Friday, September 7, 2012

A birthday blog

Last month I was inspired to write about my best girlfriend on her birthday.  It seemed fitting at that point to remember back to some of the fun things we have shared together over the years.

Today is my (only) brother's birthday.  My "older" brother that is!  (by just a couple of years...)  He's not on the computer much if it's not work related and he is not a Facebook person.  But, I will write a little tribute to him here anyway.   Hopefully his wife will show him. 

My brother is and has always been a very sincere, and very "mild mannered" person.  He doesn't care much about being macho - but that's not saying that he is not.  He knows his way around any car, and has a big interest in many sports.  He is very "handy" with all things at home.  In fact, the guy practically built a house he used to live in, and he has put in great upgrades to the one he lives in now.   The guy can learn something, apply it, and the job turns out beautifully.

Some people say he's quiet.  He doesn't speak LOUD and he doesn't use foul language.  He goes with the flow when it's the right thing to do and never makes a stink when things don't go his way.

My brother is a good role model.  I don't know if he considers himself one.  Probably not - because that's how he is.  But, when it comes to how a male should go through this world he sets a very good example.

He cares about his wife and daughter.  He's even learned to love his pets!  (Ha! That's something I didn't think he would do when he was young.)

Growing up, my brother and I "played" together - mostly physical activities like bandminton in the backyard, shooting "round the world" in basketball, and skateboarding down our driveway or around the furnace in the basement of our childhood home.  I do remember playing board games together:  Stratego and Risk.    Eventually, there came a time when I was the dopey little sister - and that was normal.  I remember a time where mom & dad told him he had to drive me to the away high school football game.  Oh - he didn't want to do it!  When we parked outside the grandstands he told me to go off and find my friends, and that we would meet back at the car after the game. In other words: SCRAM and I don't know you til I have to drive you home! ha!!

Well, at least now I think he will claim me as his sister!  

Happy birthday brother!   We live miles & miles away but we still see each other at least a few times each year.  Sorry I'm not there to celebrate and share some cake (darn!).    Enjoy your birthday!
Love ya...your LITTLE sister

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