Monday, August 13, 2012

A Monday Morning Musing

I am in a bit of a "funk" this morning.  I'm allowed, right?   Really, it's for no particular reason, and certainly for no sane reason.  I'm blessed...I'm loved...    life is great.

But, sometimes the "let downs" of life sit on the shoulders alittle.  Disappointments, disagreements.   It's getting towards the end of summer and even though I don't have school age children I still think of the "back to school" days - the change in schedules, and how busy times pick up. 

I was out yesterday and I ran into someone who mentioned an "end of the summer" party. Funny how that makes me sad.   Why is it I can't embrace the change of seasons? 

I'm ready for one thing that Autumn brings.  Football!   But there's also the whole political thing happening this Fall.  It's pretty depressing. I think we all agree.  I was talking to my oldest daughter yesterday about getting registered in the state she lives in now so she can vote in November.  She said "it's all smoke and mirrrors" and she probably wouldn't do it.  I can't blame her.  And, that makes me sad.

I think about the holidays already!  Crazy, huh?   Yes, there are wonderful things about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But, I already think of that extra "work" that goes along with it.  Each year I tell myself to stop sweating the small stuff...    and it's all small stuff, right?   But it adds up.  It becomes big.  It sits on my shoulders.   That's where I am this morning.

I know tomorrow I will feel better - more optimistic, more energized.    I'm just wallowing alittle right now.  Time for a bit of prayer, a bit of uplifting music, a bit of exercise. 


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  1. I feel that way sometimes, more so in this season of life than in any other I think.

    It is sad that our children's generation is so jaded when it comes to politics. I guess all they've ever known in the political world is bickering and unfriendly disagreement. You and I are old enough to remember when people could politely disagree. It is sad. Elections used to feel they're just depressing.

    Okay, I better go exercise too!