perhaps that is because I am not holding a pen or pencil very much anymore.  In school I was an art major for a while, so I drew and doodled all the time.  It's hard to doodle on a keyboard!?!   (I know, there are apps for that!!)

8.  My random thought this week.

February is a short month, and for me it is the month to still "muddle through" as we wait for Spring.  I am in a holding pattern in terms of some gardening plans, and in doing other outdoor activites.  Once March arrives here it is warm enough to do more and I have a list ready!    

As always have a great week ahead blogger friends!   I look forward to reading your comments!


  1. OK...the day I find snakes in my house is the day I die of cardiac arrest! BLECH! How did you remove them? I hate to even think about it!

  2. I wouldn't want to find a snake in my house. The garden is close enough.

  3. Snakes inside is downright freaky!

    I'm with you on #3. I just do not enjoy cold weather anything!

  4. Snakes in my house would yes freak me out. I would probably have to leave...lolol. They do not bother me outside. Living in Arkansas for decades I have seen my fair share of rattlesnakes and copperheads and black snakes, but I have always prayed I would not find one in the house!
    until next time...nel