Wednesday, June 28, 2017

QBing on a Wednesday morning

Summertime, summertime...

It's supposed to be lazy days and time off from what you do the rest of the year, right?

Well - then, why is it that my summertime seems to go by so quickly?  We are almost to the month of  July and I have been very BUSY!!  So busy in fact,  I have neglected posting here.  But, this morning I will try and take a few minutes to put down some thoughts.  Here goes.

*  Number one thought is the twins that are on the way!   Daughter #1 is halfway there with them and she is doing well.  The babies are growing and her doctor appointments are going well so far.  No problems.   But, keep saying a prayer for her and the little ones!  (By the way, I know the sex of them now but daughter & son-in-law have not announced it to friends and on Facebook, so I will not post it here.)   So many changes happening for them!  With babies on the way, they have just moved into their first home and are finding out the ups and downs of home ownership.   It's fun for me to watch, and to remember hubby and my journey as newlyweds and then becoming young parents.   Oh, the circle of life!

* Life brings joy - and it brings sorrow.  Last week my hubby's brother-in-law passed at the young age of 64.  He suffered with some physical problems for quite a while, but his faith stayed strong - and perhaps got stronger during it all.   The funeral was a lovely celebration of his journey, of his recent years getting back with family, and making the most of his days left.

I have heard of several deaths recently of those in their 60's.   And, yes, as of December I am now in that decade.  It's a bit scary, but it's also a wake-up call to tell me that I need to take care of myself, with some exercise and proper eating - all the time.  Stay positive.  Stay current.  Enjoy each day.

*  This is minor but geezzzzz   - I have had another bad time of it with poison ivy this spring and summer!!  Actually, I have discovered the real culprit is a vine called Virginia Creeper, that grows wildly everywhere around here.  It clings to bushes and can take over... it grows very quickly!   I am taking care of two houses right now (the one for sale - and the one I live in) and I try, try, try to be careful...  but, I still get it.  It's bad again right now, so I may head to the doctor's for a shot and meds again.  I was there last month too.  ) :

*  Yes, the Willbrook house is still for sale.   It's been over a year now.   The responses from those who have seen it say it's a beautiful home, in a lovely setting....  but there are too many steps, and they don't like the floor layout, or they want a bigger yard for dogs or a pool.    I was there yesterday before a showing and vacuumed, etc.  As I walked around, and wiped down window sills, etc. I thought about the need to paint some more.  So, it's on my list to do.  All the furniture is out now - so smudges show more, scratches, etc. 

*  I just reserved our ticket/hotel package for the CMA Festival for June 2018 yesterday!   The 4 day festival is so popular that you need to book it quickly!   I book now especially because we love staying in a downtown hotel, and love the Gold Circle tickets we have for the night time concerts.   It gives us a whole year to pay on it, and to look forward to it!   The festival just gets bigger each year and never disappoints!

*  I live near Myrtle Beach and historically it has been known as a "family vacation spot" because hotels and restaurants are reasonably priced, and the area is a drive-able beach/ocean spot for people who live in the northeast or in the mid-west.   But, as with other places these days, the violence by guns has gotten worse.  There have been shootings on the main drag, and in the parking lots of local malls.   Some of the violence is drug related.  Some is because tourists can be easy targets to rob.   It's gotten scarier to be out at night.  I remember driving my daughters there and dropping them off to walk the strip to shop, and to go to a youth club.  I don't know if I would do that today.

*  I guess that leads me to my thoughts of America and it's love of guns.  You know me.  I believe we have to change the philosophy of guns here.  There is no need to own multiple weapons.  There needs to be better security issues with them... it can be done.  But, the NRA and gun-makers fight it... all for the mighty dollar.  It saddens me VERY much!  I am a member of Mothers for Gun Safety, and Mothers Against Hate organizations.  On Facebook I see posts every day of children 'accidentally' shot and killed.  It just seems to sad - and we CAN lower the numbers.  If only, each and every gun owner took responsibility.  But, most say "oh, I know what to do with my gun and I won't let my gun be stolen or left unattended."      Grrrrrrr  

*  Politics:  Our president is such an embarrassment to me.  I "resist" and will continue to speak up.   I have to.    I'm still waiting for someone out there who voted for him to say they were wrong.  Come on - you can do it!   We all make mistakes.  

* Back to summertime flying by....  I still want to go shelling and boating but we haven't done it yet.  It takes time to go out to the barrier islands.  And good weather.  We have had lots of rain lately.   I want to spend a whole day out on the boat.   Maybe soon!!

*  And I want to read more!  On my chaise lounge chair in the Carolina room.   Maybe tomorrow! ha

*  I'm revamping an old changing table for my daughter's babies' room.  I've painted it...and will now put a coating on it to give it a 'weathered' look.  Next: new contact paper and baskets on the shelves.  I think it will be cute (and functional) once done.    I've also started buying a few other things.  Being a first time Grandma is so exciting!   I love it!!!

Ok. Time to get going...    it's summertime and I have much to do!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

An early Father's Day meme

Today is Thursday, and, yes, Father's Day is not until Sunday.   But, I'm already thinking about my hubby and the 31 years of fatherhood he has experienced - and now... well, wow!  He's getting ready to be a grandfather!  So, it seems like a good time to put down a few thoughts here on my blog about the guy... in honor of him as Father's Day comes near.

