Friday, March 23, 2018


Happy Friday to all my readers!

I hope you are ready for the weekend ahead.   I mean, who doesn't look forward to the weekend?   Right?   Here are a couple of things I have coming up over the weekend.

* I'm walking in the North Charleston March for Our Lives tomorrow.  It starts at 3:00pm with the march, and then it will have speakers and music at the end of it.    Want to come along?  Let me know.  If you live elsewhere, then find your local march.  Do it for the kids!  Do it so we can make schools a place of learning, and for sports and the arts.  It should not be a place where our kids and grandkids fear for their lives.  Schools should be safe havens.   Home, church, school. 

* Sunday is Palm Sunday - or also Passion Sunday.   I'm looking forward to the happy start of Holy Week on Sunday.  Waving the palms and singing joyfully.  Of course the week goes from joy to total darkness on Friday, before the joy again of Easter and God's expression of total love for us: the showing that physical death is not the end.  Bringing Jesus back from death and conquering death.  The promise of eternal life.

This year the spring blooms are lining up with Easter Sunday.  The azaleas are opening and by next Sunday our area should be full of beautiful colors of nature!  Another sign that life comes back!

* Did you watch Anderson Cooper's interview with Karen, the playboy model who had the affair with Trump?   If so, what did you think?   I watched.  She seemed pretty believable to me.   And, really though, what does it matter?   We all know Trump was an abuser of women, or cad, or whatever you want to call that type of male.  He used his position and power to have sexual encounters.    But, he is our president now.    And...he is not our first president to be a jerk.   People love to point out that both Kennedy and Clinton were womenizers.   And, there were probably thousands of others in political positions who were also.      I'm wondering... do people really even consider a candidate's personal moral values when voting?  Does it matter?            It still matters to me.   In fact, I think that how a person treats ALL people (peers, the opposite sex, those with different opinions, etc.)  means something to who they are in their core - and I think it will reflect in their decisions.      Oh, and then they lie about it -and try to cover up that it even happened.  And in doing so it becomes a 'he said/she said' on air media spectacle.   Demeaning.  Lowering value.  Wasting time.       Yes, it matters to me.

* I attended a series at my church about forgiveness.  This past Wednesday was the last class.   Each class started with a short film of a real life situation and then told of how the victim learned about forgiveness.  True forgiveness.    And, sometimes how the abuser/criminal also felt the forgiveness.  Thankfully, so far in my life, I have not had a major terrible event happen to me by another person where I feel unable to forgive.   Nothing major.  But, almost daily small things are done, or not done, that create hurt... and my/our reaction says a lot.  Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting it.  But, forgiveness means realizing we ALL make mistakes.  We all do things, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, that wrong someone else.   It's really hard to forgive at times.  But as I rationally know, and the class reminded me, we are not to judge - and we have God's forgivenness for the asking.     It's a process.   Forgiveness is freeing.   Forgiveness is an expression of love.

*  Switching gears...        Facebook.     Are you going to stay with it?   I have heard from a couple of Facebook friends who have decided to leave it due to all the information stealing, and the political underhanded messages.    Yes, it is upsetting.   Hopefully, the information that was taken from accounts will not be used to do personal harm.   I think from what I hear on the news it was mostly used to try and change our presidential election outcome.     I think when my account was looked at, those behind it saw a very assured person, who will not be swayed by false messages.  Seriously, there was NO WAY I was going to change my opinion of the candidates - and more importantly about my moral and ethic beliefs.   So, I'm not leaving Facebook.  I still love the sharing of family and friend pictures. I love the positive messages I read.  I love getting local news.  I love the funny jokes.   I might be naive but I think I am independent enough that I will not "go with the crowd" or just believe anything online because it is there.    Saying that, I will also NOT become cynical. I will not fear being on social media.  I will weigh the value of technology to the concerns about it.

*   Friends.   How many do you really have?   How many people do you consider "real" friends?  And what makes a true friend?     I can count on one hand those who I consider true, positive, life-long friends.

Gosh, reading that back sounds sad.  It wasn't meant to be.  I mean - I have many wonderful, caring people in my day to day life that I consider friends... people that I like to be around, that can make me laugh, that share a lot of what I believe in.   But, there are just a few who "get me" and even if they don't always, still accept me - no questions asked.    Maybe it goes back to forgiveness.

*  Which of course makes me think of MANY songs about forgiveness.  Since I started this class, and since I have been driving back and forth from Raleigh each week listening to music, I have heard lots of songs about forgiveness.   Don Henley sings about it in "Heart of the Matter."   Of course Tim McGraw sings about it in "Live Like You Were Dying"... the lyrics: And I loved deeper, and I spoke sweeter, and I gave forgiveness I've been denying.     Really, so many songs out there are offering or asking for forgiveness.

I think I have reached the end of this post.  So, forgive me (get it?)  for bringing up heavy issues on this TGIFriday.   Some days are like that.    Enjoy the weekend. I'm ready for it!  Bring it on!!

Peace and joy to you. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Just me... reporting in.

Another week has gone by...     so it is time for another post.

* March Madness has started! Are you watching?  Have you filled out a bracket?  I have found that filling out a bracket is the best way to get excited about all of the college basketball during this month, and to have a reason to root for the teams as they progress.  How do you pick teams?   Obviously, you can pick from how they are ranked, but then you have to go out on a limb and pick a few underdogs.  I tend to pick SEC teams, and Carolina teams (not Clemson... ha) and schools that my daughters went to (go College of Charleston!)

* I am so proud of the students from Parkland that have started a movement!  And, I'm proud of all the students across the country who have joined in, and now have awareness and compassion about school safety and gun control.   So often we hear about the young being apathetic about issues and politics.  But this has hit home to them.  This is about their world.   I don't know about you, but I never EVER worried about my personal safety and feared for my life when I was in school.  Now, hearing that young elementary children have to 'train' to go into lockdown for fear of shooters is just so very sad to me.  I can not even imagine what that does to a little one.  So scary.   It's not fair to put them through it.  I think we need other, better solutions.  That's why I plan to march...

* I will be at the Charleston March for Life, Saturday, March 24th.   Thank you to my hubby for agreeing to go with me.  It's important for me to be there.   I ordered a shirt and got an email today saying that it is on it's way...but, guess what?  By mistake I ordered a KIDS large, not an adult large.  It might be snug, but I hope I can wear it.

* Doing it for the kids....and my grand kids.  I still can't believe I have two grandbabies!  They are the most adorable little guys in the world!   I'm marching for them.

* Daughter #2 (in birth order) just completed her training and is now a yoga instructor.  I'm so proud of her for her commitment to it, and for finding something that makes her mentally and physically fit and chilled.  She has a stressful life right now - her job, and planning a wedding, and starting to have a home built - and yoga is the perfect way to keep from going crazy! Like her mama, she likes her wine too - and it also helps!  ha

*  My son-in-law is a busy, hard-working guy, and therefore he doesn't check into social media very much.  So, he probably won't read this... but, I just want to say thanks to him.  He has 'allowed' me to spend the last 4 months living at his home, on and off.  Mostly on.  I am helping with the twin babies, my sweet grandsons, and I know he realizes my extra hands are needed, but he has accepted me there.  He may get tired of me being there at times, but he hasn't made me feel that way - at all.  For that, I thank him.  I mean... I'm his Mother-in-law.   lol

*  More family stuff:  I'm excited my sis is coming to visit over Easter weekend!  I'm also excited that daughter #1 (birth order) and son-in-law are planning to bring those above-said adorable grand boys here that weekend, for their first trip traveling anywhere.   It will be fun to have everyone together! 
The boys were born on Reformation Sunday.  I'm still holding out a little hope that maybe they can be baptized on Easter Sunday... no pressure to the parents, but it would be a lovely time to do it.  Easter is all about new (eternal) life... and the assurance of it.  No better time to welcome two more to God's family.

* Switching to another kind of family:  the country music community.   My countdown has started to this year's CMA Festival in June, in Nashville!!  I'm excited for it this year just as I have been every year!  I never get tired of it.  It's such a wonderful four days of live music on many stages!   More every year!  Soon the big name night-time lineup at the stadium will be announced. Will Keith be there?   Tim??   Fan club parties are also getting scheduled and announced.  Every year we have done something different and special!    We enter the random selections for Meet and Greets and small concerts.  We go to fan parties, and take tours.   Great music, great experiences, great food, great time with family! 

* Update on bathroom renovation:  ALMOST DONE!    Hallelujah!

*  Sad to see Toys R Us stores going bye-bye.  It just seems strange that you can't run to the store to pick up a baby gift, or a kid birthday gift, from there anymore.   More and more stores are closing up  due to internet shopping.  But, it's the way of the world.  And, I admit that I shop on line more than I go to a store too.   Question: what are we going to do with all the empty store buildings??

* I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am in the mood for something new and different!  I'm thinking strong highlights and lowlights.  Lots of variation - maybe different layers too.   Wish me luck!

Have a good week everyone.    Be happy - be grateful - be filled with peace. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Will you walk the walk?

I talk the talk pretty well. 

I know what I believe and I can tell you.  I can support my beliefs and I feel comfortable in why I do.   As I have aged I have felt more and more clear about certain issues.   I have become passionate about...

putting children first.

tightening gun laws (the ones on the books and adding some new ones).

having equal rights for every single American.

and helping those who need help - without judging.

If you follow me on Facebook you have seen many posts that I have shared about these issues.

I remember when the first Women's March happened right after the election of President Trump and feeling so sad that I was not there.  I believed strongly in their right to peacefully march, to 'show up' and express the need for a better America.  I felt the same dismay after the election that they did.  I knew complaining without doing something positive is just a waste of time. So,  I watched TV all day, feeling proud of the people there.  I actually knew some who participated.  Friends.  Not crazy people.   Compassionate and giving their time.

On Saturday, March 24th lots of people will again be marching and this time I will join in.  "The March for our Lives" is going to happen in many cities around the country.   I plan to attend the one in Charleston.  I have ordered the t-shirt.  I love the fact that this one got organized by the youth. I am inspired by them.  I applaud their activism!  Some were pulled in because they experienced the horrors of an unsafe America first-hand.  But, some are joining in because they don't like the direction this country is going.  They are the future.  They are going to make it happen!!  

So, I will walk the walk!  I am going to 'do something'!  

If you would like to join me and live nearby, let's go together.

If you live elsewhere, let me know you too will be walking.   I'd love to hear from you. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

This and that.

Good morning!  TGIF! 

Here are some rambling thoughts going on in my head...

* Why do construction projects always ALWAYS take longer than estimated?   We are having our master bathroom remodeled and it was 'supposed' to be done last Friday.  Well, that didn't happen.  And now we have been told it will be mostly done today.  Hmmmm.   I find that hard to believe by the amount of work still waiting to happen.     Maybe next Friday??

* I am very happy that it is March!  Spring is just around the corner.  Here in South Carolina the trees have blooms, and all the azalea bushes are just about to pop.  I can very anxious this time of year to run out and by new flowers for my pots. I want to get my hands in the dirt and make the yard pretty again.   But, even here, it is too early.   In fact we have a few night-time lows dipping in to the 30's this coming week.  So, I wait.

*  Grandbabies update:  They continue to be more alert and I noticed this past week that they are trying to reach out to toys. They don't have the hand coordination yet but I can see the effort and it will happen soon.  They also want to talk!  Oh - it's cute, but also frustrating to them, as they concentrate and work their mouths.  They intently watch my face and try to make the same sounds I am making.  Again, soon it will happen and soon they will be little chatterboxes!  It is so fun to watch their development! 

* This is not new, because I remember being a new mom:   but, doesn't it seem that being a mom is joyful, stressful, tiring, invigorating, and unexpected?   My daughter is going through what I think ALL moms experience to some degree.   Emotions go up and down.   Wanting to be a great mother and do the best you can is tough.  Some times it just takes trial and error.   Some times it means doing what you think is right and turning off the other voices.   And, it takes confidence and time...

*  I hope the gun control issue keeps 'hot.'   I hope finally, this time, people will not let weeks go by and lose intensity about it.   I saw in the newspaper yesterday that our congressman Tom Rice met with constituents at a coffee shop last week and he was specifically asked about his NRA stance and if he would support banning military style (rapid fire) guns - and he said no.   So, bye bye.   He won't get my vote. 

*  Tomorrow I am going with my handbellers from church to an all day handbell workshop. It happens once a year and there must be 40 or more groups that come together - to learn, to ring, to experience this awesome and loud (lol) event!  We take two small group classes along with spend time as the large group.  At the end of the day we have a short concert for family and friends.  It's a long day!  An early wake-up call (5:00am)  and then not back home until 7:00pm or so.

*  Okay - I admit it.  I'm watching "The Bachelor".   Monday is the three hour finale.  THREE HOURS!  I hear that something 'different' is going to happen.   I'm kind of hoping that IF Arie chooses one of the ladies and wants to ask for her hand in marriage, that she turns him down.  Has that ever been done?   It would certainly be a twist.

*  I am anxious for my engaged daughter to get past her busy time at work.  She's a CPA and is working long hours as tax deadlines are just around the corner.  But, once she gets 'freed up' a bit I look forward to working on wedding plans more.  I also look forward to our time at the CMA Fest, which is in early June again.  It's less than 100 days and the country music artists are starting to announce fan parties, etc.  Soon the schedule will be released on who will perform each night.  It's always an amazing line-up!

* Seriously... will there be anyone left working in the White House?    I worry that nobody will want to work there and many positions will be left empty.   We will have Trump, Pence, and Sarah Sanders left.  The three stooges.

*  Stay safe all my friends up north getting the wild weather today and tomorrow!