Thursday, April 17, 2014

How will you celebrate Easter?

Today is Maundy Thursday, the day during Holy Week when Jesus broke bread with his Disciples in the "Upper Room" and shared the first Communion.  Bread and wine to represent Him.

Tomorrow is Good Friday - the day Jesus suffered and was put to death - for us.  He did nothing wrong. He came to earth to tell people how to live together, how to love, how to be peaceful - and mostly to take on our sin - and to assure us of everlasting life.  

Jesus conquered death on Easter.  He rose from the dead and He showed that physical death is NOT final.

Pretty awesome stuff.   And, that's what Christians celebrate on Easter Sunday!

Now, here comes my problem.   You knew I'd have one, right?    I know I am not being open and loving when I feel this way.  But, I feel it none the less…

Easter (as with Christmas) has become such a secular holiday for so many that I feel disappointed.   I feel it's sad that many people out there take time off from work, enjoy the Easter sales at stores, eat the Easter meal, etc … and pretty much make the most of Easter WITHOUT including Jesus.

As a Christian, I wonder how it happened.  How did Jesus get lost?   I know I come across sounding all high and mighty, and I don't want to…  really.   I want to make Jesus the number one emphasis of the day.  

How?  Well, maybe in my own little way by writing this blog… and by inviting those who are, or were, Christians - or are just really curious about Jesus - to come to church tonight, tomorrow night and Easter.  ALL denominations have services all three nights.

I love Easter eggs, and flowers, and things that represent springtime and new birth!  After winter's dead time - it's new life!   Get it?    Get the connection to Jesus?  

So, I ask, how will you celebrate Easter?


  1. We will be remembering Jesus, his washing the feet of the disciples, the last supper, and tomorrow will be remembering the day he went to the Cross to pay for our sins. On Sunday, we will celebrate the greatest day in all history - the Resurrection of Christ! That amazing day that gives all believers HOPE.

  2. Definitely awesome stuff! I don't belong to a church right now so I will not be attending a service. I do love gathering for a family dinner. Our son will not be living in CA next year at this time, he and his best girl will be living in Pittsburgh so this will be a special Easter for me to serve them.

  3. You do not come across as 'high and mighty'. I am also sad that Jesus has been lost from Christmas and Easter, but we observe Lent and will attend Good Friday services as well as Easter services. He is risen, He is risen indeed!! Hallelujah!