Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy birthday Sue-sue-serio!

Today is my girlfriend Sue's birthday.  I didn't get a card into the mail - or a present!  So, she can consider this her gift.  H A P P Y      B I R T H D A Y     S U E   !!!

Let me tell you a little bit about "us."   Sue and I met at Towson State University, at the school's radio station WCVT.  We were both Mass Communications majors. I was a transfer in student, my junior year.  She was one year behind me.  But, for one of my classes taught by Mr. John McKerron, I was supposed to put together a radio commercial.  I can't remember if Sue was assigned to me, or just offered to help, but she and I would meet in the production room (closet) at the station on campus and she helped me work on a fictious Linda Ronstadt commercial.  Sidenote:  This was before computer technology for splicing.  We manually cut audio tape on a little machine and used tape to splice it together for an edit.  It was on reel to reel. 

I don't think I ever finished my commercial but it started our friendship!  We talked and laughed... and continued on.    Sue will have to fill in my blanks.  I can't remember how or when exactly we decided to move in together after graduation.  But, we did - thank goodness!  We first moved into Woodstream Apts in Cockeysville, MD.   I had started working for WBAL Radio in the news dept. and Sue was an announcer at a radio station out of Annapolis.   We were good roommates because we each had our own jobs and schedules, but we still had great times when we hung out together watching movies on TV in our apartment and going out for dinner.  

We took some awesome vacations together!  First we joined other friends and flew to Aruba for 4 or 5 days away.   But, our BEST, and most exciting vacations as "single girls"  were aboard the Holland America ships...we went on two cruises where we met interesting people, including a couple of crew members.  Oh la la!!  Memories, right Sue???  

And, remember the ethnic festivals in downtown Baltimore?  Especially the Italian Fest?

We moved into another apartment in the same community after a year.  Briarcliffe apts.  It was a bit bigger than the first place and had a washer & dryer in the unit. We were living in style!  By, the way, Sue is a claustrophic person - she always needed a balcony.  ( :

Anyway, we had great times together but after a coupele of years I moved out on her to get married.  Sorry Sue.  Only a man could tear us apart!  ha   Of course, Sue was in my wedding.

But, this is the cool thing...  our friendship didn't end even tho I married and moved out of state.  In fact, I moved...and moved again...and moved again.  Sue came and visited me everywhere I lived! 

Now, her life was not on hold.  She had new jobs, job issues, new men, men issues.  Family joys and family issues.   We talked about everything!!   Weeks could go by but it didn't matter because we always knew (and still know) what was going on with our lives. 

Babies came... and we shared our love for them, and had more to talk about!   We loved to spend time together making crafts.  We moved within a few hours of each other at one point and occasionally got together for lunch (not often enough.)   Sue and I have never been at a loss for something to talk about.  I guess that's what makes our friendship last.  We don't have parallel lives but we understand each other, and we listen and laugh about life together!   She might say she called me with "emotion" more than I called her.  But, she's my person out there who I know WILL be there. 

We have gone through hair cut and color changes, style changes, body image concerns, health scares, family deaths, our own aging complaints....   everything!   Now, we look forward to each summer when she and her family are in SC and she and I slip away for "girl time."  (Again, we didn't do it enough this summer.)

This is getting long.  But, Sue, today is your birthday and I wanted to say YOU are one special person to me!  Besides my blood family, you have known me the longest on an ongoing basis. (Even longer than my hubby.)  I am blessed to have a girlfriend like you.   We have come this far in our lives together that I think we know we have each other's backs forever.    So -
 H A P P Y     B I R T H D A Y     G I R L F R I E N D !!!!   Love you Sue!

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