Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hodgepodge Day is here.

I have been blogging a few times in the past few days, and once again - I'm back!

This time it's for the weekly Hodgepodge questions - with my answers.  
As usual, our leader Joyce comes up with the questions, and we all take a turn at answering them.  I enjoy thinking back, remembering, coming up with my answers... and perhaps it helps keep my brain working a bit better.  I can use all the help I can get!!    Feel free to play along.

1. Give us three rhyming words that say something about your Thanksgiving holiday (or your most recent holiday gathering if you didn't celebrate Thanksgiving). 

feast   -  we had lots of food.
peace  - everyone got along.
east  - we stayed home.  We didn't travel.        

2. When did you last say, 'the more the merrier'? Did you mean it?

Ha!  You know I won't say that I didn't actually mean it!?!  (Ya' just never know who is reading this!)    But, I know for sure the last time I said it was just a few days before Thanksgiving when inviting a few others to join us.   

3. What's one piece of advice you'd give someone who is your same age?

I guess I would say to continue to 'think young'  and to do your best to stay current with what's going on in the world.  And, don't let a number stop you from doing something fun.  I keep a little wooden  sign by my bathroom mirror that says "Forget your age. Live your life"  as a reminder.    I try to do that every day.  

4. You're ordering a veggie plate, what four veggies are on it?

broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, corn

5. Shop til you drop! Did you? Have you ever? Will you between now and Christmas?

 I have never shopped til I dropped - and I do not intend to this year.  I am not a last minute shopper, and I don't like feeling that kind of stress when out shopping.  So, I try to have some ideas for gifts in mind before even heading out, and I certainly do not wait until the last minute to go purchase them.  I prefer to have everything bought and wrapped, ready to go, at least a good week or more before Christmas.  

6. What's your favorite chair in your house, and why is it a favorite?

I am sitting in my favorite spot right now.  It's not a chair - but an end of the couch. This spot is directly in front of the tv, by an end table where I keep my laptop, and the table has a lamp. It also has room for my glass of wine!  Yes, it's my favorite place to 'take a load off' and chill.  My comfort spot.

I have a chaise lounge-style chair on our "Carolina Room" which is my favorite place for quiet and reading.  I love it too.

7. Share an early memory of faith, religion, or spirituality.

Some of my earliest memories come from when we went to Hope Lutheran Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  My dad was the pastor there.  As a PK (pastor's kid) I was there a lot and I remember being with my best friend at that time, Karen.  We went to Sunday School together...sat together...and sang in the children's choir together.  When we had to wait for our parents, we would go into an empty classroom and draw on the chalkboard.   She and I did not live in the same school district but we were best friends through church, and often on Sundays we would go to one or the others' house for lunch and to play for the afternoon. 

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Hubby and I went on a trip to Pigeon's Forge and Gaitlinburg just this past May. Seeing the incredible video of the wildfires there is breaking my heart.  We drove through the quaint old town, and we went into the Smokies and hiked.  I can't believe so much has been destroyed.    I pray for those who have lost property.  I pray for all the firefighters and for those who have had to flee.  So very sad.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday morning QBing

Monday Morning Quarterbacking - holiday edition

Mondays after a long holiday weekend are always a bit soothing. It's a chance to return to the routine of life.  It's a day of running errands and eating up some leftovers.  It's a time to clean up the kitchen and straighten up the rest of the house.  

It's a time to think back on the busy couple of days that just passed.

This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving.  We were fortunate to have one daughter and our SIL here, and we had a few of our other family members and friends stop in on Thanksgiving to share the time.   The food was good, and the weather was perfect.   The wine poured, and the firepit blaze glowed. 

It was nice to stay put because we had such an active month before with all the repair work that was done on our house due to hurricane Matthew. 

We got to watch some football.  (No comment on Carolina...  except, there's always next year.)

And, we took some time to prepare the house for December.  I like to call it "advent decorating" because Christmas doesn't come until December 25th.  Do you think "advent decorating" will catch on?   When I was a kid, growing up in a Christian family, we lit the advent candles on the wreath that sat on the kitchen table, and we had an Advent calendar with tiny doors to open every day.  There wasn't candy behind the doors - like the calendars are now.   It was either a Bible passage or a little picture of an animal or something about the upcoming birth of Jesus.  The big door in the middle was opened on the 25th and was a picture of the baby Jesus in the manger.

