Monday, July 7, 2014

I love summer!

The 4th of July celebration and weekend is over - and yes, I'm a bit tired.  We had 4 action-packed days doing what's best in the summertime…partying, boating, eating, drinking, playing games, and hanging out with friends and family!  

The weekend has re-affirmed all that is good!  I discovered that hanging out with people younger than me is one of my favorite things to do!  I don't mean to discount those older (and often wiser) than me.  You all are good too.   But, I find that when I spend time with the "younger generation" then I feel younger too!  So, thank you for that!!!   You all make me laugh!  You keep me feeling young.

I am at an age where I have re-discovered life…  fortunate enough to have time and resources to "go for it!"  

Yes, summer living is the best!  Summer holiday get-togethers seem less stressful and I like that!  Everything is laid-back, but still fun.  I can think of a bunch of country songs about "chillin"…and "barefoot bluejeaned nights"…and "koozie in my hand"…and "big orange ball sinking in the water…"


What a great time it was!       Let's keep the summer going…

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