Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Patience is a virtue.

It's back again. It's the Hodgepodge, the weekly list of questions for us to ponder and answer personally.    Have you been patiently waiting for another week to come and go?  Or do the weeks go by too quickly? 

This week we explore our patience...   or lack of it!

1.  What's something that has recently 'tried' your patience? 

Oh my.  Living in today's world can 'try' my patience!  I especially feel it when things or people don't act quickly enough, or just move on.  I know I get impatient with people on the road, and I get annoyed with "slow walkers"...    and I TRY to remind myself all the time that they have issues I am not aware of, and that I need to be considerate of that.  

I think I struggle the most when it comes to patience with the other drivers on the road. You know, the ones that go slow in the left lane, and the ones that don't use turn signals, and the ones that park and take up two spaces... and...  the ones who seem oblivious with reading signs.... and...      ( :    The list goes on! 

God give me patience!!

2.   Do you think patience comes to us naturally or is it something you have to learn as you grow up?   On a scale of 1 to 10 generally how patient are you?  (1 = I blow up at the drop of a hat, and 10 = I've got all the time in the world.) 

Patience is something we all have to learn as we grow up!   Think about children wanting everything "NOW" and saying "I WANT IT - GIVE IT TO ME!"   If you are a parent you have certainly heard your kids 'demand' a toy, or a treat, or to go somewhere NOW!!    But hopefully we all learn that not everything is about "me" and we learn that if we want to succeed and be happy in this world we have to have patience.

Good things come to those that wait!     Right? 

I think I am an 8.  I never blow up nor do I have road rage. I never physically lash out at strangers.  I do not show myself being mad at others for being slow, and usually I get mad at myself for the thoughts I have about them.  And, truly, I'm most upset with people on the road when I am in a hurry because perhaps I am running late and feeling rushed.  I have learned to reduce my stress by allowing plenty of time for myself.  

3.  Share a time when you thought you could fly.  Or a time you wished you could fly.  Or a time you felt like you were flying. 

I have to say this question has me a bit baffled.  I assume our leader Joyce is referring to a feeling like I could 'do anything'... or I could soar in an ability, or I enjoy a moment like I"m on 'top of the world.'   
Let's see... I have felt like I could 'do anything' when I am having an emotionally centered day, and when I feel connected to nature.  When I feel all is good.   

Times I have felt I could soar or feel on top of the world?   It usually involves music - playing it, or listening.   My best moments are when I have been able to be part of something musical that can touch people, or is a beautiful moment in a church service or concert.  I "fly" at live music concerts!  I remember when my daughter was in the county orchestra and they got to play at Carnegie Hall in NYC, and it was a "flying" moment - just watching them.  Such joy!   I also feel that way when I attend concerts and see unbelievable artists - and can "get lost in the moment"...and don't want it to end.

4.  Your favorite song with the word fly in the title or lyrics, or your favorite song tht relates to flying in some way? 

Oh - wow!   So many!!!  Right now there is a wonderful song by Maddie & Tae simply called "Fly" and it's a wonderful message to young women out there, sung by two beautiful & talented young ladies themselves.    The refrain is... 

"So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching, though the limb might break.
You've come this far, don't you be scared now...
'cuz you can learn to fly  -  on the way down."

And you know,  I have to include Tim McGraw's song "Live Like You were Dying" that has the lyrics of watching an eagle fly... 

And also Keith Urban's song called "I Could Fly" with these lyrics:

"I wanna thank you
for the love that you give me...
and the sun that you put in my sky.
But you don't know
how much you lifted me up...
I feel so alive...
that I could fly    -  I could Fly!

5.  What's in your picnic basket and where are we picnicking in your neck of the woods this time of year? 

Well, if I packed a picnic basket (ha) then I think we could certainly enjoy it on our local Litchfield/Pawleys Island beach - or in the boat on the Black River at sunset.

6.  Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping...  which skill would you most like to possess and how would you put that skill to use today? 

I wish I knew more about gardening, and have considered taking classes at Brookgreen Garden nearby where I live.  They offer classes to get a Master Gardener certificate.  I would like to identify landscaping shrubs and flowers better and I would love to do more at my home.  Now, it's a hobby that I really enjoy.

Today I am going out to weed a bit and I love being outdoors and working in the dirt!

7.  What is something you think is too expensive to justify buying lately? 

I lack for nothing.  In other words there isn't an item I would like to buy that I "want" but don't have.  I'm at the time in my life that I can say it's true.  I have a hubby that provides more than enough.

But, in general, I think there certainly are things out there that just cost too much... some cars, some houses, etc.  Big ticket items with too many dollar signs attached.  

Oh - and this:   I remember going to the Atlantis (Bahamas) about 8 years ago and thinking everything there was outlandishly priced!  Everything!  Rooms, all the food, things to do, gifts, etc.   I could not feel good about being there and "wasting" so much!  I was floored by how many families were there...and the money it must have cost them!    Don't get me wrong: it's beautiful, and it's got lovely water park areas, and an inside & outside aquarium, a big staff, etc.   But - really!  It was crazy expensive!

8.  My random thought today. 

We are doing well here in South Carolina and I thank everyone for checking in.  It will certainly take some people time to dry out, and they will need federal assistance to repair or rebuild.   Thank goodness it is there and in place for them.   

It's a beautiful sunny day here today!  I hope you have it too... because as Keith Urban sings "it has lifted me up, and I feel so alive... that I could fly! "


  1. Good answers, I took #3 kind of literal for my answer, lol. Have a beautiful day, Marla. Blessings

  2. I love that Keith Urban song. Glad you fared well in the storms. Enjoy your week.

  3. No kidding, that Carnegie Hall experience would have been fantastic! Definitely a flying moment! Music in general can affect us so much, but being at Carnegie Hall... Enjoyed your Hodgepodge.

  4. Great song choices, Marla! So glad you're doing alright there in SC. Be grateful for the sun shining today!

  5. Glad things are settling down a bit in your area. It's a gorgeous day in the Upstate too! I like the Keith Urban song too. We did see Gary Allan live a few years ago when he was touring with Brooks and Dunn in their last hurrah. He is fantastic live, and puts on a great show. I think he's really underrated-so talented!

  6. I am always surprised at how much money some people can spend on family vacations! (Like to Atlantis.) Usually we drive places...then we can spend a little more on the hotel. If we fly, we go totally cheap on the lodging.

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  9. Somehow I managed to write and delete 3 answers. What talent I possess. Anyhoo, your daughter on stage at CH--wow! Glad you've got some sunshine at last...and I appreciate your sense of contentment with regard to material things. That's refreshing. I feel the same.

  10. Somehow I managed to write and delete 3 answers. What talent I possess. Anyhoo, your daughter on stage at CH--wow! Glad you've got some sunshine at last...and I appreciate your sense of contentment with regard to material things. That's refreshing. I feel the same.

  11. Haha, we both said "Oh my" in response to question #1. Just a little thing but... funny.

  12. Driving does try my patience too, definitely the ones who drive slow because they are texting!!!!