Thursday, May 3, 2012

The two sides of John Edwards

I overheard someone yesterday talking with a friend about the ex-Sen. John Edwards trial going on right now in North Carolina.  In case you have been living under a rock, Edwards is on trial for mis-using campaign funds to cover-up his affair and to pay for the woman's living and medical expenses.  She became pregnant quickly into the affair. (Hmmm... woops?! Or not?)   The two friends talking yesterday called it a "soap opera."   A real life soap opera.

I have been reading the testimony in the morning newspaper each day.  And, each day more comes out about what an amazing two-faced sleaze Edwards was as he conducted this affair during the same time his wife was dealing with cancer.   He invited the woman along on his private plane and she "pretended" to be a video-photgrapher.  Her videos have been shown in court and they are not very professional in style.  Blurry and not centered properly.

I have been thinking about this whole scenerio.  Here is this man who showed himself as a righteous husband and father, who said he cared about the "other America" (the poor, the down-trotted) but yet carried on this whole other life - under everyone's noses.  He then co-oerced  people who worked for his campaign to get involved, to lie for him, to launder money. 

Now, he is bringing his eldest daughter and his aged parents into court with him.  Still trying to look like a good father and son.  

He was someone we were considering as a possible leader of our country.  He "looked" dignified and spoke well.  He said the right things.

Now, I picture him as that "two faced" character in Batman.  Remember him?  One side of Edwards' face is smiling and that hair is immaculate.  But, the other side has a blank look, like something is missing. No emotion.  The lawyer in him?   Or, is he psychologically disturbed?   Is he bi-polar?  

I wonder what makes a person live a life with so much deceit.  So much ability to hurt others.  So little regard for his own family.   Is he missing something geneticly?  Will he ever be able to look beyond himself?  

I can not comprehend how someone becomes so self-centered with no thought of consequences.

I know God will give John Edwards a final judgement. And, I think even God will feel sad for him.  Sorry for him.   But in the meantime, I hope our American judicial system finds him guilty and gives him the punishment he deserves. 

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