Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Weekly Hodgepodge

I am glad Joyce is back with her Hodgepodge questions.   Here they are, along with my answers. Feel free to make a comment and add your "two cents."

1. What's something you miss about the 80's? How about the 90"s?  I prefer to live in the moment and not think of "do-overs" but for the decade of the 80's I guess I miss being a new, YOUNG wife and mother. I was married and had both of my daughters in the 80's.   Same with the 90's.  The family was together under one roof.  I was involved with school volunteering and the girls' music.  

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?  I have always had a library card - until moving here.  For me, the technology now has made "going" to the library unneccesary.  Thanks to "Google" and "Wikapeadia" I don't need to physically go to a library building to research.  I can do it quickly, at home.   I download books on my Kindle. Occasionally I BUY a book if I feel it's one I'd like to keep.  And, actually, I have questioned my town's ongoing fundraising for a new, larger library.  I think perhaps those funds could go to more needed causes.   

3. What's the secret to success?   Wow!  Short question with a long list of possible answers!  But I think my short answer is "giving love and being loved."    Also secrets of success:  following your heart, enjoy the small stuff, live to help others, put God first!

4. This is National Backyard Games week.  What's your favorite?  It used to be badmintion. I played it all summer long as a kid. We kept the net up in the backyard, and go out and play in the evenings after dinner.   Now, I think I have the most fun with "corn hole".    I also like bocci ball on the beach.

5. If I dropped by today, what would I find on your coffee table?   You would find a small stack of books, incliuding a couple about where I live, Pawleys Island. You would also find a photo album in the stack.  Also on the coffee table:  3 small candles, and a plant.  A few coasters and sometimes the TV remote.

6. Do you have a bicycle?  When was the last time you rode?  Is it something you enjoy?  We keep 3 or 4 bikes in the garage for when we have company.  This is a nice area for biking because it's flat (it's the "lowcountry") and we have some beautiful bike paths.  My husband is much more the cyclist in the family.  He rides once or twice each weekend - to the nearby state park, and on the beach.   I'd like to go on leisure rides - but don't.  I should tho!  ha!   Last time I rode was probably last summer when I was at Lakeside, Ohio during our annual family get-together.  We rent bikes there. 

7. What's your favorite cheese?   Sharp cheddar.  With triscuits and a glass of chardonnay! 

8. Random thought:   Who's been watching "American Idol"?   Tonight's the finale for the season.  I have been a Phillip Phillips fan all along.  I have voted for him each week.   I think the talent has been exceptional this time around.  The other finalist Jessica is an amazing singer - and I can't believe she's only 16 years old, and not vocally trained.  The girl has some pipes!  But Phillip is a free spirit who interprets a song with "his" style.  He has come across as humble and true to himself.  Hopefully the music industry won't eat him up!  The top ten all have a good chance of a professional music career.  They are THAT good! 


  1. If I lived in your area I'd definitely ride a bike. Its too hilly and dangerous around here. And we'd play corn hole too. That's not something you see much in NJ but it is big in the south. I've seen some cute ones done for outdoor wedding receptions and have tucked that thought away for someday : )

  2. Phillip Phillips has my vote, too! Love him! You are very fortunate to be living where you hubby is from South Carolina! I can't think of a better place to enjoy a nice bike ride. So much to see!

  3. Your thoughts on libraries gives me the shivers...but we can still be friends! Just teasing! I think it's so neat that you use bike riding with your company...what a fun idea! Happy Hodgepodge!

  4. Our visits to the Low Country aren't complete without bike rides ... no hills and beautiful sights to see!

  5. We are big Phillip Phillips fans too. I hope he wins tonight. Your cheese combo sounds really good :)

  6. Put God first! Of course! How could I have forgotten that?!

    I like Phillip but I think I want Jessica to win. ;)

  7. oh, you like badminton too!! cool.

    And I agree w/ the success advice - put God #1! Back in the 80s, I went to a Christian school and we'd all sign each other's year books like that (whether we knew how important it was or not!LOL). :)

  8. I'm a sharp cheddar girl too!

  9. You left a comment on my hodgepodge a while back. Yes I am a native Baltimoron and graduated from Towson also. To show my age, I will ad that my second child is also now a Towson alum! Oh I miss the 80s for the same reasons u do! Also badminton was my fave backyard game eons ago and now my married son loves corn hole.