Monday, September 5, 2016

"It was Labor Day weekend, I was 17..."

"It was Labor Day weekend, I was 17..."   is the start of the lyrics to one of Tim McGraw's biggest hit songs called "Something Like That." 

I can't get the song out of my head this morning.  It's Labor Day.   So, it got me thinking about how this time of year effects me.  Labor Day weekend - the unofficial end to summer, and a change in schedules and attitude.

Here's a list of the good & bad that is rolling around in my head this morning.

* Saying goodbye is sad.  I love summer.

* Football season has started.  I enjoy weekends with lots of games.

* My schedule is busier again.  Rehearsals, volunteer opportunities, etc.

* The extreme hot humid days will be over soon.  A cooler air is refreshing.

* Yes, the countdown to Christmas has started. I saw on Facebook yesterday how many weekends are left for shopping.  Oh please....  no!!!

*  I will be changing out my clothing soon.   For me it's a bad thing. I like to live in shorts and flip-flops.  I don't like sweaters.  They lose their freshness after a wear or two.  They get ratty-looking. I know...  I'm weird.   I don't like squeezing my feet into shoes after months of letting them be 'free.'

* Around here, the traffic gets lighter.  The stores and restaurants are easier to get into...  goodbye tourists!  We love ya but we hate ya!

* We are closer to the end of election campaigning!  Hallelujah!  

*  We have presidential candidate debates coming up.  I think they will be 'entertaining.'  And scary...yes, maybe very scary.

*  Daylight hours get less.  Boo. 

* Time for fires in the pit at the riva.  Yea.

Labor Day Weekend.   It's the time on the calendar that means a change of seasons.  It's a time to shake off the sand, and get ready for pumpkin everything.    I need to remind myself that here, where I live, September and October are beautiful months,  still with plenty of days of warmth.  I need to work on embracing the time. 

As the McGraw song says...   "a heart don't forget something like that"!



  1. I love sweaters and floppy socks but I'm with you on not wanting to cram my feet into closed toed shoes. I'm also with you on the tourist issue. LOL The cooler temps will be most welcome as will the early darkness. I think I'm the weird one. :) Enjoyed your post!

  2. I love that song. I was out walking the other morning and passed a man who shouted, 'Where's the fall weather???' and I hollered back-'It's still SUMMER!' : )

  3. Good to weigh up the pros and cons but I still want to delay the colder weather and the darkness. I hate the darkness.