Thursday, April 26, 2018

End of April update

Hello!  How's everybody doing?   It's almost the end of April and I haven't had much time lately to post on my blog.  But, here I am...

* Last weekend I was more or less in charge of our church's annual garage sale.  I say that because it pretty much runs itself since we have done it for quite a few years now.  We have great church members who step up and help out.  Each year we pick a few local charities and take the money raised and give it back to them, to help our community.   It's a good day all around!  Lots of shoppers who get deals, money raised, and then the leftovers are given to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  

Even though it runs smoothly it is time consuming. Thursday and Friday were setup and pricing days.  Plus I went to a few church members's homes to pick up items that they could not bring in.  Thanks to hubby for helping me with that!

*. I'm still going back and forth to spend time with my grandbabies and to help out their mama.  The boys are growing and are much more settled but the mere fact that there are TWO keeps it a busy household!  My daughter is doing a great job with them!  She has them sleeping through the night and next week they go in for their 6 month checkup.  I'm pretty sure the pediatrician will tell her to start introducing food and that will help even more.   They really are good babies!  I credit my daughter more than she knows!  She has learned SO MUCH these past months, and has survived the early months with two preemies, on little sleep, as she healed too. 

The boys are in a fun stage right now - discovering each other, giving lots of smiles, squealing to communicate, rolling over.   It won't be long til they start crawling.   Every day is a new adventure and it's fun to watch them learn.

* At the same time, we are planning a wedding!  Daughter 2 had an interesting week!  The wedding planner called her to say that their were major issues happening at the venue.   Daughter had booked the Litchfield Plantation home, and the grounds around it.  It's a beautiful setting, overlooking the marshes. Guests would arrive driving down the Avenue of Live Oaks with spanish moss.   BUT...  with the problems, the wedding planner encouraged daughter 2 to find another location.  It seems that the plantation home is owned by 2 people who live in the neighborhood, and the HOA has been paying the mortgage on it.   But, there have been disagreements and the mortgage has not been paid for awhile - so the home will soon go into foreclosure!  Lawyers are getting involved.  It's not good.   How very sad!    There are 10 weddings already booked for the fall there and now the wedding planner has to tell all the brides what is happening. 

Thankfully, the wedding planner called around and found other venues to consider.  So, daughter 2's wedding will now take place at the very beautiful Brookgreen Gardens near us!!   We are lucky that it is available and that we were not left high and dry, without any option.    We had not ordered the invitations yet.   So, basically we just need to make a few phone calls to let some of our vendors know the wedding is at a new location.

*  Tomorrow night hubby and I are going to a Nashville Songwriters Roundtable event.  4 songwriters will perform a short acoustic set each and will talk about some of the songs they wrote or co-wrote.  Some of the songs have been recorded by big names in country music and became hits.  The event is to raise money for a charity but it's an amazing opportunity to  be "upclose and personal" with these writers.  I'm a huge country music fan so I am really looking forward to it!!

* Speaking of country music... the CMA Fest is only a month and a half away!  I am in a group on Facebook - a group of people who are going.  Some are first-timers but some, like me, have gone for many years.  For us, the ones who have experienced the festival before, there is a lot of grumbling on line about the lack of some of the biggest names on the schedule.   It seems that in recent years more and more 'summer festivals' are popping up around the country.  We have one right here in Myrtle Beach.  The big names are booked for those festivals...  but not the CMA Festival.    Historically the CMA Festival was a time of year when the artists 'gave back' and thanked their biggest fans.  (It used to be called Fan Fair.). The artists play for free.  A portion of the proceeds is given to music education in schools.    But it seems more are performing where they get a paycheck.  I'm sure their record companies and agents have a lot of say about it, and do the booking...   but it's disappointing for us CMA Fest regulars.   And, of course, the price of the festival continues to go up.  

* So, in general, am I getting more impatient??    I have posted on FB about the crazy drivers here, and the fact some don't seem to know the rules of the road.  But, perhaps it is ME who has the problem?!?   Reality check!  I need to chill on the road, and I need to realize many drivers have their own issues.  Perhaps driving slow and in the wrong lane is the least of their problems!   ha!!!

*  Sum-sum-summertime!  It's almost here!  My favorite time of year!  I'm planting flowers, and spending more time outdoors already.   Are you?  What is your favorite thing to do?   I love having a book and a glass of wine on my deck.   I need to walk more.... in general.  So, I'm hoping to make it a daily thing come summertime. 

