Friday, September 21, 2012

"Our Temporary Home"

I know the adage is that bad things happen in threes...   and this week it seems to be happening.  Yesterday I  received news of a young person whom I know and that she needs all kinds of medical tests because she has developed symptoms that occur with MS.  Then this morning I got word of the passing of my dear neighbor, Don, last night.  He was a great, loving person who fought off cancer earlier this year, was given a clean bill of health, but all of sudden last week he got sick and very weak and his body shut down.   I called a few of my neighbors to let them know and during one phone call I found out that another neighbor, who has been fighting pancreatic cancer for almost 2 years now, is getting hospice care. 

Bam... bam, bam.   Two of these three people I know are/were faithful believers in God and in the joy of eternal life in heaven with God.  I hope the other one is too. She spoke calmly about her situation and we talked of how we need to make each day a blessing.  She is in pain even with the hospice care,  but she was comforting me on the phone.

This is my reason for blogging:  I just don't know HOW there are people in the world that go through illness and sadness, and nearing death without knowing, without believing, that our time on earth is temporary - and that the everlasting life offered by God - is such an assurance.  I mean, how can someone lose a loved one without thinking they will one day rejoice together in heaven?    It just must be so, so, very overwhelming and "final" without knowing.

I know, I believe, that my loved ones that have already gone before me will be waiting to greet me.  I don't get "how" or I don't understand it, but I have faith.  Earth is my "temporary home."  I am happy I believe.  It has gotten stronger as I have aged.  I still get scared. I still have moments of doubt, but most of the time I BELIEVE...

Thank you God. 

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