Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday morning QBing

Just a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking... 

My brain is swirling with these thoughts:

*   First, YEAH to the Carolina basketball teams!   The South Carolina Gamecocks have surprised us all and we are enjoying the ride!  The ending of yesterday's Tarheels game was incredible with the last two shots.  We saw some amazing basketball played yesterday.  And, now it's on to the Final Four!  GO CAROLINA!!

*  It was a beautiful weekend here in the lowcountry.  Spring is just so lovely!  I am blessed to live here in this little piece of paradise.   I was happy to do a bit of planting outdoors on Saturday - and more is to come!

*  The renovations at our house for sale continues.   I hope most of it gets finished up this week so new pictures can go up on the MLS and on Zillow.   Money going out - and I am so anxious to have some money coming back in. 

*  I have said this over and over:    that I struggle with just how much to speak out politically.  I use Facebook occasionally to express myself.  I see many, many posts from organizations and like-minded people who express jokes and serious concerns.   Most of them I see online, and then I just go on by without clicking on them. I don't share them.   But, every once in awhile, yes, I post something.   I don't believe I should always stay silent.   I am sorry to know that again it has upset a friend.   I hope she knows it's not meant to hurt her or other friends, but it comes from my frustration in what is going on in our executive office.  

*  I am filling in for our church secretary a couple of days this week - and I will be in the coming weeks.  She is having surgery and will need time to heal and rehab.   Along with all the music rehearsals, Lenten services, home upgrades and maintenance,  etc. my schedule is busy.  I look forward to a break in summertime.

*   I'm happy my sister is healing after eye surgery.  She is seeing better and soon will look better (after the redness and bruising goes away.)

*  I miss those Lyle kids - all the time!  I have some friends who have seen them lately and I am so jealous.  Every single weekend I am busy with music, but I sure hope to go see them soon - before they forget me!  

*  Another big shootout - this time in Ohio at a nightclub.  Hmmm.   Alcohol and guns. NEVER an acceptable combination!   I can't believe our country allows it.

*  My washer died last week.  I decided to go smaller and with less computerized settings and choices.   I'm simplifying life.   Sometimes bigger is not better.

*  Another struggle for me:  praying vs. action.   Yes, I pray - all the time.   More now than ever.  But, I also wonder what God wants ME to do about the things I pray about.    When should I use my time to change the worries I have?

Gotta run.  Off to meet the day - and the week ahead.    Have a wonderful and safe - and loving week ahead readers.   I appreciate you stopping by here. 

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  1. Good to be busy but hopefully not TOO busy. Social media can definitely be a minefield sometimes, particularly at the moment. I tend to stay quiet unless there is something that really goes against what I believe in then I will voice my view.