Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Two Cents

Last night was President Obama's State of the Union address.   I watched.  As most of you know I like the man, and I think he is a good and honorable leader.  I believe he really wants to find solutions for the needs of this country.  I see positive things happening here...our military coming home from war, the real state market slowly improving, unemployment slowly going down, the American car industry doing a bit better...  to name a few.  Yes, the debt ceiling and medical care for Americans are still BIG issues and the two sides are not willing to come to a middle ground agreement.

But, that is not why I am writing this blog this morning.   After the President's address I listened to the Republican side, and then I listened to the media (I had CNN on last night) rehash them both and then interview a few of the members of Congress. 

Here is my gripe this morning.   I feel that our media outlets are pansies to these men and women who spew anything they want to say and NEVER challenge them!  Reporters give them airtime but never seem to call them out when lying.  They seem to always "agree" with whoever it is that is on camera at the time.  It really saddens me that our media can not work through the BS and call our leaders out when "facts" are given wrong.

As I read my FB messages and tweets this morning I continue to see such a divide in people and I think a part of it is because the media encourages it. 

I got my college degree in Broadcasting & Mass Communications, and I worked in a radio newsroom and in other aspects of radio and TV. It was a long time ago.  Yes, but I remember always letting only true statements get on air.  So, I suppose I am more aware of how reporters ask questions, and what they do in front of the camera.  I analyze it...and believe me, it embarrasses me.  

So, this morning I sit here and shake my head... as I read mean things said on social media about our leaders and representatives.   People are frustrated.  Language has gotten free out there - mean-spirited and disrespectful.  Come on reporters - REPORT the truth and report when it's a lie.  Report on fact.  

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