Now,  well, you know - times are different.  Everyone decorates so early and radio stations switch over to Christmas music so early, that by the time December 25th comes it's already a bit old. 

As I sit here this morning, I remind myself - pace myself, take the time Marla!  Enjoy the music, and enjoy the preparation...  that is what the first weeks of December are all about! 

Don't stress.  I will say it to myself again. DO NOT STRESS!     Do not think about others' expectations.   Do not fall into the craziness of the season, say "no" sometimes, and do not let others take away the joy of the season.

Thanksgiving just happened and it was a special day to be thankful for ALL the good that life gives every day.  So, as we continue on EVERY DAY be thankful.  

So, one holiday has ended - and another holiday season is starting.  I'm thinking on this Monday morning to take it a day at a time. Yes, it's time for my pep talk to myself - it's time to tell me to breathe, to relax, to enjoy, to keep Christ as the main focus.  

Here I go....

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thank you for this - 2016

I know I don't need Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for all good things in my life, and to thank God for all my blessings.  But, still, it's nice time to think of some of the people and things I am thankful about that happened in 2016 as the year comes into it's last month.

* First, I am thankful that I am still alive to continue to get closer in my relationship with God.  I am thankful for the weekly Bible Study.

* I am thankful for music - all kinds! I love the fun, 'up sound of country music - and also the quiet ballads with amazing lyrics.  It speaks to me in many ways. I love the musical talent of others.  I love what music brings to my life - a pick me up, or a lyric that says it just like I wish I had.  I love the talent of a singer and an acoustic guitar.   I love a fast, amazing fiddle and a soulful guitar lick.    I love the music I get to play with my fellow handbellers (we couldn't do it without each other), and the music and people I know tooting my flute at band and church.

* I love the live musical experience. It's a moment in time experienced by both the performer and the listener. It's a closeness that happens when the truth of the sound is put out there, and received with love. It's a bond.

* I am thankful for my morning cup of Cafe Francais coffee.  Every single day is better when I start out with a warm, soothing cup.

*  I am thankful for Stan, who lets me be me. Who gives and gives - to me and others.  Who works hard and plays hard.  He makes me roll my eyes AND laugh!  He provides; he pushes; he plays hard.

* I am thankful for appreciating the views of nature around me.  Birds landing on my new feeders.  Seeing egrets on the marshes, and sometimes fishing along a roadside water ditch!   Quiet time on the Black riva dock. 

* I am thankful for daughters who are level headed, and loving.  I love that they text all the time, and like to come home, and continue on some traditions.   I am thankful that both are in wonderful relationships with men who make them even better!

*  I am thankful for taking time almost every day to read.

* I am thankful for living where I can wear flip-flops about 3/4's of the year. 

* I am thankful for extended family who love me even if they don't always 'get' me. 

* I am thankful for going through a hurricane safely, and how it brought people together.  I am also thankful for the expertise of those who came to put our house back together, with care, in a timely manner.

* I am thankful for Miss Honeybee and Miss Daisy.  I love their snores, and their couch-back snuggles. I love looking at their cute faces.

* I am thankful for friends afar, and those right here. I am thankful for my Book Club ladies, and my closely connected church friends, and my new neighbors.  I am thankful for those friends I see all the time on Facebook, and for those who live in parts far away from here, but take time to still be in touch.

* I am thankful for my blog where I can express myself. I can put it out there without fear.

* Yes, I am thankful for Facebook!  I love the pictures of family and friends, and I love the jokes I see online. I love the memes...and even the political differences I read there. 

* I am thankful the election is over.  (That's all I will say about that!  Ha!!)

* I am thankful for my health in this year.  I have had no serious issue (that I know about) and am able to do what I want to do.  I am thankful for my bad eyesight that keeps me from analyzing every wrinkle and soft area.   ha!

* I am thankful for downsizing this year.  I enjoy the freedom of less, and love not adding stuff to life. 

* I am thankful for springtime and the new growth, watching plants come back to life. I love seeing my yard get green again, and I love piddling out in the yard - in fresh air,  tending plants, nurturing flowers.

* I am thankful that 2016 was a mix of good and bad news.  Sometimes you have to look harder for the good, but it's there.   And, I hope that all we saw this year will lead us into a wonderful 2017.  Just look for the good. It's there.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving now. Christmas soon. 2016 is almost gone.

