Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A thoughtful Hodgepodge

Joyce asks some interesting and thought provoking questions this week.  I had to ponder them a little before responding.  How about you?

1. "The best cure for a sluggish mind is to disturb it's routine."  When was the last time you "disturbed your routine" and how'd you do it?

I worry about keeping my mind active.  I know it's important as I age to keep thinking and challenging my brain.  I love doing crosswords and do the ones from the newspaper most mornings.  I have also gotten involved (too involved!) in "Words with Friends".   I read and belong to a Book Club.  This fall, I have signed myself up for an 8 week (once a week) art class.  Acrylic painting.  Once upon a time, years ago, I started out in college as an art major. I changed majors but I have enjoyed art throughout my life and have taken some classes here and there as an adult.  But, it's been awhile - and I'm ready to go for it again.  I'm looking forward to the classes this fall.

2. What's your favorite fried food indulgence?

Hushpuppies!  Here in the south some restaurants put them out on the table, by the basketful!  You don't even have to ask for them.  Uh-oh!!!  I love them, especially warm and dipped in a little soft butter.   So bad but oh so good!!

3. Did you have an allowance as a kid?  What did you do with it?  Do/did you give your own kids an allowance?

I am trying to remember back if and when we kids were given an allowance.  I can't think of a time. (Sister Sue:  any recollection of that?)   I do remember that my  parents had a "chore list" on the inside door of our pantry.  If we did a certain chore we checked it off and I think EARNED some money.   I guess it was their way of teaching us that we have to work for what we want.
When I was a parent of school-aged daughters I do not remember ever offering a weekly allowance to them to spend. I have to admit hubby and I were easy on them that way. Maybe too easy.  Thank goodness they turned out great anyway!  I think I always had the mindset that if they worked hard with school and music endeavors, then we would provide for them. 

4. What's something you wish you knew more about?

This is a  tough question because all the things I am thinking of I COULD learn more about...I just haven't.  Like how computers work, how a car engine works.  I'd like to know "why" alot more.  But those are philosophical questions, sometimes without an answer.

5. Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? If so, what?

Wear a bikini!  ha!   Seriously, I do not feel "too old" to do things, and actually I think I have become more free as I have aged to do things, or to at least to not care what other people think when I do.   Thankfully, I do not have any physical limitations.  By the grace of God!!    I just bought a little sign with this saying on it, and I have it hanging by my bathroom mirror:  " Live your life and forget your age."  I good reminder each morning.

6. What's a song you think has a great first line?

Wow. I'm finding this to be a tough question.  Why?  Most of my favorite songs don't have great first lines.  It's the chorus that's the best.  Joyce:  ask me that one!   ( :    When it comes to first lines of songs I guess I have to think of something religious....like the Doxology: "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."  You know, I really wanted to answer this with a country song, because they DO have the best lyrics! 

7. Who are your writing to/for when you create a blog post?  In other words...as you write, who is your audience in your head?

First and foremost I am writing to my daughters.  I also write to my friends, and fellow blog readers.

8.  my random thought.

I tend to be too serious when I blog and sometimes I really don't want to be that way. I'm really curious how my fellow bloggers will answer #7.  I need to record funny moments in life, my daily joys, and just "journal" better.  I hope to do that.  Stick with me!


  1. How things work like computers and cars! That is something I would like to know too :) I LOVE the Doxology - when I was in college I was on the swim team and we sang the Doxology as a team at the end of every swim meet - it brings back special memories as well as being a great song :)

  2. I was sure you'd have a Country song : ) You picked a good one though!

    One thing about this 'seaon of life' is there is much time for introspection and I think that's why our writing is often more serious. We have time for deep thinking. You have a good mix on your blog.

  3. #5....the bikini....well, that just cracked me up. I'd scare the fish away if I wore one. And your answer, made me think of the picture of Helen Mirren that is online [do a google search if you will of Helen Mirren in red bikini] ---she's a Dame, and actress who is 63 or close, and her bod will make even those men [boys] of 17 drool over. Okay, 'nough said. LOL

    And as for a 'serious' blog....you sign says it all....live a life....and I just KNOW there is humor in your day, you just need to capture it and smile/laugh. "They" say laughter is the best medicine.

    Did you say Hush Puppies and butter? {{{drool}}}

    1. ...sorry, that "you sign" should be YOUR sign

  4. Hello Marla, You left a comment on my blog on my Hodgepodge post so I decided to pop over here, read your answers and leave you a comment. I love comments! Do you?? I like you blog. I read a little and have decided to follow you... so I am a new follower of your blog. I like the random thoughts you shared yesterday about being in a funk. I get that way too some times.

    Like others the bikini answer cracked me up... though I have never worn a bikini, not even as a young woman.

    I write for my family also, though I very often share silly things we do and silly photos as well. But maybe that is just the way our family is...we are crazy!!

    I too picked a hymn. I choose the first one that came to mind. It is a favorite though. It makes it more fun to just answer with the first thing I think of sometimes. Though not to quickly, I would not want to embarrass myself or my family.

  5. i just signed up for two continuing education classes (cake decorating and spanish). yay learning! and i love hushpuppies :)