Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Hodgepodge, but a few questions anyway...

Today is the day that Joyce usually puts out the weekly Hodgepodge questions, but she had a death in her family and is unable to return to her normal life just yet.  We are thinking of you, Joyce, and your family, as they struggle with a young person's passing.  God be with you.

I thought I'd ask a couple of questions, and answer them.  I'd love to hear from my blog followers - because I'm curious and I just really enjoy the connection.

1. What is one special trip or vacation you have planned for this summer?  If not a trip, perhaps an upcoming event?   I have several special things coming up this summer.  But, for June, it's my "country music" month again!  My hubby and I are off to Nashville in a few weeks to attend the CMA Music Festival again. We went last year and had a blast!  So, we signed right up to go again.  This year we have a few friends going too. I'm looking forward to hanging with them, and ALL the amazing music, morning to night, and the fun atmosphere.  I feel I have a better understanding of the festival the second time around and hope to do a few different things this time.   We will finish the "country music" month with going to the "Brothers of the Sun Tour" with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in Charlotte. Again, we will be with family and friends, and will tailgate during the day.  Then we will see 2 of my favorite country singers - together - live in concert.   Yeeee....haw!

2. Continung the music concert theme, what was your favorite concert you ever attended?  Can you remember your first concert?  My first real concert was when I was a freshman in college in 1980.   I saw "KC and the Sunshine Band"!   That was my first year of experiencing live bands (and other stuff...it was my first year of college! Come on! ha).    I remember seeing the Eagles (Dan Fogelburg opened for them), and Pure Prairie League that year.  Also Jesse Colin Young.   My favorite concert:  A tough choice.  I love concerts!  I was fortunate to go to a bunch of them when I worked in radio promotions.  So, in terms of memorable because of the band/person being such a legend:  seeing the Rolling Stones, and seeing Paul McCartney.   I saw The Jacksons on their "Victory tour", but you know, I don't remember much about it.   Of course now my favorite country artists are Tim McGraw, Keith Urban...  Dierks Bentley....   Kenny Chesney....    the list goes on!

3. Do you own a pet?  What kind?   What's one funny/crazy thing it does?    Most of you know that I have a pug puppy, named Miss Honeybee.   She is the noisiest yawner!   Whenever she wakes up from a nap, she stretches and yawns - and makes the cutest, and loud, high-pitched sound when she yawns.  She's very verbal in general.  She tries to talk to me often.  I don 't always understand what she is saying but she usually gets her point across.

4.  Do you consider yourself "political"? Do you follow the candidates and/or issues?   I try to be aware of what is going on with the politicians but I find I am more concerned about issues.  I have beliefs that I have attained through life experiences, and my faith, and I try to vote each time for those who will hopefully work towards those same beliefs. I have learned to limit my exposure of all the political noise, and all the game playing.  I will not watch TOO much news during the day...and yes, there are "certain networks" I will not turn on.  It's all too much!  And it's usually too depressing.

5.  Speaking of getting depressed - or feeling sad:  What is your favorite "comfort food"?  And, what is one thing you can do to bring yourself out of a funk?   My go-to food is pretty simple:  peanut butter!  I love it!  I never ever tire of it.  I eat peanut butter practically every single day.   And, the one thing I do to get out of a funk:  back to music!  Turn it on...and turn it up!

6. Random thought:  Joyce, I am not taking your place. It's just I have started to look forward to Tuesdays and the Hodgepodge questions.  Again, my sympathies on the death of your niece.  I saw on the news yesterday the pretty, young girl who got the flesh-eating bacteria in a cut when swimming in a river.  She's now in critcal condition and is losing limbs.  It is one more example of how a person just never knows how long they have here on earth, and how we hope to have good health on the journey.   I thank God everyday for the day, for me - and my loving family and friends. 


  1. Maybe I will play along later, Marla. I love peanut butter too! I usually have it once a day on Ritz crackers.

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    1. 1. What is one special trip or vacation you have planned for this summer? If not a trip, perhaps an upcoming event? We don't travel in the summer ... we prefer to travel in late spring (May) and early fall (September). It's not as crowded, rates are down and it's still warm enough to enjoy the beach.

      2. Continuing the music concert theme, what was your favorite concert you ever attended? Can you remember your first concert? The first concert I ever saw was Guess Who at the Mississippi River Festival. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi_River_Festival. I think that concert was back in 1970.

      3. Do you own a pet? What kind? What's one funny/crazy thing it does? We recently had 2 dogs - a golden retriever and a labrador retriever. The lab didn't have any special tricks (let's just say that she was not an ideal representation of the breed), but we could put a biscuit on the golden's nose and she would hold still until we released her and she would flip the biscuit in the air and catch it before it fell onto the ground.

      4. Do you consider yourself "political"? Do you follow the candidates and/or issues? I vote based on issues. I have to confess that I find the negative ads so depressing and frustrating that I just don't watch much TV during election years. It's not like any of the candidates are expressing what they stand for -- they're too busy putting down their opponents. It's always a struggle, then, to find out just what they do stand for.

      5. Speaking of getting depressed - or feeling sad: What is your favorite "comfort food"? And, what is one thing you can do to bring yourself out of a funk? I'd rather do something I love or be with the people I love to get myself out of a funk. ;-)

      6. Random thought: I too am so sad for what Joyce is going through. :-( And I'll miss the Wednesday Hodgepodge ... and look forward to its return next week.

  3. I'm trying to catch up a bit...my google reader is crazy but before I hit all read I thought I'd try to drop in on a few. That poor girl in Georgia...so sad.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. They mean a lot.