Monday, March 16, 2015

Random post? Not really... it's all about the wedding.

It's been a loooonng time since I blogged randomly.   But, this morning I find a few minutes, and have more than a few thoughts in my head.   Mostly wedding thoughts, as we get ever closer to my daughter and her fiance's big day next month.

I have not wanted to write too much about the wedding plans ahead of time because I think it's fun for the guests to come and experience it without knowing too many of the details beforehand.   So, I will not go there, but I will say that tomorrow is my first official meeting with "the wedding planner" and I have a list of questions for her.  I really look forward to hearing her advice, and know she has years of experience to pull from, and I find comfort in that.   I look forward to her going over everything with me.  

Tomorrow I pass over to her the "wedding notebook" I started, which has gotten rather fat, full of papers with names, contact numbers, and contracts.  Having a wedding away from a usual "wedding site" takes extra work because NOTHING is there.  We are renting everything from nuts to bolts as they say...  tables & chairs, decorations, a generator for electricity,  a two-stall bathroom, tent, etc. 

But it will all be worth it, because I know it will be beautiful - and fun!  And emotional... and it will go by too fast (every parent of a bride has told me this),...and it will be hard to see everyone - and take pictures (wait, I'm leaving that to the professionals!) 

So - right now, I'm asking everyone reading this to stop, say a prayer and ask God for a beautiful weather day!  (April 25th)   Tomorrow when I meet with the wedding planner we will put together "Plan B" in case of rain, but....but, but oh, it will be so much more beautiful if the weather co-operates!!!  Did I tell you it's an outdoor wedding AND reception?  

Here's something I have learned about sending out invitations...not many people immediately fill out the RSVP card and return it.   I am in that "waiting period" to see who says they can come and who "sends their regrets."   Lots of things for me hinge on the RSVP's....   how much food, how much alcohol, how big the cake,  how many hotel reservations, shuttle service, and goodie bags.... and the list goes on.   I realize some people really don't know yet if they can attend, and are looking at their calendars, and some are deciding if they are coming alone or bringing someone. 

So I wait...

Here's a question for you, if you have some local friends that you want to come but were waiting for replies from others - so, you can see where the total count stands, is it okay to invite them later?   I feel bad doing that - but there are some local friends that I would love to come and be a part of it all.    I suppose my wedding planner will have thoughts about this tomorrow.

This whole wedding planning for me has been a labor of love.  My daughter and her fiance are both working 50 hour weeks at their jobs, and they live in another state. So, it's been my pleasure to do so much of the preparation for them - and thank goodness my daughter and I have been seeing eye to eye on just about everything! We have the same vision for the day.   My "almost son-in-law"is involved too, and level heads have prevailed among us all.   Whew!    

After the wedding I will be done with this "part-time" job.  My hubby says I have learned so much I should go into the wedding planning business.   Ohhhhhh, no thank you!!!   Only for my daughter(s) can I put myself into it like this, and see it through!     

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  1. Oh the RSVPs! The most stressful part of the whole thing in my opinion, and I know I'm not alone there. I think if a lot of no's start rolling in, sure go ahead and send more invites. I think most people understand all the constraints of money and space and they don't feel second tier. I wouldn't anyway. I loved having a wedding away because I do feel like our friends all came for the whole weekend. We had more than just an evening with them, and that was special and enjoyable. And when it's all said and done you'll have pictures. (I didn't take any-just enjoy the day, there will be plenty of pictures!). We are waiting on our video and I'm excited to see that too. I will add the date to my prayers between now and then.