If you aren't running around crazy right now getting all the prep work done for Thanksgiving, then take a minute and read this week's Hodgepodge questions and my answers.
 1. What's something you might say runs in your family?   
Double chins.  And we don't like it!  lol 
Can I say intelligence??   sure.   And beauty!   

2. I read here a list of ten things you should do before 2017 arrives (in less than six weeks!)...which tasks on the list might you do? What would you add to your own 'before the year ends' list?

visit your Dr. or dentist, deep clean your home, donate unwanted items to charity, look someone in the eye and tell them you love them, write an honest letter to yourself, clean up your inbox-desktop-photos, travel to a place you haven't been, compliment a stranger, watch the sunrise, think ahead to your goals/plans for the new year
Of those listed, I suppose I should clean up my inbox and photos. I need to put lots of my phone pictures into albums so I can find them easier when I want to download them. I just went through looking for pictures to use on our Christmas card this year. It took too long because I had not grouped them in to albums.   It's a good project to do while sitting in front of the TV.
Would I add anything else?  Before 2017?  No.  I just need to get back into exercise more regularly.  

3. What's something other generations (not your own) misunderstand about your generation?

This is a toughie.  My generation?   I am a baby boomer and I think the generations before misunderstand our pace.  We move faster than before... with work, job changes, travel, even during our leisure times.

They don't understand our "throw away" lifestyle too.  But, that's because they held on to things much more.  Merchandise was built to last, was not easily replaced, and was repairable.   Now things are made and bought only to last a limited amount of time. 

4. Sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread dressing-which would you miss the most if it weren't on the holiday dinner menu?

I am a dressing lover - with gravy on it.  I think Thanksgiving Day is the only time I eat it - so it is a special dish and one that I will go back to for seconds!   I like it as leftovers too the next day!

5. What are you overthinking right now?

Ha! This question made me chuckle!  People who know me will say I am overthinking the whole election and the results...and the concerns of our future the next 4 years.  

6. Your favorite slang word lately?

I'm not coming up with anything. How about Hey ya'll.   (I live in the south.)

7. Write an acrostic for the word grateful.

Each other

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

 I can't believe Thanksgiving is here.  Then comes Christmas...    so, my mantra of "breathe, and don't let the expectations get me down" has started.   Relax. Enjoy.

Have a SAFE Thanksgiving.  Take a moment around the table and say one thing you are thankful for this past year... that you didn't have the year before.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

My blog. My view.

I know...

What am I going to say that is new or different?  

There have already been endless commentaries, news reports, and social media memes about this election.   What can I add?  

And, really, half of you reading this are already saying, oh Marla, 'geez, get over it.  move on. stop whining. '

But, the other half of you may be like me and are not quite ready to let go of the disappointment, and ready to 'give in' to the results. Why??    Staying quiet means being okay with the results.

*  I think that during the too-long campaign season the half that I am a part of always saw Trump as a joke.  Even among his own party he was not respected. The media reported on him with a bit of disbelief. Late night hosts had much more material with him than with his opponents. He was the one that was easy to poke fun of because he had no filter on himself. He never knew how to act 'grown up' and he even openingly said mean things about groups of people...including the handicapped and minorities.

I admit - quietly along the way there was a group of Americans watching, and willing to overlook Trump's rudeness, because they felt forgotten by America.  They felt that those in Washington didn't understand them - and certainly didn't pass laws to help them.  As the election showed, those unhappy people, and those hoping for more Republican ways in government, and those wanting to send a message to Washington, and those not wanting Hillary - all came out and voted.

*  So, why can't the other half of America (the ones who didn't vote for Trump) accept the outcome quietly?

I speak for myself on this one.  But, I have talked to some who agree with me.  I think by staying quiet after this election we worry that it looks like we accept Trump's moral failings, his dividing language, his egotistic style.  I don't want to compare him with Hillary in this post.  Or Obama.  That is not what this post is about.  But,  I don't get that so many Americans overlooked the fiber of America (acceptance, equality, freedom to live here) to vote the way they did.

Now, I know I have not experienced financial hardships during the past 8 years, or before, and I know I have not felt our government left me behind.   But, then...I'm white - and I'm married to someone who earns a nice salary.   We have always had medical insurance.  We have a home.  Food.  We have had opportunities that others have not.

