Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday, Monday.... can't stop that day...

Hi everyone! It's Monday....

I have few thoughts rattling around in my brain today.

*  Well, the northeast states almost made it through the winter season without a major snow.  But, it looks like tomorrow will be a very nasty day... and people will have to hunker down til it is over.  Then there is all that shoveling to do.   I'm glad I don't have to deal with it.   Have I mentioned I am so happy I live in the south?  ( :   I think I have!

*  So,  I have Press Secretary Spicer 's White House daily press conferences pop up on Facebook.  I'm not sure why.  But,  I have been drawn in to watch them.   I truly feel sorry for the guy.  But, wow...  what a crazy hour!  I appreciate his talent to avoid questions.  He is getting better at it each day.   And then there is Kelly Anne.    Why oh why would they want to work for that president??   

*  So, who has seen the movie "Moonlight"?  It's available on OnDemand but I wonder if it's worth the money - and will I just get depressed?  Thoughts?

*  Speaking of movies, hubby and I watched "Jackie" on Saturday.  While we watched I realized that I knew a lot more than he did about those moments back then...Why?  Well,  because I am a female and I was more tuned in to the First Lady during the time of Pres. Kennedy's assassination than my hubby. I vivdly remember sitting with my mother watching the funeral on TV.  TV was new with all of the live coverage of events.    I remembered, and I paid attention to what Jackie wore, and the events of those hours.   Hubby and I both found it a very interesting movie.  I don't know if my daughters would care though.   It's all so before their time.   Ancient history.

*  Have you filled out an NCAA basketball bracket?   I did today.  You should do it - because it makes the coming games much more interesting to watch. 

*  The faked bloody stabbing murder in Sandusky, Ohio.   Absolutely stupid.  What are people thinking? 

*  So, I have noticed that many St. Patrick's Day parades happened this past weekend.   It sure seems early.  Why can't parades be on the actual day?    Don't answer.  I know why.  It just seems weird though.

*  Speaking of St Patrick's Day:  March 17th is my mother's birthday. She wasn't Irish - but just happened to be born on that day.   She's been gone since 2003 but I still think of her all the time.   A woman of another time.   Occasionally I see sweet older women and I think they look like her.  It's interesting (funny) because as I age I think to myself that I don't want to look old - and I try to dress appropriate for my age but still dress for the times.   Maybe she felt that way too.  Maybe young people look at me and see this 'middle aged' woman...   not quite yet elderly.   Oh - please!! 

*  Ways to stay young??   Stay current.  Stay involved.  Stay caring.

*  I'm really starting to count down to the CMA Fest in June!!    Right now is the time when fan parties are announced and the various stage schedules get listed.    I signed up to go to the Montgomery Gentry Fan party this time.  It includes lunch, a short concert,  meet and greet pictures, and a gift.   I went to the Scotty McCreery one a few years ago.  It was pretty cool!  And, shortly we all will be trying to get tickets to some of the smaller venues.  You have to sign up on line - and then hope.  It's comes down to random drawings.   We have seen Dustin Lynch and Eric Pasley at the Lodge, a small "up close and personal" stage.   Really cool experience.

* Daughter #2 is a tax accountant and is crazy busy right now.  She has a March 15th deadline, and of course the April 15th deadline.   I got us tickets to the Soul To Soul 2 concert in Charleston. Tim and Faith in concert!  It will be a fun time - and definitely a great "end of tax season" celebration.

*  The Bachelor.  Tonight's the final with Nick.   I don't know if he will pick one of the two girls remaining.  (I will be watching.)   But... it's already announced he will be on "Dancing with the Stars."  The guy has made a career out of ll this.

*  My friend mentioned to me that I should write a blog post about playing handbells.  We do have fun - even if we are all 'ding-a-lings!' Ha!   Stay tuned for it.
All for now.   Tomorrow we get the rest of the kitchen appliances delivered and installed in the house we have been trying to sell.  We should have the indoor painting done too.   Seriously, can someone come and see our house?  Come on realtors...  bring them by.   All the spring flowers are blooming and so beautiful right now.   It's the perfect time to see the place.

Have a good evening all.


  1. Enjoyed your post. Hope you don't get too much snow and hope the house sells soon. I definitely think our perception of age changes as we get older and each generation tries to stay younger than the one before.

    1. Oh, no snow here! (yeah!) But it's cold and we have azaleas blooming. The next 3 nights are to get below freezing temps and I worry that the blossoms will get zapped.

  2. Daughter 3 played handbells and loved it. Did y'all get any snow up your way? We got rain, as usual but the temps have been lovely in the 30s and 40s. I'm enjoying them because I know it won't last. Hope the new appliances help move the sell along!

    1. No snow here. Just rain - and that is fine with me. Yes, I hope the updates we are doing to the house will help get people in to see it. New paint, new appliances...and maybe new flooring. The things you have to do!?! Enjoy the "chilly" temps. I know you like them!

  3. We have a new accountant this year and we're breaking him in : ) Hubs previous company always handled our taxes through PWC, but since retirement we're on our own. The new guy is very experienced and was recommended by our financial planner and I guess they all work crazy hours this time of year. He phoned us at 8 PM on Saturday and then at noon on Sunday. He's earning his money : ) Hopefully your daughter gets some time off after April.