Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hodgepodge - What to do?

It's time for the weekly Hodgepodge.  Want to play along? Perhaps you have an AMAZING answer to one of the following questions.   Read on...

1.  Last thing you did on the spur of the moment? 

In general I do not make quick decisions, and I do not ACT on something unexpected very quickly either.  So, it's hard for me to think of a time that I did something, or went somewhere, totally "spur of the moment."  I like to have it on the calendar.  I like to have time to prepare. I like to know the start and stop times.  And, I like to make sure it's a "good" thing to do.  

Pretty boring, huh?  Yes, I suppose.  But it's also less stressful.  

BUT - that doesn't mean I don't like to have fun!!    It just means I am not good at deviating from my plans for the day or week.   I like to feel in control.   Then have fun!

2.  How well informed do you feel about the current Syrian refugee crisis? 

Hmmm.   Well, I know enough about it to know it's a terribly sad situation!!  Once again a whole group of ordinary people,  including many families with children, are leaving Syria because they feel totally unsafe there, and they are willing to leave everything behind, to just get up and go from their homes, to travel to anywhere that will accept them.   Walking mostly.   Going to other countries to get away from the constant warring and terror in their homeland.  How very, very sad.

I do not know enough about the middle East sects and those groups causing the havoc to know WHY they fight.  It's just really hard to figure out "sides" and all of the history that got them there.   I mean... What do they hope to gain in the end?  For me, it makes sense for the people to leave because they no longer can not live there and still be 'normal.'  Yes, It takes a lot to just up and leave.  But, for survival the refugees are heading out - going away from it, and hoping for a better tomorrow.  They need help.  They need support.

3.  What have you changed your mind about? 

I like to think I am open minded enough that I do not have to CHANGE my mind on a subject  completely.  I usually can see both sides in situations anyway.  I tend to follow my heart, but also I follow my faith in God and in love.   That works for me.

I will say I resisted getting an Iphone and thought I would not need one.  (And, really I do not NEED it - but I sure do love it!!!)   My hubby got me to trade up awhile ago, and once I got my Iphone I quickly became very reliant on it.  In fact, I'm quite connected with it now.  If I accidently leave home - or just the room - without it, I panic!!     lol    True.

4.  Joyce writes...A medium sized non-poisonous snake found it's way into the pool trap this weekend.   If you'd been sitting poolside would you have fished it out?  Gone running? Called for help? Pretended not to know?  Continued swimming? 

Oh my!  Pretended not to know and continue swimming??    NO WAY!!!!!      First,  how do you know it was non-poisonous?  I live in an area where unfortunately I do see snakes around - and I still have no way to be certain which are poisonous and which are not.  I have been told you can tell by their eyes...or shape of the head... or markings on the back.    I for one will not stand close enough to a snake to gather all that information AND really, it does not matter - because I hate ALL snakes!!  

I would quickly move away (ok, maybe run) and immediately call for help (meaning somebody else to remove it and get rid of it for good.)     I have had to do this a few times around and IN my house.  If you are wondering... bar-b-que tongs work well for grabbing a snake and a shovel works well for getting rid of it for good.  I have watched this done...from a distance...    because I hate snakes!!

5.  September 10th is National TV Dinner Day...  what's your idea of a great TV dinner?  (Or at least a pretty good one.) 

I'm not sure of the question.  Is the day to honor the invention of the pre-packaged TV dinners like the ones Swanson put on aluminum trays and froze?   Or, are we to honor any meal we eat in front of the TV?

Most of my meals are consumed in front of the TV.  So, I guess I like anything that I can set on the coffee table and enjoy while watching a favorite TV show.    (Sad.)

6.  Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying "Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues, because, unless a man has that virtue, he has no security for preserving any other."  Would you agree?  Where have you seen this played out recently?  What's the second greatest virtue? 

I had to look up who Samuel Johnson was  (an English writer and essayist) and the definition of virtue (because I wanted to be sure)...   it is "Behavior showing high moral standards.   Do I agree with Mr. Johnson?  Yes and no.   It takes courage to take any step forward for a positive reason, or for a moral response.  But sometimes it takes just as much courage to stay put.    Both can require courage. 

I am wondering if Joyce asks this question now because the clerk in Kentucky used courage to stand by her religious belief, and not process marriage certificates to same sex couples.   Perhaps it was an example on Joyce's mind.  

But, let me be clear,  I do not agree with the clerk.  She was elected to do a civic job, and to follow the rules of this land.  If she personally does not want to comply (for any reason), than she should leave the position. 

The greatest virture?  Love.  Agape love.   Loving because God loves you.

7.  What are three words you have trouble remembering how to spell?  

I get in trouble when two vowels are next to each other - I  turn them around sometimes.  Like the word 'behavior' that I used in the last question.  Spellcheck didn't like it as behavoir.   I also have trouble with niece (neice) and from question 1:  poison (not pioson.)

8.   My random thought today. 

Today starts a new time of the year in a way.  Labor Day weekend just ended so now it's time for a new school year for many, and a new outlook. There's a change of season coming, and I'm wondering if I'm ready.    Activities start up again.  The holidays seem 'around the corner.'   My calendar gets full (enough.)   Am I ready?     I guess it doesn't matter.  You just can't stop time!!     But...

It's one of the reasons I get sad when summer ends.   That "vacation" feel is gone.  

Do you experience it also?  




  1. I feel like we're still in summer mode, and of course the weather in SC helps : ) We have several fun things on the calendar, plus its the month of birthdays here so it's not untiil late September I feel in full on fall mode. I'm definitely not thinking about Christmas yet!

  2. I normally see both sides of a situation too. I agree, that woman should leave her job! Since my kids are grown and I am home I look forward to my bowling in the Fall. However I think Thanksgiving and Christmas can wait awhile before they arrive.......