Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hodgepodging about the past.

Hello Hodgepodgers!   It's time for a few questions.  I always follow it up with my answers but of course you are welcome to answer along too.  Join in the fun! 
 1. Tell us about a time you found yourself 'in the middle of nowhere'. Was this deliberate?
Hubby and I have taken our boat out into the middle of nowhere, out on the rivers around the South Santee region of the lowcountry.  It's pretty deserted around there - in terms of people, other boaters, etc.  Lots of nature.  Lots of shells on the barrier islands.   
Yes, we deliberately went there to see it, and to get some beautiful shells.  Thankfully our boat has a GPS on it so we could return the way we went. 
2. What's something you're 'in the middle of' today or this week? 
I live in a community where people use golf carts to get around some.  They take them to the beach, and sometimes to local restaurants and the food store.  We have owned one for quite a few years but it sits in the garage, taking up space, and is rarely used.  
So, yesterday I put it on our neighborhood website classifieds, and got a buyer later in the day.  Today I am on a hunt for the golf cart title!  I'm taking a break from it right now.  I have looked in the usual places where it should be filed.  Unsuccessfully.   Grrrrr.  Where did it go??  Maybe we never had one!  Who can remember??
3. At what age do you think 'middle age' begins? What does it mean to be 'middle aged'? 
So, I think the better question is "When does 'middle age' end?"   ha!  Cuz I know I am already in it... and I want to stay in it for a good while more!!  

But the Hodgepodge question is:  when does it begin?  I guess I'd say at age 40.    What does 'middled age' mean?  It means you are not of the "young adult generation" anymore.    I suppose if I consider that by the numbers a full adulthood goes from 21 to dead (100?),  then I  break it down this way:   21 - 40 is a young adult.  41 to 65 is middle aged.  66 to dead is old.    

But age is just a number!  Labels are just that!   I think young... I want to act and stay tuned it to the present time.   I have a sign above my bathroom miroor that says "Live your life and forget your age!"
4. Ravioli, stuffed peppers, samosas, deviled eggs, steamed dumplings, pierogis, or a jelly donut...your favorite food (from this list!) with something yummy in the middle. Your favorite not on the list? 
Of the list, my favorite is definitely a deviled egg!  I don't eat eggs very often but I love them 'deviled' at a party or a picnic!   The other food items listed I can really just take or leave.
5. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ''In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.' Would you agree? Have you found this to be true in your own life? Feel free to elaborate. 
That Einstein was one smart man!  Yes, I agree with this statement.   I think when a person is going through a tough time, or is not happy with how things are going in life, then that is the perfect time to LOOK for something better.   Difficulties challenge a person to search for something different and for something that will get them on the right path.  

In my life?  I have not had to deal with major difficulties (thank you God), but I have certainly had minor setbacks or disappointments.  Hasn't everyone?   Even when it's minor, I have looked to a way to get beyond it, and to move forward in a positive manner. 
6. What's a song you remember loving from your middle school years? Do you love it still? 
Well, the first song I ever learned all the words to was "Build Me Up Buttercup"...  and I think I was in 7th grade.  Also, that was the year that "Jerimiah was a Bullfrog" was huge.  

I can't say I love them!  I mean the words were pretty goofy, but the songs were big radio hits and when I hear them (rarely now) it does take me back to that time.    

"Every song a memory..."
7. May 18th is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Will you celebrate? Which relative would you visit if time, distance, and expense were not considered. 
I have no plans to see relatives on May 18th.  In fact, I had not idea there was even such a "national" day until I read this!  What next!?!?  I mean, really.   Do we need a designation on the calendar to remind us to visit relatives? ha!   

Who would I see?   If I could blink my eyes like Jeannie on "I Dream of Jeannie" I would pop in to see my Ohio family.  My dad just moved into assisted living, so I would see his place.   Of course, I'd want to pop back out quickly too.  I am a home body in many ways and I don't particularly love long traveling trips anymore. 

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Read my Monday Morning QBing blog post before this one.  I'd love your thoughts on "down-sizing" because hubby and I are pondering it.    (Even though we ARE still 'just' middled aged!!)


  1. I'd forgotten all about deviled eggs! Yum! In fact, I think I'll make some deviled eggs today. DH doesn't care for them ... all the more for me. Ha!

    FYI - your link on the Hodgepodge link up is to www.blogger.com, not your blog. :-(

    1. Thanks for letting me know about my link. Silly me!

  2. I love the songs "Build Me Up Buttercup" and "Jeramiah." Now I won't be able to get them out of my head all day! Have a great day.

  3. Build Me Up Buttercup is a good one! The thing we like about the 70's music is most of it was easy to sing along with. Everyone knew all the words, even to the songs you thought were silly or not that great : ) Looking forward to getting out in the quiet coves on our boat soon too. That's our favorite.

  4. Enjoyed your answers today, Marla. I will definitely go back and read your Monday blog. Hubby and I have been there and done that.

  5. Hey, I remember Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog! There are just some songs that are so catchy they stick forever in your brain. Enjoyed your Hodgepodge today. :-)

  6. Those were the good old days when songs were fun or sweet. I have been trying to convince my husband to downsize, but he is holding his ground. He likes it where we are.

  7. Age is just a number but I'm not enjoying getting mail each day about Medicare!!! That a fun song, I like that one. We will definitely be moving and downsizing. I am looking forward to it. I have no desire to clean this big house anymore. I have many, many collections and it is going to be very hard to part with them but I believe there will also be a new kind of freedom.

  8. Your in the middle of nowhere adventures sound great to me. I would love to do something like that. One of the plantations of my ancestors ended up under water after the creation of Lake Hartwell. The family cemetery is now on a island out in the lake. The only way to get to it is by boat. That is one trip I am very much looking forward to making some day.

    I think it would be great to spend time out on the water, exploring the islands. Collecting shells would be great, too.

    Have a blessed day!

  9. I love that, "live your life, forget your age." I may have to put that on my mirror as well. Good one! Happy mid=week!