* So, for me, that is where my belief in God, my relationship with God, my faith - all come in.  I am a Christian. I believe that as a child of God, I am given the job to do what Jesus said to do... to spread the Word, to help the poor, to love everyone equally.   I do NOT believe that our government should be run by only one religious group (even tho I love mine), but that ALL religions should be treated equally.   All colors.  All backgrounds.  All !!!

Again, why do I not stay quiet and 'get over it?'  Because my faith tells me that we are to speak out, we are to reach out, we are support those that need it.  Jesus never said to just turn around and forget them.  He never said to JUDGE who deserves help.  Everyone is EQUAL.

* Let's talk freedom.  America was founded on it.   People crossed the ocean to live away from a monarchy.  Freedom is what we are all about!  So, freedom of speech is vital.  Freedom of religion too.  Freedom with guidelines to keep us safe and equal.  (I know there is a freedom to protect yourself.  I still think we need better guidelines.)  I believe that.

Anytime a leader talks of one whole group of people not being accepted - I have a problem.  Anytime someone decides what happens to a whole group of people - I have a problem.   Anytime someone bullies and is purposely mean to a whole group of people - I have a problem.

I hurt. I hurt for those groups - made up of individuals left out, bullied, forgotten.  I hurt for those feeling fear.  I can not stay quiet and have others think I am okay with the inequality.

*  At this point I have to say that I know some people vote strictly on the economic picture of this country.  And, they vote because their own pocket is empty.   They are at a point in their life where "me" comes before "we."   I am not dis-allowing this thought.  It's real.  But, that is why it is so vital for others to reach out and help.  Regardless of who they are - or where they come from, or even mistakes that have happened.

* Rudeness breeds rudeness.  Children learn from adults.      Tit for Tat...is a choice.   Speaking out should not be about that.    Political rudeness has gone way too far.

* I am a woman.  I am a strong woman.  I have daughters.  Again, I want to help all women... regardless of who they are, where they come from, even mistakes made.   I do not judge.  God is the judge.  But, again, I believe that God knows each individual person and the heart of each.   Government should NOT be God.

* I will not stay quiet because I want to set an example - and I think when people are not allowed to speak out, we have lost a fundamental belief in America.  Peaceful protests are America.   Change takes time... time is our friend.  Generations change.  To think not, is keeping your head in the sand.   Speaking out can be done with respect.... that is what I try to do.   But, truly, I can not stay quiet when inside my heart and my head hurt.

Will I drive you crazy?  I hope not.  It's not my intent.  Will I open your mind a bit?  Maybe.  Will you understand me a little?  Hopefully.

* Last but not least, I have had a problem with the slogan "Make America Great Again" from the first day it was said.   America IS great!!!  America is one of the most wonderful places to live on this globe. We have so much more than other parts of the world.  The first time I heard that slogan I was offended.  I felt immediately the campaign was going to be negative, and not about the good of America... and the way to reach out our goodness to support others.   And, it was.    America IS GREAT because we have freedoms, and we have compassion for others - ALL people.  The very person who campaigned with that slogan showed me and others that it's okay to be rude, selective, and pompous.  That is not the America I want.

If you read this post so far, I am guessing you feel like me.   Those who fall on the other half of America who voted for Trump probably checked out by now.   But, if you voted for Trump and read down to the end - sincerely, I THANK YOU.   You read/listened to my viewpoint.  We need more of that.  Now tell me yours.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's time to think happy thoughts!

The Hodgepodge is back!  Our leader Joyce moved into her beautiful new  home, and she must have hooked up her wireless connection! Because she is back...  So, we are back at it too.  Let's go!
1. Let's all think happy thoughts...share one of yours here. 
Even in this crazy divisive time, I have many happy thoughts!
   Here's one:  My new home is back together.  Once the new gutters get put up this week nobody will ever know hurricane Matthew came through!   Last week on Facebook I thanked all the people who worked on the project, but let me say it here too.  Everyone was sympathetic, and willing to jump in and get working to get the the tree out and hole covered, to put up new trusses, and a new roof.  The drywall went up and was painted. Our lights were hung again.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!
2. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day-go fishing...." What say you? If you want happiness for a day _____________.
...  go for a long walk.
... turn on your favorite music - sing and dance!

... talk to a good friend.

... hold a baby in your arms.

... own a pet or two.

