Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hodgepodge me!

Here are Joyce's Hodgepodge questions for this week, and my answers.  Please feel free to respond in the "comments" area, or via Facebook or email.  I love to hear your thoughts.

1. In an effort to combat obesity, the mayor of NYC has plans to ban the sale of sugary drinks (anything over 16 ounces), initially in restaurants, movie theatres, and street carts.  Corner stores would also be affected if they are defined as food service establishments.  Your thoughts?

I applaud Mayor Bloomburg for his true concern for the health of people, and for the concern of ALL our pocketbooks.  Those large sugary drinks (along with all the other "junk food" Americans partake in) have created major medical problems.  And, all of us who pay taxes are paying for the treatment of those who can't, and have high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. due to their diet. It's a complicated issue I realize.  I know that we live in a country that is founded on and gives "freedom of choice" but only when it's NOT affecting us all.  I know many food & drink companies do not always consider health concerns over the almighty dollar.  Mayor Bloomburg made a decision that doesn't win him popularity votes and he is okay with it.  I applaud his efforts.  I guess if somebody is THAT upset that they can't buy a "Super Gulp" in NYC they can go live somewhere else. Or, hey, if they must, they can buy TWO smaller drinks.

2. Art festival, music festival, food festival - which would you like to attend? 

Hands down, MUSIC FESTIVAL!  Those who know me know that I have attended the CMA Music Festival in Nashville the past two years and have LOVED it from beginning to end.  It's a highlight of my year now.  After I got back from this last one in June, I immediately went on line and bought tickets for next year! 

3. What are you irrational about?

This answer comes from people who know me:  I am irrational about my hopes for a gun-free, more peaceful country.  I am a pacifist and I truly believe we need to tighten up our laws about gun ownership.  In my opinion, too many people are injured and killed by guns that are stolen or that accidently go off.   I  am not a fan of the "sport of hunting".  There are many sports to get involved in that do not require a deadly weapon.  I think only police should carry guns, and that those caught with them (illegally) should have to pay a heavy penalty.  The "rational" people say it's too late - that guns are everywhere in America.  True.  But, until we change the availability of them and the penalties it will continue that way.  

4. Do you feel confident you will have a comfortable retirement?

If you mean "financially comfortable" the answer is yes.  If you mean "physically comfortable" I do not know, but I pray that I will have good health into my old age.  I do worry about a disabling disease, or a chronic and painful issue.  I have seen too many people get into their later years and are unable to enjoy them because they live a confining lifestyle due to medical problems.  I have also seen (and admire) other seniors with good health who stay active and involved.  I hope I'm the latter! 

5. What's been your favorite Olympic moment so far ?   (the 2012 games)

I have watched most coverage at night, so I have seen mostly swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball.  NBC seems to be focusing in on those sports.  The track and field events are just starting.  From what I have watched so far, I guess my favorite 2 moments are 1) Michael Phelps winning his "last" gold medal...and 2) little Gabby winning gold as the "all around gymnast."   Can I say here, I enjoy the Olympics BUT I still have a hard time seeing defeat because someone is .001 or .002 behind someone else.  I hate watching the disappointment.

6. What would you label the messiest room in the house?

I may not be extremely clean but I don't like messes.  I like to put things in piles. I'm a neatnik. I like to walk in a room and have it visibly appealing.   So, my messiest rooms?  The utility room which is also a storage room. (In the lowcountry of SC we do not have basements. )

7. Do you follow your heart or your head?

There are few things good about aging, but I will admit that as I have grown older I have ALLOWED myself to follow my heart more.  As a young woman, and then a young mother, I had to follow my head alot.  I was concerned with MY well-being when I was single, and then I was worried about my family when I married & had my daughters.  Now, I am in a position when I can follow my heart...and it's a wonderful thing!

8. My random thought.

I am starting to think about Fall.  Grrrrrr. 


  1. Watching the disappointment is hard for me too...but what is really hard is watching the disappointment from 3 inches away - can the camera man take a few steps back please?! We know the athlete is upset, we don't need a front row seat to the tears (oooh, looks like I need to add this to my irrational list! :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Those close finishes are painful to see, especially if it means someone misses out on a medal. I love the anything can happen aspect of the games though.

    Fall is my favorite season of the year up here-so pretty!