Monday, June 25, 2018

Taking a minute for QBing.

Monday morning quarterbacking...

Hot hot hot!   Here in the lowcountry we are having a 'hot spell' and I think it's time for a temperature break!  Don't get me wrong, I like heat.  I will take a hot summer day over a cold winter day anytime.  But each day for a couple of weeks now we have had 'accessive heat' and warnings to stay indoors during the afternoon hours.   Just being outside for 15 minutes is challenging with these temps and the humidity,  and therefore it makes it impossible to do yard work or gardening without getting drenched.   I'm not happy when I can't get out and piddle around in my yard.

Last week I spent each morning indoors, helping with my church's Vacation Bible School.   It was a joy!  There is something wonderful about seeing the world through little ones' eyes...and hearing the Bible stories as told to them.   I was a 'crew leader' and had five  4 and 5 year olds in my crew.   I led them station to station each day:  opening, craft time, Bible story telling, games, snacks, music, and closing.   Those little ones made my heart sing!  They reminded me that we all start out with such enthusiasm,  are little sponges learning so much,  singing and dancing each day, and giving hugs.   

Being with children helps balance out life. 

Because as we know, the adult issues of the day, and in our country right now, are so disheartening. 

I'm watching the morning news right now.  A grandmother is trying to find her toddler granddaughter who was taken at the border and put into a detention center.   HOW can anyone think this is okay?? 

Tomorrow here in SC we have run-off elections.   I pray people take the time and vote their conscience.   Human rights over self.  I know a couple of people who seem to vote only if it will help themselves.  They don't see the big picture.  They don't realize that lifting others up, improving everyone's lives, will make it a better place. 

Can I also say, that some of the voters do not have a faith centered life?   I feel without knowing God's love and His teachings, then living takes on a different path.  Ego-driven.   Dog eat dog.   It makes me very sad.  

But, what makes me happy?   My daughter & her hubby took the twins to church yesterday!   The boys are 7 1/2 months old, and I know it wasn't easy for them all to get out of the house and to a worship service.   And, they didn't make it through the whole time (one of the boys got a little fussy)...   BUT I am proud that they tried, and I hope they keep at it.   I am sure the others in that congregation were happy to see them, and to even hear a little noise.    Jesus said to bring the little children!  

Do you have Independence Day plans?   This year the 4th of July hits right in the middle of the week.  So, we plan to have a family get-together on the weekend before.  I guess the holiday will be stretched out this year...some celebrating before, some on the day, and some the weekend after it.    Whenever you celebrate, take a small part of the day to talk about what it means to live in the land of the free! 

Good summer reads?   I just finished a book and am ready for another one.   I guess I should go pop on "" and see what is suggested there.

Daughter #2 wedding plans are set.  We are in the months before it that we wait....   some things just can't be done until we get closer to the date.    The soon to be newlyweds are watching their house be built right now.  Framing is done and the roof is on.  I think it's on schedule.   Lots of inside work is next - which is good since the summer heat is on!!

Time to run...     I have a busy day ahead.  Lots of errands.   Doing some prep work for the little grandsons coming this weekend.   Excited!!   I miss them each week when I don't seem them.  They change so quickly right now.  This Mimi sure loves those boys!!  

Stay cool everyone...  stay safe.   Vote tomorrow if you live in South Carolina!    


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My two cents...

My two cents...

Fact:  People from Central America are leaving their very poor and dangerous countries because they fear they can no longer live there in safety and with a chance for a better tomorrow.   They search... and they think where can they go?   They hear that the United States has been a land of opportunity, of freedoms, of hope, and that the U.S. has accepted those looking for a better life in the past.   In fact, some already have family members there, working, and sending money back when it's possible.  The U.S. is glimmering to them!  It offers hope. A chance.   So, they take the trip to the U.S. border which can take months. It is dangerous. It is rough.  But, they do it. 