* I am only home for a couple of days... so if I want to get walking I better sign off. I have much to do!  I have a hair restoration day tomorrow.  I need to run errands today, make up layette baskets for the hospital, plant some hosta plants I ordered that have arrived, and I have a flute choir session this evening.  We are going to record a few of our pieces to make a demo CD.   (Gee, I should really practice and limber up the fingers ahead of it! )

Enjoy this time everyone!  Today is awaiting...    

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just little ole me.

Hi everyone!  I'm back - after many adventures and special days.

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a wonderful Holy Week finishing up with the celebration of our risen Lord!  

On Saturday we had family over to our home.  Daughter #1 and family made their first road trip here with the babies.  A 3 1/2 hour drive and the boys did really well.  They also did great staying at Baboo and Mimi's house, and meeting everyone.  No crying.  Such sweet boys!  I'm glad it went well so that they all come back soon.  This Mimi is proud!

Mixed in to the weekend was a major challenge for my hubby.  He had a kidney stone attack and had lots and lots of pain.  I have never experienced stones (thank God) but I understand it's as rough as childbirth pain.  We made an ER visit, and he got some pain pills.  He was all set up to have a procedure done to go get the stone out on Wednesday, but passed it on Tuesday night!   Yeah!   Kidney stones are strange things.  Such a mystery on why some people develop them and others don't.  Hubby has had them before and diet changes don't make a difference.   He just gets them.   Poor guy.

Easter:  Did you watch the live production of "Jesus Christ Superstar"  Sunday night?    Oh my!  It was wonderful!  I was so impressed by the singing, the dancing, the set, the emotion it provoked.  Very well done!  Daughter #2 and I saw a live version in Charleston a few years back and Ted Neeley, the man who portrayed Jesus in the movie, was Jesus in it.  I loved it BUT I think John Legend did an amazing job. The whole cast really.   If you didn't see it Sunday night, perhaps you can pull it up on line.

Speaking of online...   okay, am I the only one who thinks it's a bit crazy that people are so upset that Facebook info was 'stolen'?   I mean, come on...   I love Facebook but I have known since day one that you don't put up any information that you are don't want being public knowledge.   I worry more about store websites getting credit card info, etc.  but Facebook?   Those who get into it can get your name, your birthdate, and can learn about what you like and dislike.   Duh.   Have you not noticed that after a post about a subject, then commercials pop up that have to do with it?   Facebook knows my age so the ads tend to lean towards products for my phase in life.   I laughed when I saw bladder control panties commercials!    Now, when it comes to trying to sway you politically...  which I think it really what this is all about, I again say REALLY?    Duh.   I am pretty secure on my social and political beliefs so maybe my account was not used.   I certainly didn't get Trump-favored ads.  Ha!  They knew it would have been useless!    I guess there is a segment of people who are gullible and are swayed...    but not me!  

The bigger question or concern is about the amount of lies that is out there all the time.  Finding truth is harder than ever.  We used to be able to turn to the news networks and feel comfortable that we were getting info straight.  Not anymore.   I have a friend who worked for a Sinclair TV station awhile back and she has been warning us for awhile about their power and grip on the affiliates. 

As someone who used to work in media (eons ago) I still believe that most reporters are doing their best to give accurate information, without a slant.  If bosses are mandating reporters and anchors to say things that seems biased, then they need to speak up.  I know - the fear of losing their job and being blackballed is real and scary.   But, saying nothing about it is wrong.  It's a tough situation for news people today. 

Sinclair owns a lot of stations around the country.  Fox stations - but other ones too.  You can easily google and find out which local stations are owned by them.  Maybe you should watch a different news source.  Just saying...

Speaking of news and facts:  The crazy, disgruntled woman who went to Youtube and shot some people...  she is not white, and doesn't have an easy name to say, but that does NOT mean that she is part of a bigger terrorist group...or that she didn't have a right to be in our country.  Again, don't go where it isn't!   Her family was concerned because she was unstable and contacted police.  Again, warning signs were there and she slipped through.   Sad.    But, I'm so thankful that nobody innocently died from her gun.

I continue to go back and forth to Raleigh to help with my adorable grand babies.   They are 5 months old now and thriving.  Those smiles they give to me melt my heart!  I am experiencing pollen twice this season tho.  We had it bad here at home a few weeks ago - and now everything is popping in Raleigh and my car got covered in pollen parked there the past couple of days!         Better than snow tho....       lol

It's been a crazy spring.   Snow and snow up north.   Temps going up and down everywhere!    Wacky.  But Spring can be that way.   So, stay healthy everyone....  

until next time...

peace to you.