Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remembering our Fallen Soldiers and thanking a veteran starts off the Hodgepodge.

Hi everybody!

It's the day after Memorial Day, and the end of the holiday weekend.  I think it's interesting that because Memorial Day always falls on a Monday it has turned into the "travel day" for many, and I wonder if people don't do anything to remember our war heroes because they are stuck on the road, or in an airport. 

That leads to Joyce's first Hodgepodge question for the week:

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?  First, let me say that yesterday, Memorial Day, is THE day to stop and honor our country's war dead.  Veteran's Day falls in October and that is the day to honor and thank a veteran.  Ok. That being said, what can we ordinary citizens do?    My personal thoughts are to really STOP, and take a minute to realize what risk they took (whether they signed up or were drafted) to protect our country here or abroad. Then, THANK THEM!  It's that easy.  Say a word of thanks.  It goes a long way.  Keep politics out of it and don't be opinionated.    Thank them for giving a portion of their time on earth, time away from their homes and families, to serve us all.

2. Besides a flag, what is something you own that is red, white AND blue?   I have other patriotic decorations... do they count?  The 4th of July is big here on the beach and we like to make a colorful splash of it.  We often have a houseful and so we take in the local parade, and we cook out, and then watch the fireworks on the beach.  So, I have red, white, and blue bunting to hang, and picnic plates and napkins, etc.  and a few other red, white & blue items for decorating.

3.  Does love conquer all?  Oh Joyce.  Once again, a short question - with a loaded answer!   Is love the most important thing in this world?  Yes it is.  Does love mean asking for forgiveness when wrong. and forgiving?  yes.  But, does love conquer all?    Hmmmmmm.   I guess I don't like the word "conquer" because it sounds like love can beat out everything else.  But when there is REAL love, then there is also trust.  And that is VERY important!  So, with love everything else can be right.  Without it, nothing is right.    Did I answer the question? 

4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?   Now the easy question!  No doubt in my mind: strawberry shortcake.  The best is when it's made with fresh sweet strawberries, and they are over cake made with my mom's "dinette cake" recipe. The cake should still be warm, with a little milk poured on it.  Whipped cream is optional.  YUM!!!! 

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?   I share with her the same as I share with anyone else.  I consider her a friend because she's been doing my hair for 5 years now or more.  And, therefore we know quite a bit about each other's families, and life before we both lived here in Pawleys Island.  I am pretty much an "open book" anyway and don't have big secrets to hide.    That's why I enjoy Facebook.  And, yes, my hairdresser is even my FB friend!

6. Does money lead to selfishness?  I don't think so.  I think a person can be a selfish sort with or without money.  Just the same,  I think a person can lead their life "self-less" and for others with or without money.

7. What piece of furniture in youe home needs replacing or refurishing?  I could probably replace a chair in my living room that my doggie lifted his leg on too many times.  (This doggie is now deceased. RIP sweet Peanut butter.)  I also could update my cushions on the furniture in our Carolina Room.  One day.... 

8. Random thought:  I recently read a FB post from a friend annoyed with all the politcal signs out there littering the streets.  And, this past weekend my daughter & her friend also brought up how they are everywhere.  We have signs out there for people running for national and state Congress, for local seats, for sheriff, etc.  They are everywhere! They are on the main busy roads - and in people's yards in residential neighborhoods.  And when one sign goes up, others feel it necessary to put their candidates' signs up at the same intersection or in a row along the street.  It's so ugly!! It almost makes me want to vote for the name I DO NOT recognize on the ballot come Election Day.  At least that candidate didn't spend/waste money on making signs and littering our roads!!  And I have a question: are these signs up all the way til November's Election Day now?  It's only MAy and some have been up a good while already. This just doesn't seem right.  Can't we vote to have them either banned completely, or at least make them unlawful til one month prior to the election?   I mean it.  I really don't like them! 


  1. I have to add: I just found out that there is an election June 12th. So, thankfully some of the signs should disappear shortly after it. Whew.

  2. We have an election June 5th so lots of litter here too-ugh. I am wondering if they work?

  3. Bet they don't have those signs on HHI, huh??
    Pawley's Island...**sigh** You live in heaven! :)