Monday, July 20, 2015

Returning home. A little this and a little that...

No, it's not the Hodgepodge.  That's tomorrow.  But, this morning I am back at my computer after a week away (I had my Iphone so I wasn't detached - how horrible that would be!! lol)  But, I have a keyboard now and I feel like putting down some thoughts from the last week.

* I traveled by car and put on a bunch of miles.  I should have kept track but didn't.  I went from Pawleys Island, SC to Charlotte, then to Lakeside, Ohio (northwestern Ohio.)  After a few days I then went back south to Raleigh, then over to Charlotte again, and back home to Pawleys Island.  All in a week's time.    Thank you little Honda CRV for taking me and my daughter safely on the journey!  

We discovered that traveling on days when vacationers are NOT (Saturdays) is much better!  We didn't experience volume backups anywhere, even in the usual the W VA turnpike toll booths and the tunnels through the mountains. 

I still get claustraphobic going through the mountains. I feel like the people in the valleys are living in shadows all the time. The sun might be shining but they don't get it for long.   I dislike driving the winding roads because semis scare me, and other cars in general seem to go to fast.   It's pretty scary!

My GPS took me on some fun backroads in South Carolina, past tobacco and corn fields...and another crop.  Beans??   I'm not sure.  If I wasn't on a long trip I would have stopped and checked, and taken a few pictures.

Coming back south at the end of the week, I passed the clean-up from a very serious accident involving a semi hitting a group of motorcyclists parked on the side of Interstate 85.   It was an incredibly horrible scene.  It turned my stomach and made me realize how fleeting life can be.

* I saw two concerts during the week.  First Tim McGraw (with Billy Currington opening), and then Dierks Bentley ( with Canaan Smith, Maddie & Tae, and Kip Moore as openers.)   Many of you knew I won the "on stage experience" for the Tim McGraw concert.  So, yes, my daughter and I got escorted on to the side of the stage and we got to watch the first two numbers from there.  It was AWESOME and I acted like a silly school girl.  But, whatever!   It amazes me that these artists perform live concerts 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week.  I wonder if it gets old for them.  I wonder if they know just how special it is for the fans?? 

All the musicians were wonderful!  I am a happy person seeing my country singers!  MINE?  Well, yes...  we devoted fans are on first name basis, you know?   Tim and Dierks were the best!

*  There's no place like home!   Traveling is good from time to time, but coming home is the best!  I love being greeted by my hubby and my dogs!  I love getting back into the piddling I so enjoy in my yard.  I love my views out my back windows!   Actually, that sounds like a country song...doesn't it?  I think it's something about the view from my front porch looking in....  Phil Vasser?   Yes, I think so. 

See you all back here tomorrow.  Tuesday - and Hodgepodge time.   Have a great day!

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