Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My own Hodgepodge….

The Hodgepodge is on vacation today so I thought I'd take just a few minutes to express myself and "get it off my chest" - no comments from the peanut gallery please.  Here's my own Hodgepodge.

*  So, it's mid-August and I have seen on Facebook that some schools have started this week.  I know around here and in some other places the school doors open to students next week.  I will never get used to classes starting in August after going my whole school career at a time when they waited until after Labor Day.   August is still "summer".   Labor Day weekend used to be the "last hurrah" of summer… but not anymore.

*  The sixties are rearing their ugly head right now when it comes to racial divides and injustice.  The events in Ferguson are reminding me of "how it used to be" but it seems we still are not there yet when it comes to crime and differences between the races.  Prejudice is still alive and living in the US of A.  

But, this is what I don't get, and perhaps can never get, since I am not in the shoes of those protesting:  why use violence?  Is that the only way to get attention after so much frustration?  Is it unrestrained actions that pop out after holding back pain for a long time?   I don't know.  I wish that people who want to speak out - as is allowed in this great country of ours - would do it peacefully and without hurting the innocent and business owners trying to make a living.   I wish they would recognize that acting out physically and with violence makes it worse, and makes others fear them…which makes the cycle continue.

*  I remember back when "W" was president, and yes, I had a general dislike for the way he served our country.  I felt he did not represent America around the world as an educated man, who had restraint - and I felt he got there due to some nepotism, not from hard work.  Yes, I had issues with him on several levels.  He embarrassed me at times.  (But so did Clinton and others).   It's no secret that I think president Obama is a better leader, a better representative in the world, a caring but restrained man - when it comes to military actions and our place where sometimes we don't belong.  

So, yes, you all know where I stand.  But, here's my thing:  I remember having some interesting discussions with my girlfriends at that time and they were Republicans and saw it all differently than me.  That was okay.  We were still friends!   Is it me or have we gotten polarized to the point where you have to stick your ground and sometimes become mean?  I suppose social media has evolved so much now that it's easy to "resend" political humor (meanness), and to think it's okay.   It's not.   It separates us.

* The wedding planning is moving along in this household!  It's like a part-time job!    I am getting an education on all things wedding, and I appreciate the need for a professional wedding planner now.  Yes, I hired one two weeks ago!  There would be no way to get through the week of the wedding without one - and still be the Mother of the Bride - and still be sane!   lol

Most all the businesses I have contacted for rental needs and for food and flowers, etc. have been gracious, attentive and excited with me.  Can you believe the one thing I am having trouble getting a response back from is a fancy restroom trailer company??  I have left several messages for two local companies that offer them for special events.  I have left emails, and phone messages.  No callback yet! This could be a problem!!

* I am going to TWO country music concerts this weekend!!  I am seeing Jerrod Neiman, Brett Eldridge and KEITH URBAN Friday night in Charlotte - and then I'm going to the Darius Rucker concert at Coastal Carolina U on Saturday night!  I continue to totally love the live country music concert experience.  It's just so happy, it's for all ages, it's seeing/hearing amazing talent!!   I am looking forward to it all!

* I will be very glad when the two houses under construction on my street are finished.  I think work started about a year ago, and it has been a continue stream of construction trucks, and I have heard hammers pounding, dump trucks rumbling, music playing, roofers using nail guns…. and it still continues.  How much longer??

* Last but not least, as September gets closer, football will be on in this house every weekend - oh, and on Monday nights and Thursday nights!  As I have said in earlier posts, it is one of my favorite things about fall.  Pre-season has already started but the real action kicks in soon. SEC football is my favorite to watch (Go Gamecocks!) and I love the pros too.  I posted earlier about all the crazy behind the scenes inappropriate - sometimes illegal - behavior and how some players are terrible role models.  Ahhh….but the game itself!  I still love it!  

What about you?    What are you looking forward to?  What makes you happy?

Have a wonderful week doing it!


  1. I love football too and my husband and I are so excited!
    I don't understand the looting and destroying peoples business and livelihood for the sake of expressing opinion. Its awful !

  2. So much to comment on : ) I don't understand how violence helps either. I really liked that article you posted on FB written by the policeman. It made so much sense, which seems in short supply these days. We've become a nation that goes from 0-60 in a matter of seconds. It used to be reactions to situations gradually escalated, but now we get to extreme like a rocket.

    How does destroying their own community benefit anyone or prove any sort of point? Part of the problem in MO right now I think is that a lot of the people creating the chaos have come in from outside, for the sake of publicity, protesting just to protest, and because they have nothing else to do-like work!

    Wedding planning! I hear ya : ) It's fun though!

    And school shouldn't start until September!