Monday, April 7, 2014

God's not dead.

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the movies and we saw the film "God is not Dead".  He had seen it on his own last week and wanted me to see it too.  So, off we went.

I am a born and raised Christian, so I was curious about the "take" on this movie.  I wanted to see what it was all about.

I don't want to give the plot away, but it has to do with college life, and if you stay all the way through the running of the credits at the end, you see that there have been many US universities that had lawsuits on the freedom to teach God as creator of the world vs. what many philosophers theorized… and is often taught in class.

Several people/characters are followed through the movie.  Different stories, different backgrounds, different dilemnas.

I felt it was well made - not coming across too preachy, and not too corny.  It's a movie definitely worth viewing for youth on up.  It's a good movie to see whether you do or do not believe in God, or question how He works, and why, or if you are a faithful believer.

I have been lucky to have grown up in a family, and a place, where religious questioning is allowed.  It is not looked down on.  Because, with questions, we seek answers, we read, and we learn.   We can open the Bible and read it on our own - and we can attend classes to hear different points of view.

This movie is another avenue to question - to seek - to learn.

Without giving away the ending, it also prods the viewer to do "something".    Many Christians have a hard time going from talking - to doing.

Here it is…

GOD ISN'T DEAD.        He's a living God.   God sent his son…and yes, his son died. BUT his son did not stay dead. Jesus rose from the dead.  It's the key to every Christian's belief..  God's son Jesus conquered death and he did it to show all of us that death is not final.  

Easter is two weeks away - the Sunday celebration of the Risen Lord… the day to spread the good news of eternal life!  It's a day to be joyful because, through total grace, God has given us all the opportunity to live on with Him!      Not sure yet?   That's okay… but find out more.  Check it out for yourself.


  1. {Clapping} Not being funny or anything. Your very brave to post this in this day and time. I have not seen the movie, but we will, but it will have to wait until it comes out on DVD, as we don't have a movie theatre here. God is not dead..indeed he is not. Blessings

  2. I saw it yesterday myself... loved the debates in the classroom. My husband is all about that so he was on the edge of his seat in those scenes :)

  3. Our Lord REIGNS!! nice post. And yes, one shouldn't be afraid to question, because with a REAL, RISEN Lord, the truth will prevail.

  4. I really enjoyed the movie and think they did an excellent job on it!

  5. He is risen, He is risen indeed!! Great post!

  6. My mom and I went to see it on Wednesday. I was cautious too, because so often these films come across as 'hokey' to me. This one was good, I think Kevin Sorbo lent a seriousness to it that helped. We both enjoyed it, and I told my daughter it would be a great film to take her Young Life kids to see.

  7. I saw it, too, and thought it was good. Hoping lots of "questioners" see it!