Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday morning - pause.

Sometimes I start a post and never send it out for public reading.  I wonder if this will be one.   lol

 Monday mornings are my time to pause, and think, and to thank... so here goes.

*  How was your weekend?  We spent part of Saturday appliance shopping.  After having our house on the market now for 9 months we met with our realtor about ways to improve the place and give it more appeal. I always knew the kitchen appliances were outdated but I hoped that if someone loved the many other features of the home, then they would put in their own appliances.  So far we have had no luck - no offers.    I  know many people like a place that is "move in" ready.  So, that is what we are working on now.

It's weird to pick out a refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop/oven, and microwave with no plans of using them!   FYI: First we went to Lowe's and we spent more than an hour with a woman named Carol, who really did her best to help us.  Once we picked out the pieces, she went to the computer to see what was in stock.  2 of the pieces were on 'back order' with no date on when they would come in.   We just could not take the chance on waiting.  So, we walked out without buying a thing.  It was a waste of her time - and ours.   So, then we went to Best Buy.  Totally different experience - and better outcome!  We were able to bring to our salesman at Best Buy the same list, all Samsung, and he was able to get us all the appliances - for delivery next week.   He was thorough, scheduled the installation, and let us know of the dishwasher kit, etc.

Today:  I will be calling Habitat for Humanity to pick up our old - but perfectly good and working - appliances.  I hope they take the outside grill too.

We are having the great room, kitchen, and hall painted too.  The 'in' color is gray.  So 'bye bye' to the cheery deep yellow the walls have been.   The wallpaper in the kitchen eat-in area is going too.

*    I don't know if you have heard this:  I follow some women's rights groups on FB and this Wednesday is designated as a Day without Women.   Women are to wear red, and they are to stay home from work, and not shop retail.   I understand that women need to keep politically active and to push back against the changes coming from the current administration.  I am with those women - I want equality and I believe in the right for free choice.  But, I question WHY women should stay home - and not work or shop.   One day of not shopping?  Hmmm. Most shopping is out of necessity.  So, those who don't shop Wednesday will probably shop Thursday.  And... not go to work?   That's just a waste of a vacation day or sick day.  And, really, work will pile up and be waiting on Thursday.   What do you think?

*  We stopped newspaper delivery a while ago.  And, I miss my daily crossword puzzles.  And playing on the computer just isn't the same.   ) :

* Movie thoughts:  Will you be seeing "The Shack?"  I definitely want to see it soon.    Yesterday I found a movie called "Wheeler" on OnDemand.   It's about a guy from Texas who goes to Nashville to make it as a singer/songwriter.   The movie is shot like a documentary - done by a couple of buddies who follow him on the adventure.  If you like country music, you will really like it.  If you enjoy seeing Nashville sights, you will too.   I realized at the end it is a true story.   Don't worry I'm not giving anything away but telling you this.     I also saw that "Moonlight" is on OnDemand. I may have to watch it soon too.... since it won Best Picture (after the crazy LaLa Land mix-up.)

*  "The Bachelor" is 3 hours tonight.  I will be in front of the TV! 

*  Lent has started.  Do you take part on the 'journey to Easter?"   If so, how?    I attend our Wednesday night service each week during the 40 days of Lent.  Before it, our church has a soup and bread meal - and this year the whole community is invited.  So, if you are reading this and you are a local, come on by! It's free.      Have you added to/given up anything during Lent?  Each year I think about what to do.  In the past I have given up chocolate, and I have tried to add something to my life too.  My focus has been on kindness lately.  So, I think I will continue keeping it foremost in my mind.   I have tried to stay open to all people, and not pre-judge when meeting a person, and just be kind!

Seems not too tough?   HA!!!   No!   Especially during these divisive days politically.   I don't do a very good job accepting those with views that are different than mine.   As I have said before, I have a really hard time understanding them sometimes.   I really need to 'pause' more and not lash out on Facebook.  I didn't at one point this last week, and I am sorry about that.       But, saying this, I do want people to know that if I do make myself pause - and then I don't respond - it doesn't mean I don't care.  It doesn't mean I have 'settled' with our president's way.  Hardly.

Hmmm...  I think my Lent word should be 'pause.'

*  We had some chilly weather this past weekend.  Nights with lows into the upper 30's.  That is cold for here.  We have had a very mild winter though, and I am hoping this past weekend was the last of the cold nights.  I am so ready for getting yard work done.  I am waiting to hear about getting some beds in our front yard redone.  We already took down two trees - one was damaged and leaning after hurricane Matthew. The other tree was next to the one that fell into our house.  We took it down because we do NOT want a repeat of that!  

* Things I am thankful for right now:  Monday mornings.  A hubby who gets me.  Daughters who make me proud.  Pugs with cute faces.   Music (although I watched part of the IHeart Awards last night and ending up changing channels - ha).      And you - for reading this.   ( :


  1. I can't tell you how many posts are in my post list marked, draft because I've never finished them or felt they would be better off not posted. I'm sorry y'all are having to buy new appliances but I hope it works. You just never know what people want. I would have taken the day off if I was still working. I never had a day off for any reason other than a daughter getting married so I would have had plenty of sick days and I always shop over the weekend so that wouldn't be a problem either. But you make excellent points. This year I'm giving up clutter for Lent. 40 bags in 40 days. I've been putting this off for 20 some odd years and it's a mess but I'm tackling the attic. So far, I'm on track. I hate facing it and I'm so frustrated but, I'm sticking with it. Since winter has skipped us for two years now, my allergies have been awful for...2 years. Winter is my only break from them. I'll put your house on my prayer list. It couldn't hurt. :)

  2. I totally followed all of your topics! ha. I don't get the whole day without Women either. Hmm. I asked the Hubby if the women in the office (law) had to use a vacation day or what. He didn't know. I can't imagine the staff wanted to waste one like that.
    Pause - that's a good one. Both my boys are getting married this year... Yep, pause is a good word. ;)
    Have you buried a statue of St. Joseph in the yard of the house yet? Seriously. It works. They have plastic statues of St. Joseph packaged just for this purpose at various Catholic stores. You bury him, upside down and facing away in the front yard of the house you at trying to sell, say the prayer and really believe it's going to work and viola! Try it, it can't hurt. Good Luck!

  3. I'm glad this post made it to published. I deleted all the time wasting games from my iPad and iPhone for Lent. So far I'm coping and I've found more time for reading.