... sit by the ocean or marsh.

... never turn on the News!  ha

3. Where do you go to decompress from the world around you? 
This question ties right in with the one above. I decompress at home for sure. It's my 'comfort spot' and I can read, or chill in front of the TV.  But, I also love to decompress with nature... on my back deck, or near the marshes, and watching the beautiful marsh birds, or walking along the ocean.  
4. What song never fails to make you happy? 
I have many!  
"I Like It, I Love It" and "Live Like You Were Dying" - Tim McGraw

"Country Girl, Shake It for Me" - Luke Bryan

"She's Country" - Jason Aldean

 "Uptown Funk" - Bruno Mars

"Love Shack" - B-52's

 Just to name a few!!

5. Wednesday is National Fast Food Day. Should that be a thing? Apparently it is, so tell us what's the last 'fast food' you consumed? If you were putting together your own version of a 'happy meal' what would you include? 
Should it be a thing? Oh, why not. Everything else has it's day! ha  

My last fast food was a loaded burger and tots from "Sonic" which I shared with my dogs.  We all enjoyed it!  

A 'happy meal' for me is a big ole plate of nachos, without the peppers.  

6. In a few sentences tell us why you blog. 
I started blogging for two reasons:
1.  I wanted to voice who I am. I wanted to express myself - in my 'own space' without fear.  There have been a few times that I have accidentally hurt someone (and I am sorry) but I like having a digital diary.  

2. I wanted my daughters to read about me, and know me - as more than 'just mom'. To see me as a whole person.  And I wanted my daughters to have something to look back on.   Again, like a digital diary.  
7. List seven things you're feeling especially grateful for today. 
1.  This space to blog and participate in the Hodgepodge. 
2.  Always for my family, but specifically today for a hubby who gives me independence and allows me to be a strong woman.  We would not have gotten this far without this.

3.  Amazing daughters who I am proud of, and who stay in touch with their dad and me just about every single day - via texting.  I am especially thankful for texting!  

4.  Music.  10 years ago I would had never had thought I'd be back to playing flute like I am.  I am now in the community band, in a local flute choir, and I play occasionally at my church.  I am also in two handbell choirs now.   I still have some fear playing in front of people, but I have gained confidence and I have sharpened my music skills a bit.  It brings me joy! 

5.  Today I am grateful for surviving the reconstruction of part of my new house.  As I sit here on the computer I have a finished, new roof and everything is back just right. 

6.  I am grateful for friends who 'get me' and support me.  Women are so lucky to have kindred souls who encourage and laugh together.  I treasure them.  I don't 'collect' large numbers of  friends as some people do, but the true ones I have mean the world to me. 

7.  My health - today.  I have a decade birthday one month from today-  eek!!!!!  And, my health is really good... and I am fortune to move into this new decade without any major issues.   I hope and I pray it continues.  I also know I need to work on it too. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
It is obvious that Joyce devoted this Hodgepodge to goodness, and positive thoughts. We all know -  It's been a tough time for everyone lately, and I don't need to go into it.  But, it is so important to balance our lives by remembering ALL the wonderful people and events in life.  

Thanks for coming here today to read my blog.  I appreciate it. I hope you have a delightful day!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

My Election prayer

Dear God,

I come to you this morning conflicted over where we are as a country.  I come to you to say I am hurt, and disappointed about how we got here.   I know it was not due to just one person, or one event, or one year of politics in America.  It's a sad and complicated world.     But, still, we are here...

And, God, I ask myself how I let my thoughts go to finding the wrong in others, those who support a different candidate.  How I was a part of the way this whole campaign season went.  I got caught up in the meanness on social media.  I listened and got drawn in to pundits on TV.

I really just need to listen to You!  I need to put my hope in You and find my peace with You.

I pray that Election Day goes smoothly, and even though so many of us are divided, we can still see each other as individuals with different backgrounds, and with unique personalities.  In reality,  we all want the same thing - a fair and safe country to live in, to raise our children in, and to call home.  

We want to be proud of who we are as a people, as Americans.  We want to show compassion, and we want to live as neighbors together in peace.  I really do believe that.  We want to be a positive  example to the world. 

So, be with us tomorrow, tomorrow night as the results come in, and in the days that follow.  Help us accept the outcome.  Help us smile.  Help us put the nastiness behind us.   Holy Spirit, be with us as we move forward.