They are people willing to work.  They are escaping a land where there is little chance to work and earn a living.  They want a better life for their children.   So, they make the tiring trek.

Now, with the change of 'policy' of this current administration ALL of those who are arriving are looked at as criminals, and those who arrive as families are being separated.  Parents are locked up.  Children are too, and then sent off.    Our country, a land made up of mostly European immigrants a few generations ago (who came for the same reasons as the first paragraph), grew and grew and grew...  people came and settled. Families spread out all across the country.   Land was purchased.  Businesses opened.   And, we are huge now!!  It's really quite unbelievable how the United States of America has gotten SO BIG - and yet we are really still quite young.  Our forefathers set up this country to offer opportunity for all - and it did.   They set up a system to offer so much to people coming here from other places.

Forward to today.   Now....  We have come to worry that we can't handle any more people in this land of millions.  We fear that they are all 'bad' people.     So, here are some questions I have...

Why did we get to this place where some feel we need to close our southern boundary?  Why could our great grandparents come for the same wonderful chances here but now others are limited and looked down on?  Is it because they come from poor countries?   Is it because they don't speak English?   Is it because we stereotype them as ALL bad people trying to take our jobs?  Sell us drugs?  Beat our system? 

Why can't we reach out to the leaders of those Central American countries to help them become more viable as a country, and to offer livable places and better lives for their citizens?    Why can't we realize it's a 'world issue'?  When will we see that what effects someone in another land will also effect us?

Why can we not see that separating children from parents is creating children who are insecure, who  lose values, who grow up without family life?    The whole next generation will suffer because of this. 

The small picture is an individual family torn apart.  A child crying because he or she misses their parents and are alone and scared. Parents broken apart inside because they can not hug and love their child.  The big picture is a society that loses heart, that becomes a selfish country.  We isolate ourselves from the beauty of ALL of the people of the world.  We become cold.  Closed minded. 

This may remind you of another time, another country, another leader who tried to do this.  Another egotistical, narcissist...

Think about it.

One more thing.  Every American who had ancestors who came here for religious freedom, and who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, should welcome those arriving here.  Jesus reached out to people who were hurting, who were poor, who were lost.   He taught over and over again that we are on earth to love each other and to take care of our neighbor.   It is our mission.  

My two cents.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

CMA Fest and more...

Catch up time!

*  First, my CMA Festival thoughts...

My seventh year in Nashville for the 4 day festival is over.  It just gets bigger and bigger every year.  More stages and more events.  More people!   So, here's the thing: you can't get close to doing everything that is offered - and you have to pick and choose, and you have to allow plenty of time to get to where you are going.  

 The biggest daytime stage is the riverfront stage... along the Cumberland River.  It's a beautiful spot and it gets the biggest names (except for the superstar names that perform at night).   Due to increased security everywhere it takes longer to enter the area.  Everyone had to carry clear bags this year, and go through an x-ray machine.  I found that carrying my red blanket to sit on, which I have used for 6 straight years, slowed us down. It had to be unzipped so it didn't look like a bag.   It's the way of the world now - or at least in America.  Security tightened going into all the venues.   Sad, but I felt safer for it.

After the first long day I felt like I'd never make it through all four days! ha   It was hot, humid, crowded... and we walked everywhere.  That was good and bad.  I love walking... and I love that all the activities are close enough to walk. 

Some of my highlights:     The Brothers Osborne fan party!  It included a close up acoustic set from the brothers, and a meet & greet.  And,  I won a meet & greet with Thomas Rhett!   That was very cool!   And... I did a hand grip/high five with Keith Urban as he went down the aisle during his concert time at the stadium.  I love the guy - what an amazing talent!!   I felt like a teeny-bopper - star struck fan - but I don't care.  It WAS exciting!!

My list of artists I saw perform is long,  but, so is the list of who I wish I could have seen. As I said earlier,  with seven stages and other events going on all at the same time it is impossible to see it all.   New artists, the older ones, classic country, new country, etc.  It's all there!   

