Monday, September 14, 2015


I can't explain why it happens like this, but in the past three weeks or so I have the death of someone I know in my life happen.   I hear "things come in 3's" well, unforunately I can list 4 that have left earth.  And, because each life is of such important worth, let me briefly tell you who each one was...


Beverly - a lovely, southern woman and devoted wife, mother, grandmother to her family and to our church.  Think sweet?  That was Beverly.

Ann Marie - my best girlfriend's younger sister, taken at age 50, with a new husband and a beautiful daughter.  A long timer county 911 operator who saved countless lives on her job.

Carl - a fellow band mate with the PI Community Band, and sometimes fill-in director.   He spent his whole career as a music teacher and band director.

Gary -  he hits home the hardest.  An amazing husband, father, and doting grandfather. Full of life til the moment he died on 9/11 (his wife's birthday.)  A funny man and a deeply caring and devoted man to his faith and to all those around him.  He was our one daughter's Confirmation sponsor.  I was his daughter's.  We shared many meals together - as neighbors, golfing friends, church buddies, and more.  Many discussions.  Deep discussions - about life after,  about whats happens to people when they don't believe.  He worried about others' souls. 

I know Gary, Beverly, Ann Marie, and Carl are all at peace.  They died different ways.  Most rather suddenly, so for their sake it was a blessing. 

But, certainly not for us still walking around who knew them and will notice the huge hole they left behind. 

Their deaths in a row certainly highlight to me how each of us has such a limited time on earth to make a difference, to love, to enjoy each day, to work for the betterment of this place we all call home. 

I have always been a believer in life after death.  I believe Jesus conquered death and rose again... to show us that there is heaven.  There is more.  There is a loving, caring God.   And, because I do believe I have always wondered how connected we stay with those who are "on the other side."   I had my mother come to me in a dream a week after she died.  I have heard similar stories from others.  Really, I don't know if it's because we WANT it, or we NEED assurance, or if they really do have the ability to reach us in dreams or at other waking moments.  I like to think it's possible.  I want to stay connected with them.  Physical death is not the end.

So, this morning I prepare to head to another funeral.   I realize I'm this will happen more and more...   and after the shock of word of the passing, I have realized how important the celebration of the life is.  I'm heading to NJ on Thursday for a group hug, for a lot of tears and lots of stories.  I will show my support to the family I love so much, and I will see others from the community that I have not seen in 9 years!   I know it's going to be a time Gary will really like!  In some way,  I hope he will be there!!  


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ((Hugs)) I feel the way you do, the older we get the more people we know and love will pass away. I feel blessed to have my Faith knowing that we will see them again. Take care.

  2. I'm so sorry for your recent losses and as a result, all the funerals you've needed to attend. I think I'm in that stage of life where there tend to be more funerals than weddings. Yes, there is life after death and your faith in Jesus Christ is what sustains you through these tough times.

  3. It's the circle of life but it does get harder when you realise you are the top generation and funerals get more common. Sorry for your losses.