I pray this prayer to my God, who I believe, through faith, is the true creator and the hope for us all.  But, I also ask this for those who do not believe yet,  that they find all Christians to be righteous, kind, and supporting of their neighbor. 

Dear Lord, here my prayer...



Thursday, November 3, 2016

Monday morning QBing the CMA Awards - on a Thursday.

Here's my CMA AWARDS review...

*  Almost all the big stars of today - and many from the past - were there to celebrate the Awards 50th anniversary.   I definitely appreciated the moments of honoring the great songs from the past.  I am not a Garth fan but I liked the medley that he and Trisha Yearwood sang of some of the great classic songs.

* The highly promoted 'opening number' was good. I felt Brad Paisley had to keep it together for some of the 'old timers' on stage.  Bless their hearts!!  He was leading them through their parts.   And, bringing out Randy Travis at the end.... ok, here's my take:  He has been honored at various Nashville events now.  Yes, I am very happy that his therapy is increasing his ability to speak - and he even sort of sang "amen" at the end of his "Forever and Ever Amen" mega-hit.  But,  enough.  It's a sad moment too.  I feel like he is brought out too often now.   It's weird.   Again, it's sad.

*  I think Brad and Carrie did a good job with the opening chat together.  They are always funny...and cute together.  And clean - country music is never raunchy.  (Ok, not 'never' - but they don't drop the F bomb or tell trashy jokes.)   I know Carrie was very concerned about talking about the presidential candidates without favoring one.  They pulled that off.  I personally loved that they brought out the Tim and Faith 'Barbie' dolls again.  That was funny!! 

*  I'm a fan of "Stay Humble and Kind" so I was glad the songwriter Lori McKenna won, and I loved seeing Tim sing it. I wish he would have one for Best Male Artists.  That song was HUGE - and he has been on the radio with song after song this year.   I love Thomas Rhett too and "Die a Happy Man" is a beautiful love song.  But, "Stay Humble and Kind" was such a needed song this past year.

*  I'm still not quite sure who votes.  Fans do...   but I think there is something else that goes on behind the scenes.

* Garth as Entertainer of the Year???   Seriously?    Any of the other nominees would have been a better choice.  All of them had more songs on the radio this past year and toured more.  I have heard the Nashville music community doesn't like Garth much... this is why.

*  Beyonce?   Again, seriously?   She was added or announced on the day of the show.  I guess it was the CMA's way to get higher ratings, thinking they would pull in non-country music people, to watch her.  But, it is the COUNTRY music awards show....   grrrrrr.    Fans reacted immediately on social media.   I remember when Lenny Kravitz came out with Jason Aldean at the CMA Festival, and then Lenny stayed on stage and did his own set.  Fans were not happy.  Including me.  We all paid big bucks to experience live country music. Throwing someone out there who is a different musical genre performer is just wrong.

*  Performances I loved:   Keith singing "Blue"...  he NEVER disappoints and he should win more often!   The Dolly medley by the ladies was good - and watching Dolly enjoy it was priceless!   As I said earlier... Tim singing "Stay Humble and Kind."

*  I loved Miranda singing "Vice"... emotional and raw.   Very personal perhaps.

*  Carrie:  My take...   she has a beautiful voice and can really belt it.  Have you noticed that all her songs are starting to sound the same?  I miss her early stuff.  I love when she sings softly.  She should do that more often.  It's more emotional.   Her wardrobe changes:  Again, why?  So, unnecessary.   I think she is scooting out of country music just like Taylor.     Bye bye...

*  I love Brothers Osborne and I am glad they won!  I can't believe they beat FGL but I am glad they did!  They are talented guys and don't jump all around the stage.   I became a fan seeing them live at the CMA Festival this past June.  Writers, singers, players - they are two talented brothers!

*  I love "Little Big Town" too!  Karen Fairchild was featured on the song last night, but man, they harmonize so well together.  So awesome! 

*  Poor Dolly didn't get to say her whole speech.   Love her - and she is smart, funny, and a legend - and they should not have rushed her. 

* I would not have chosen Maren Morris for Best New Artist.  Kelsea had more hits on the radio.  Both are writers and performers.  

I think I get so excited each time one of these award shows come on tv, and I look forward to it.  So -  maybe I get too critical.  Not everything is going to be a 'grand slam' - right?

What did you think?