Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello October!

Welcome to another edition of the weekly Hodgepodge.  Without further ado...

1.  Something on your October calendar that makes you smile? 

A wedding!  Weddings always make me smile!   We are going to my hubby's cousin's daughter's wedding the second weekend of the month.  (Ok... does that make the bride my hubby's second cousin? I never get that right.)   Weddings are joyous, fun family get-togethers.  I am happy that both of my daughters will be attending too, so I will get to see them.

2.  Food for the soul or music for the soul... which camp are you in?  Why?

Oh, definitely music for the soul!  I love music!  Many different kinds.  I love to listen,  and to dance - and to play music.   Music is one of life's most wonderful things!  It's what gives daily life a lift!     Food, although often tasty and a social experience, is really a body need.  But, music...oh music,  it's a need for the heart and the soul!

3.  What are two or three things you have learned recently as a result of an online search? 

Well, I love to do crosswords and I admit that after I do as much as I can on my own I occasionally google some clues that I get stuck on.  So, from last Sunday's NY Times' crossword I learned:  Cassio's jealous lover in "Orthello" was Bianca... a "Lion King" song is Hakuna Matata (yes I have seen it on Broadway but I could not remember the song title), and I learned a 1975 show biz autobiography was "I am not Spock."   So, there you go!

4.  Share your favorite game day recipe.  You can describe it, post the "how-to," or add a link to the actual recipe.

I love nachos!  I do not make them at home - so if I'm out at a restaurant, or more likely at a sport bar to watch a game, I will definitely order them!  I don't think I need to describe them... but I will say I love everything on my nachos BUT jalapenos.  Plenty of sour cream please.   Watching football is not the time to worry about calories! ha 

5.  What are your five essential steps for creating the perfect morning routine? 

I love this question!  Let me say first, unfortunately this morning I did not get to have my perfect morning routine because I had to be out of the house to a handbell rehearsal by 8:45am.   But, my PERFECT morning goes this way...

I wake up early but without an alarm, and I take the doggies out back to do their business.  I then feed them and the kitties.  Once that is done - it's time for me.  I make my favorite coffee drink, Cafe Francais by International House.  I sit at the kitchen table with my computer and check in with Facebook and emails...without watching the clock.  I make myself my peanut butter sandwich that I eat almost every morning for breakfast.   Afterwards I throw on some "work clothes" to do some outdoor weeding and piddling in the yard.  Then I come in and shower and maybe turn on "Kathie Lee and Hoda" while I'm getting ready for the day.  

I think that was more than five steps, but it's how I love to start off my day when I don't need to hurry anywhere. 

6.  What small thing have you taken note of today? 

Well, as I type this it's 11:00am so...  so far this morning?  I noticed that the recent daily humidity and off & on rain has really been good for my flowers.  They still look beautiful!  I will try to post a pic at the end of this. (No promise that I can get it to work.)  

7.  Sum up your September in seven words or less.

Beautiful but wet, busy, and too fast.

8.  My random thought. 

I just upgraded my Iphone yesterday and got my first Ipad too...all in one day!  I'm still definitely in the "learning curve" of the new devices.  So, for today's Hodgepodge I went back to my comfort zone with my old laptop with its regular keyboard.   Change is good - but hard work sometimes!

Have a great start of October everyone! 


  1. I need a new iPad. I have the original, which didn't have a camera. Many apps can't be downloaded or updated because of the age of my device. I use my phone more now because it's frustrating using the old iPad. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one : ) Enjoy your day! So cool about those cannons they pulled from the river...that's your river isn't it?

  2. Yep, September went way too fast. Your morning sounds nice and relaxed. I had to cover my flowers last night to protect them from frost, but it won't be too many more nights when it will be pointless to do that. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. I'd be totally lost without my iPad...I've had mine for several years, but it's hanging in there...knock on wood! Just wish I could do my blog posts from it. I never miss Kathy Lee and Hoda, either...they crack me up!

  4. Family weddings are awesome, have a great time. Congrats on your new phone iPad.

  5. Lovely post. Your morning routine sounds ideal and I wouldn't even have pets to worry about at the moment. Your flowers look really pretty. I have an iPad but I prefer doing my blog posts on my laptop. I'm a trained typist so a proper keyboard still works best for me ;) Enjoy the wedding.