Thursday, August 2, 2012

The freedom of Choice (Not chicken!)

Yesterday was the day that Mike Huckabee suggested to be a "support Chic-fil-A" day after the founder & owner Dan Cathy  had some negative press a few days ago.  Mr. Cathy had stated in an interview that his company believes in "family values" and he therefore believes that God intended on heterosexual marriage.  I don't have his exact words.  I know he was speaking from his heart.  He's a successful businessman, but also a very caring person. Chic-fil-A employees have Sundays off to go to church and to "rest on the 7th day".  They are given good insurance benefits and college scholarship programs.

The turnout at Chic-Fil-A's across the country yesterday was outstanding!  I'm sure the company reaped financially, and felt the true support of many fellow Americans.

Kudos! It was a non-violent expression.  It made all the national news media reports.

BUT....      (don't you love a "but") I found myself unsure about what to do yesterday.  I was out during lunch yesterday and I did go through a fast food line, and I considered going to a "Chic-Fil-A" BUT I didn't.

Why?  I did not want my self, my car in line, and my dollars, to be a "vote" for ONLY heterosexual marriage - and I was afraid that is how it would be interpreted.   I could NOT do that.

I am not a gay person.  But I know people who are. I don't understand why they were born with the desire for a same sex relationship, but I don't question it.  I know it's "who they are".  God made ALL of us in his image.  God LOVES all of us!   I have no right to sit in judgement on other individuals.
I do not want to do anything that alienates a group, or makes a person feel wrong.   Therefore I could not go through the Chic-fil-A line yesterday.

I love this country for allowing peaceful demonstrations.   But, in my heart, I could not participate.

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