He came from a family where men didn't stick around all that long.  By the time I met him he already had 3 daddies...  One biological one who left when he was two years old, and then two step-dads who probably would not win any awards in a "Father of the Year" contest.    And, I met hubby in the midst of our 20's when the guy had a pretty 'active' life at that time, if you know what I mean!  Settling down?  Being a good dad?   Who knew if he could do it?!?   Who knew if he knew HOW to do it?!

Well, the timing was right - and somehow I just knew hubby was going to be different from what he grew up with... we had talks, and I heard his determination to succeed - in all aspects of his life.   Two years after we got married, he became a father.   Two years later he became a father again.

What kind of father??      Indulgent for sure!!  ha  (You know - it's that daddy and his little girls thing!!)   And he was FUN - all the time!  And - hands on with his girls as much as possible considering his work and travel commitments.   Hubby was a great example of blending both fatherhood and businessman together.  He made sure he didn't short himself on experiences, or that his daughters ever felt left out. 

A proud father!  Hubby encouraged his daughters all the time, but never (I hope) put too much pressure on them to do something they really didn't want to do. (I'm probably the one who did that more...   )   He knew better than me, though, the reality of the teen years when they came around,  and he never 'laid down the law' and scared our girls into obedience.   He trusted.  

Hubby and I are different in some aspects of parenting for sure, but thankfully we blended, and my ying went with his yang.   We all know hubby will give and give for the joy of it.  His daughters were recipients of much - but, through their own life experiences, our girls have learned about the world, felt blessed, and appreciated his gifts.  Yes, they are lucky.  No doubt.  They got a dad who showers them with things... but his biggest showering is his love, and his pride, and belief in them.

So... in a few months from now, hubby becomes a grandfather!   All I can say is "what lucky grandkids!"  (Yes, twins are on the way.)  He already talks of being involved in their lives, and not wanting to miss events and celebrations...  and I have a feeling we will be wearing out the path from our house to theirs.  I'm thrilled to be there too - with him.  

This is a special Father's Day on Sunday. Soon his baby will have babies.  The circle of life... and the passing down of love, and pride, and faith.      Happy Father's Day to you hubby!!    Love you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Flag Day and Father's Day.

Hello Hodgepodgers and friends! I missed a couple of weeks, but I am back.   This time of year is busy, but I am happy to find time to answer the weekly questions.  Join in with me if you would like!

  1. The Hodgepodge lands on June 14th this week, Flag Day in the US of A. Do you fly your country's flag at home? Sometimes, often, or every single day? Have you ever visited the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia)? Did you make a point of seeing The Betsy Ross House? Have you ever made a trip to Baltimore? If so, was Fort McHenry on your itinerary? (where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write The Star Spangled Banner)

We don't have an American flag flying all the time in our yard but I do make sure we have one up for special times... i.e.  Memorial Day, Flag day, the 4th of July, etc.   I also have some red,white and blue bunting I hang on our front porch railing.

Yes, I have visited Philadelphia, and yes, I do believe I have been to Betsy Ross's home... many, many years ago.   Fort McHenry?  Oh yes.  I lived in Baltimore back in the 80's and I have visited the famous fort a few times. 

2. Red flag or white flag? Which have you encountered most recently? Explain.

Red flag = emergency.  White flag = surrender.   Have I encountered one recently?   I don't think I have, in any major way.   That's a good thing!  ha  I am happy to say that I have not had anything  happen in my life that would want to make me wave either of those flags.  

3. Are you a stay in the car listen to the end of a song kind of person? What kind of person is that?

Oh, I am DEFINITELY a 'stay in the car and listen'  type of person!  In fact, I feel bad if I cut off a song halfway through.   I love listening to a song to its end, and I time when I turn off the music so that it is between songs.  I have always felt that a song is written to be experienced beginning to end - and to stop listening halfway through is disappointing to the hard work of the artist, musicians, and producer who created the music.  

4. What are some of the traits or qualities you think a good dad possesses? In other words, what makes a good dad? What's an expression you associate with your father?

A good dad?  Well, the most important quality is unconditional love.  And, then let's add in pride, consistency, solid belief, and fun!

A good dad is there for their child - with time, and advice, and comfort, and commitment.  Add in some silliness too!!

An expression?  My dad always said chronology is inexorable.   In other words, you can not stop the passing of time... that good and bad things are temporary.  It's all temporary.  Make the most of each moment. 

5. What's one rule you always disagreed with while growing up? Is that rule somehow still part  of your adult life?  Is that a good or bad thing? 

Hmmmm.  Tough question.  A rule I did not agree with?  I have to say that I was raised to be a 'rules follower.'  I have always felt that rules were made for, and important for, the common good.  I have always felt that rules keep society sane, and that rules are needed so we can live in peace.

So, yes - in general - rules are good.  Rules give guidance, and can teach right and wrong.   I believe in rules.

6.  Insert a random thought.

Okay.  It's a big random thought!  Finally, I can announce that my daughter and her husband are having TWINS!  The twins are identical - and are due sometime after Thanksgiving!  I am beyond excited and I am ready to pitch in and help out as much as needed.   Life will change for us all - for the better!!  It's going to be crazy, busy, fun, sweet, and beautiful!   I ask for prayers for a normal pregnancy.  She has just entered her 2nd trimester.  And, prayers for the new mom and dad - to be!  We should know the babies sex in a month or so.  I will keep you all posted.

Have a great week ahead all.   Enjoy summertime!    Enjoy life!

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