Friday, August 31, 2012

A few things I'm thinking about.

When I started blogging I had hopes of writing often, not just once a week responding to the questions of the Hodgepodge.   In the beginning I had more things "pent up" to say.  But, recently I struggle with what to write about that could be interesting to anyone to read.

Here's a little list of things that have been running around in my brain (in no particular order.)

1. I love/hate politics.  We are in the midst of this crazy presidential race - and regardless of who I talk to - NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY likes the way our politicans act, or believe anything that they say.  Yet...everyone I talk to still has a "strong leaning" in terms of what political party they support, and people certainly have an opinion on how to keep this country going. 

I wonder what it will take to turn off the mud slinging?  Will the politicans and their camps ever see that we normal Americans find them so embarrassing?  And, that they have turned what used to be a respected way to give of yourself into a huge circus left only for those who get off on hearing themselves talk? 

Maybe the apathy/disdain of the youngest voting generation will do it.  Perhaps one day we will have an election and nobody will turn up to vote! ha!  That will show them.

2.  I checked out the headlines this morning on a site - I clicked on it thinking it was HLN but it was for Nancy Grace.  The top 5 headlines were about children killed, by parents or abducted.  It turned my stomach.  How can someone like Nancy Grace make a living off of people's pain and sensational and horrific deaths?  I know, I know. She thinks she is doing a service.  (She's also getting a very large paycheck.)  I just don't get why people watch her show.

3.  Lighter thought:   I start my morning just about each and every day with a cup of coffee and some country music. Both give me a jolt to get going!  

4. I messed up on some dates for a church event in October.  It will work out fine....BUT I swear that sometimes I scare myself with how I can not keep dates, or names, straight in my brain.  I worry it's alzheimers but I think I have always been scatterbrained with this.  So, I apologize for the confusion and need to be more careful in the future. 

I tell myself it's because I'm left-handed (right-brained) which means I'm more artistic and less analytical.  I do think it's true.  I love the arts... all of them.  And I just don't have the interest to keep numbers in my brain.  In and out...   I don't retain it.

5. I love my pets!  Every morning I walk my pug and have one or two kitties following me along the way.  I love them and they love me.  Unconditional (well, I have to feed them! ha). 

6. I'm helping daughter #2 move AGAIN this weekend.  If she's reading this, how many times have you moved in your still young life??   ( :    Don't worry. I'm looking forward to it and seeing the new place.  Dinner's on me!

My coffee is gone - and it's time to get going... 
Happy Friday to all who have stuck with me and read down to this point! 
Have a safe holiday weekend!

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