Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This and That

Hello everyone!

I'm back home for a few days so I have the opportunity to pause, to sit down, and blog...

Some of my thoughts:

* I'm HAPPY to be home but I do miss my adorable little grandsons!  I will be back with them this Sunday afternoon.  We have a new plan...I will drive to my daughter's after church and help out each Sunday evening through Wednesday noonish.  Then back home for the second half of the week.  It's a good way to wean myself off their care and get back into my regular life.   I will be home for the weekend to hang with hubby, and to get to church.

The grandboys seem to still have some reflux issues and are often fussy after having a bottle.  That's a bit frustrating.  The main goal these days is to get them content during their wakeful times.  Until then, it's a dance/challenge/work to keep them from crying.  Their eyes are focusing well now, but they haven't figured out how to use their hands and can not sit up on their own.  With a bit more time and maturity,  they will be able to play better.  That will help.

I have said this already:   I now know that having twins is more than DOUBLE the work!  Rarely are both napping at the same time for any length of time to get anything else done.  It's tough on my daughter.  No down time.   When I think back on having one infant, it seems like a breeze compared to constantly tending to two. 

* The upcoming Olympics.  Are you excited about them?  I think I am more worried than excited.  The South Korean location concerns me.  The world politics scare me.

So much has come out on abuse - steroids, other performance drugs, and now sexual - all to WIN.  Is winning worth that??     In life, is winning the be all, end all?? 

*  Speaking of politics... was I?   lol      I debated whether or not to watch last night's State of the Union address.  I usually do watch each year, regardless of who is the president.  But, I ended up turning off the TV and not watching any of it.  In general, the State of the Union Address has become a 'show' and I have gotten really tired of all the applause - and I don't like the 'pawns' (people invited to sit in the balcony) to make a point.

More than anything though, this president has shown how low he can go, and how when NOT reading a teleprompter, he reveals his true colors.  I don't believe anything he says.  And... even then, what he says goes against my beliefs.  From the beginning I have been offended by the "Make America Great Again" slogan.  1.  American IS great!   2.  Every era has good and bad issues.   3.  The slogan sounds pompous... sounding like we are ONLY concerned about America, and not the people in other countries.  With communication and technology today, we are a GLOBAL world!  We need each other. We should CARE about the good of all, everywhere.

I still believe a President should be a role model.  He is NOT!  He is embarrassing. Our poor youth have so few honorable people to look up to anymore.  Wait. I take that back.  They do... those who give back, and those who use respect in words and actions.   Again, our president is NOT that type of man.    I believe we need to stress that politics should not just be about personal financial gains... it is so much more! It is working together to help everyone together.  To give equality... in the workplace, in the health world, in nature. It's reaching out - and doing it because it is RIGHT to do.

*  2018.  Sometimes I am surprised it's a new year.  We have lots planned in the months ahead.  The highlight:  our 2nd daughter's wedding!   It will be in October.  A beautiful time of year here (as long as no hurricanes come around!?!  eeek!)   She said yes to a dress a few weeks ago.  A venue has been picked. We have the pastor...the wedding party is picked.  Things are moving along!   It will be beautiful!

Also this year:  the CMA Festival in June.  Of course!!  The annual Lakeside week, which will also be a celebration/bachelorette time for my niece - she is getting married in January.  August will bring my daughter's bachelorette weekend. 

*  This is  the award show season!  Do you have a favorite?   Have you seen any of the nominated movies?  I have not.  What did you think about the music at the Grammy's?   Is it just me, or does it seem that rap has taken over the Grammy show?  I also wonder if there still is a genre called "pop" or "contemporary".   It's rap, soul, country (yeah) - at least during the televised show.

* Hubby just had surgery to have a bicep tendon reattached to the bone.  Thankfully he didn't need rotator cuff work.  I hope this surgery will end his constant pain.  He has lived with it a long time.  I have discovered A LOT of people have had shoulder surgery!  Since posting about my hubby I have heard from SO MANY others who have needed similar surgery.   Man, when you get to this age, body parts wear out - and get torn, and ache.   Crazy!!!  

*  I got home and found all my plants had gotten zapped by the cold and the rare snow we had while I was away.   Yesterday I spent time cutting off all the dead and brown.  Spring can't come soon enough.  I wonder what may come back and what will need to be replaced.   PS: I love Spring!!

Time to get today going...

I hope to see you back here soon.    I have missed blogging.   Have a GREAT day!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Miss me??

Where have I been?  

Perhaps you have been asking that.  Or perhaps not.   But, I have not posted on my blog since late October and I have missed it.  I have not participated in the weekly Hodgepodge since then either and I hope my friends from that group have not given up on me.

So, where have I been??


Roman and Logan were born on October 29th, coming a bit earlier than my daughter had hoped, but they were born healthy and fine...  just tiny.  The boys spent about 12 days in the NICU to give them time to acclimate themselves to the real world and to have some help in feeding.  They quickly learned and came home to my daughter and SIL's home - and so did I! 

Since then I have learned these things:

* Twins are more than double the work! 

* It takes two (preferably three) adults to rotate the feedings and changings, etc.   AND it's important to rotate sleep time (ours, not theirs! lol).

* I can easily go every other day now with a shower.

* I know all the HGTV shows.

* Books tell you how to handle twin babies but they are not always right.  Same schedule?  No way!  It's best to have them feed at least 45 minutes a part... which includes burping and cuddling.

* Emotions are at the surface.  Joy and frustration.

* I can live without a lot of my usual stuff.

* Dining out is rare and a special occasion.

Okay.  I know I am only the Mimi.  So, the above list is short-lived for me.   Already the boys are changing: growing and becoming more aware of their surroundings.  I am seeing a smile from time to time that isn't just from gas.  Their eyes are focusing more.  They stare at me sometimes... which normally would creep me out a little, but I love that perhaps they are connecting with their Mimi.  In the coming months I plan on bouncing back and forth more between my daughter's home and mine.  And eventually, it will get to the point where I am not needed as much.  I know my daughter can not yet picture that day. But, it will come.

In a few months they will be sleeping better, eating more, crawling, laughing, babbling, and hugging!  Double the work - and double the joy!!

So, I have enjoyed this 'moment in time' living with my daughter and SIL and the adorable little guys.  I am glad I can help out.  I am glad I am needed.   I am glad I am bonding so early with the babies.  I am lucky and blessed to be there.

But, I have been away from my usual life for almost 3 months now.   I will be back.  

Future post titles:

A Less stressful Christmas

Snow in the South

Preparing for another Wedding

Watching Babies Grow

Stay tuned....