Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Water water everywhere!

Welcome back - another week has come and gone by, and it's time for another set of Hodgepodge questions, along with my answers.  As always, I love to hear your answers too - so feel free to comment at the end of this, or on Facebook.  

Here we go...

1.  When did you last 'swim against the tide'?  Explain. 

I think my answer here will go along with #3 - as you will see.  (It will hopefully make sense when you get to it.)  I feel I sometimes swim against the tide when it comes to the issue of gun control in this country.  I live in the south and the people around here REALLY love their guns - I do not understand it.  I stand up for what I believe is a need to tighten gun safety, gun availability, and punishment for misuse of guns.   I also believe that we have to be willing to change the "sport of hunting" for there are life and death truths.  Too many guns are used improperly, or are purposely used as weapons against people. Too many stupid people are not taking care of them and storing them  properly.  Too many wackos are out there who can grab them and hurt others.  

It is possible to make changes about care and use - but I certainly feel like it's an issue I find myself sometimes swimming against the tide! 

2.  What's the last self-help or self-improvement book you have read? 

The Bible.   I read it, and/or I hear it read, almost every day.

I can't think of another book, but I do "google" a lot now when I have something specific I want to learn about that might help my physical self, or my spiritual well-being!   It's the on-line encyclopedia of everything!

3.  "Tolerance is a tremendous virtue, but the immediate neighbors of tolerance are apathy and weakness."  (Sir James Goldsmith)

Agree or disagree?  Discuss with civility please because I think we have a good thing going in our neighborhood here. 

I do understand Sir Goldsmith's statement. I feel that often good people try hard not to ruffle feathers and therefore sometimes they don't do anything.   Unfortunately, it's the ones who don't care about tolerance, or of accepting our differences, who get noticed and sometimes do an unwanted, hurtful act.  Those actions are never justified.   We can be tolerant of differences in people but still need to feel some passion and believe we can make the world better.

When it comes to politics it's so easy to get apathetic.  And, when it comes to issues we believe in it's easy to feel we are just one person swimming against the tide, and that one on our own won't be strong enough to make a change.

That's why we (the silent majority?) need to make an effort to 1. YES be tolerant of differences, but 2.  NOT sit still and do nothing. 

4.  What is one of the most vivid memories of the kitchen from your childhood? 

I remember the kitchen in our house in Cleveland Heights had a "kitchen nook."   It was a little room (a space) off the kitchen where the table sat.  I also remember a "milkman's pass through" off the kitchen,  by the side door.  When the milkman came with deliveries of milk, the bottles could be left there.  It was cool enough to leave the milk there for awhile.  Actually, we didn't use it that much - although we had a milkman come by in his truck and deliver at home.   We also had Charles Chips delivered to our house.  Remember them?  In the large cans?   They were the best!

5.  How did your children's summers compare with your summers as a child?

Well, my summers were not really the same as my daughters.   Growing up my family took a two week camping vacation each year.  We loaded up the trailor and headed to state parks & campgrounds.  We spent a week camping at Lakeside, Ohio too.   The rest of the summer was quiet, except for a week of Vacation Bible School. 

I think my daughters did more "vacationing" because I would drive down to my mother-in-law's place in South Carolina (this was the early years, before we moved here) and we would spend a couple of weeks with her, playing on the beach, and going to some fun activities.... night-time shows, putt putt golf, etc.   Each summer the girls also spent a week in Lakeside, Ohio with family.  Again, lots of activities... and time with relatives.     Some of us head there this Sunday for a few days.   This tradition is still alive although the mix of family each summer changes.

6.  Tell us about a body of water you would most like to be on or near today, and why? 

I live near several bodies of water - so I am lucky to be near them all the time, and sometimes ON them!  I am only 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  And I'm in eyesight of the Intra-coastal Waterway (which is the Waccamaw River at this point).  I also live near three other rivers that we boat on:  the PeeDee, the Black, and the Sampit Rivers.  

The river system here is a hidden gem.  Most people come to this area for the beach and ocean.  And, yes, it's wonderful!  But, the rivers are beautiful - clean, and full of wildlife.  Boating the rivers is my favorite way to spend some time on the water!

7.  Share a favorite song about water, or a favorite song with the word water in it's title, or a favorite song to listen to while you sit beside the water. 

I immediately thought of Brad Paisley - because he has written a few songs with water in the title AND about water.   One of his songs is called "Water" and he also sings of it in "Beat this Summer" and the fun "I'm Gonna Miss Her."

You gotta love the song "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band.... and some Jimmy Buffet music is always perfect for sitting by the water!

8.  My random thought. 

I thank Joyce for her work putting these questions together each week.  I enjoy "scratching my brain" and answering them, AND I enjoy reading my fellow bloggers' responses. I have been at this for a couple of years now and there are about 50 people (mostly ladies) who participate regularly.  I feel I have gotten to know them through their responses.  We live in many parts of the country, and have very different backgrounds and beliefs.   But, still, we take time to read each others posts, and just to say hello. 

Next week I will be away, visiting family, by a body of water!   Lake Erie!    But I look forward to getting back into the Hodgepodge when I return.   See you then!


  1. Enjoy your time by Lake Erie! It's beautiful there!

  2. You made one very good point on question #1 - "stupid people" handling guns. I believe we have the right to bear arms, yet there are stupid people who have no business even thinking about owning one. The lines are so messed up on laws, who can and who should that things get out of control and they end up in the wrong hands. This is one topic that can raise people's hair and as far as I see it, both sides are right to a degree. Enjoyed your answers and Brad Paisley's Water song was the first one I thought of too.

  3. Marla... I agree. Joyce does such a great joy coming up with great questions every week. I bet you M-I-L counted the minutes until you and your children arrived every summer. Sounds like some some wonderful memories were made. Enjoy your week..

  4. Full disclosure I believe that all Americans have a right to own guns. Having said that I understand and respect your views on the matter even though I disagree with them. Your camping trips sound nice. I agree that the Bible is a wonderful self help book, well, a God helping you self help book. I like your answers. Have a safe trip!

  5. We had a silver box on the front porch for milk delivery. When we lived in the UK you could have milk delivered, but truthfully the market was easier : ) I definitely remember Charles Chips! Enjoy your time up north and family with all its many opinions. I'm sure that makes for some lively conversation!

  6. Isn't the Hodgepodge the neatest place to meet new people and in a sense make new friends? I have been doing it for several years as well and always look forward to Wednesday. Regarding #1, I'm also from the south and believe in the right to bear arms or guns. This is not the place for discussion, but I do agree that the biggest issue is when they are misused and people do not take responsibility for their ownership. I just don't know how we can legislate ownership when they can be given as gifts such as the one recently used in SC. This is a topic without a clear solution for sure.

  7. Good answers. Have a great vacation.

  8. We love camping and "cabining" at state parks. We just got back form our trip to Gifford Pinchot State Park this past weekend :)

    I hope you can stop by: