Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everyone should be allowed to marry.

Same sex marriage.  It's in the news again...   or, still.  A political issue.  A religious concern.  A hot potato issue. 

President Obama stated yesterday that he is for same sex marriage. It was a big deal!   He was the first president to come forward (not, come out! ha) on this issue.  All presidents have been afraid to in the past.  Actually, most politicans in America are afraid to be accepting of its legalization in fear of losing votes.  Politicans worry about being re-elected, and they try not to upset a portion of the people out there who do not agree with it.

I have thought about homosexuals and about same sex marriage, and what it means to the gay and lesbian community.  I have come to the conclusion that those who are homosexual are gay from birth, even though they may not realize it until their teenage years.  It's NOT A CHOICE.  It's a natural part of them, and to fight the feelings and to live a different type of life (to try to be a "normal hetereosexual") is extremely challenging to them.  They feel they are living a lie.  They are unhappy. If you  think I'm wrong and don't believe it, then you need just to talk to them and hear the extra challenges they face...including the inability to marry.

So, realizing that homosexuality is natural for certain people, I find it wrong to not allow them all the rights and priviledges that every other group of people have in the United States.   I was allowed to go to the county courthouse and get a marriage license, so that I could join my life with my hubby's, because we wanted to be a family. We wanted to live as a unit and share joys, sad times, to share expenses, and experiences.  As Christians, we also decided to have a church wedding because it was important to us to marry in front of God and to promise to share our lives together, in relationship with God.

I don't mind saying, I don't know what God thinks about homosexuality.  I don't know if He feels it's a sin.   That's up to God. It's not MY decision.  But, I do know that God loves every single one of us, and wants us to love each other.   There is no asterick in the Bible by those words.  No exceptions.  We are to LOVE everyone!

So, when it comes to our country allowing same sex marriage, I believe we must give every citizen the same opportunity to join together, to be a family, to love one another, to file taxes as a unit, to receive health benefits as a married couple.   They should have the same rights.

Thank you  President Obama for stating your opinion yesterday.  I liked him before yesterday, but I like him even more today.  

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