The honky tonks on lower Broadway rocked the whole time too!  Most of them had stages on each floor... with different bands on each one all the time.   Morning to night.    The caliber of talent in them was amazing too.   SO MUCH TALENT IN NASHVILLE!  

Nighttime at the Nissan Stadium each night is a lineup of the top names.  Again the list was long!   Each night finished up around midnight, although Luke played til 1:00am on the final night. Yes, I headed back to the hotel before he came on because it was already 11:45pm and I was tired, and I knew I had a long day of driving the next day.   You just can't do everything! 

Quick thoughts:    swollen feet.   sweaty.   fewer cowboy hats seen.  More baseball caps.    Friendly people everywhere.   Fans from around the world!     Amazing logistical event.     I saw NO crazy, out of hand people.      Temporary tattoo.      Award show red carpet.      comfy bed - thank god.    Free stuff.   Drink water constantly.    Live music, music, music!!

Will I go for number 8??    Probably.   It has gotten more expensive each year.  And I admit each year I pay for  seats at Nissan Stadium that are up close, in the Gold Circle area.  Row 9 !!   But it's amazing experience... and there is a great feeling of unity and love of country music by everyone there.

*  Back to reality - gotta get back to see my grandsons soon.   I miss them!!    Maybe this weekend...

*   Father's Day weekend on tap!   My dad is back to his apartment at Brookdale.  I'm glad because he feels comfortable there and is reunited with his dog.  He needs more assistance and pain meds for now. 

* Also coming up:   I'm helping at VBS at church next week.    My bestie and some of her family are coming to the beach soon!   4th of July celebration the weekend before the actually day.    Then on to Lakeside.   I see this every year: summer is busy and it goes by too quickly!!

* I voted in yesterday's SC primary.   It amazes me how SO many people talk and complain, and are discouraged by today's politics but don't vote.  The numbers were low again yesterday.   You gotta vote people!!!  

*  Funny story...   when I checked in to vote yesterday I realized I had not updated my driver's license and still had my old address on it.  So, I told the lady working at the check-in table that it was an old local address but I was probably still in the system at "49 Red Squirrel".   And I was.   Then a few seconds later a man next to me came up to check in also and gave his address as "49 Red Squirrel"!!!!    What???   I turned - and said "hello!  I am the person who used to own your house!"   Crazy!  Small town life. ha   See, when we sold the house, my grandboys had just been born in Raleigh, so I was not able to meet the couple buying our 49 Red Squirrel home.  In fact, hubby had cleaned out the house - and had only met the wife of the couple.  Yesterday, she was sitting in the car - so I went outside after voting,  and met her, chatted awhile... and found out they both love the house.  It really made me feel good to know!  I loved that home. 

* Speaking of politics... I watched the David Letterman "No Introduction Needed" cable show yesterday... it was the one where David had President Obama on as his guest.   I had watched the episode with Tina Fey a few weeks ago and enjoyed the show very much.  Anyway, the Obama episode just once again made me miss that man in the top office so much!   What a difference from what we have now.   Part of yesterday's show was also about Rep. John Lewis and the civil rights movement.   I recommend everyone pull up that show and watch.  We need to be reminded sometimes.   We need to keep our troubles in perspective and see what we as a nation have gone through.   We need to see what African Americans have gone through.   We need to be more compassionate to people.

*  I have an eye appointment with a specialist today.  Why?  I have one eye extremely near sighted, and one eye extremely far sighted.  My regular eye doctor did not want to prescribe new glasses without first sending me to see if a specialist might be able to correct the difference better... I guess through surgery.  Hmmmm.    That's what got me in this condition.   Years ago I had lasik surgery done - one eye for up close, and one for distance.  Both eyes have changed...   going in opposite directions.  Crazy, right? 

I better get myself showered and ready to go to it.   It's about an hour or so away.

I hope you are enjoying your summertime...

til next time.