Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

Tick, tick, tick...

The December clock is ticking away and Christmas will be here soon.  So, of course, most of today's Hodgepodge questions have to do with preparing for Christmas.  Read on. 

1. Let's talk holiday decorating. On a scale of 1-10 where do you fall? (1=Scrooge and 10= Clark Griswold). What's your favorite corner-room-table-space to decorate? Is it done?

I would say I'm a 5.  I used to be a 7 or 8.  Back when the daughters were home, growing up, I spent much more time (and had more rooms to fill) decorating.   We had two trees inside.  Usually one or two outside.  And lots of Christmas knick-knacks, and such.  Over the years somethings have broken, or I have gotten tired of the 'same stuff up each year.' I like to mix it up each time. 

This year I have less space, and less items for decorating.  I gave away some things right before we moved.  This year we have one tree inside, and one tree outside.  We have outside lights - which I really like most. I like to have the darkness at night illuminated (hopefully tastefully) so we have lights on our bushes and some electric candles in the windows.

Favorite space to decorate?   I definitely have scaled down over the years but I still like the main room (the living room) to have the big Christmas tree with the family ornaments,  and a few other decorations.  I prefer making the outside look festive...with a door wreath, and the lights at nighttime. 

2. Is there a nativity scene in your decorating somewhere? Post a picture or, if it's special to you in some way, tell us why. Or do both-it's Christmas!

I bought a beautiful nativity set a few years back.  I really like it and I put it up each year, BUT I have not put it up this year yet.  Since we have recently moved, I find I'm a bit limited on space for things...and, yes,  that was the plan: to downsize and make life simpler.   But, I love my nativity so I will try to set it up - I need to find a spot somewhere where I can see it but the dogs and the cat can't bump into it.  The figures are glass, so very fragile. 

3.  Do you live in a social neighborhood? If so are you glad? If not do you wish you did?

We have moved into a pretty social neighborhood - and on a social street.  When we first arrived a few months ago, our neighbors were very kind and greeted us.  One brought over a pie - and one gave me a lovely mum.  Then, when hurricane Matthew came through, all the neighbors rallied together and helped each other out.  We had many people from the neighborhood offer to help, and many came by to  share their concern for us (since we had the big hole in the roof! )

Yes, I am happy that they are 'neighbor-ly' and I am happy that they are dog-friendly too!  It's a nice place to live!

4.  As the saying goes, 'there's no time like the present'. How does that ring true in your life right now?

Right now?  Well, I believe that it really is true always!  But, as we get closer to Christmas - which is a major deadline for decorating, and gift buying and wrapping, card writing and sending, etc.,  then it really rings true.  "Get 'er done" now, or there will not be time later!

And as we know - I like to  'get 'er done' to avoid stress if at all possible!

5. Do you dread Mondays? Why or why not?

No, I do not dread them.  In fact, I kind of like them.  I do not work outside the home, so when Monday morning rolls around I do not have to get up early and get out to a routine job.  So, I find Mondays each week are days of calm after a weekend, and a day for me to do laundry, and to straighten up the house, or to do anything that was placed on the back burner over the weekend.   

6.  Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis-which on the list is your favorite holiday plant? Are any of these on display in your home right now?

I have a cactus that has a bunch of buds on it right now... I'm waiting to see if the buds will open up in time for Christmas!  I hope so.   And, I ordered two poinsettias through our church that will be used to decorate the sanctuary for Christmas Eve and Day. I will bring them home after that.  

My favorite?   I think the poinsettia.  It IS the Christmas flower!  I get poinsettias every year.   Unfortunately, I can't keep them alive from one year to another.  That is difficult to do.  Putting in a dark closet, etc.   I just go buy new each year.

7. Share a favorite quote from a Christmas movie.

Well, I have two favorite Christmas movies!  They are  "White Christmas" with Bing, and Danny Kaye...and National Lampoon's  "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase.   I just watched "Christmas Vacation" last night... and love this line when Clark's wife  is in the kitchen with their daughter and they are talking about sleeping arrangements while all the relatives are there....

"I don't know what to say, but it's Christmas and we're all in misery." 

From the movie "White Christmas"....   

"It's cozier, isn't it?  Boy, girl; boy, girl."


"It's beautiful in Vermont this time of year!  You know, with all that snow!! "

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

The movies and the music are some of my favorite things about the Advent and Christmas seasons.   I love to make time for them! I hope you do too.

Be safe this coming week. Breathe as the clock keeps ticking closer to Christmas.  Take time to enjoy a funny holiday movie...or to listen to beautiful music.  Pray for peace. 


  1. Our church used to sell poinsettias...which they still did. I loved seeing all of them lined up in the sanctuary at Christmas. Your neighborhood sounds like a great place to live. Enjoy your day, Marla!

  2. Christmas Vacation is our family favorite but I watch all Christmas movies! Luckily, we own most of them so I can watch all year long. :) I've had Christmas music playing since October. I'm right there with you on getting things done to avoid stress! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Our church uses poisettias to decorate the platform and families donate them in honor of those who have passed. I'd love it if they had them for sale as there'd not be so much schlepping about. I enjoyed reading your post!

  4. I like poinsettias,but they remind me of a sad stressful time. I have no trouble avoiding them.
    The movies you quoted are by far my absolute favorites.

  5. I'm still trying to figure out where to put things here too. I have less tabletops, etc so fewer spots for setting things out. I don't have a lot of knick knacks, so it's okay, just need to figure out what I love most and let go of the rest. White Christmas is one of my favorites too!

  6. Sounds like you've moved into a good community. We're helping our daughter move this weekend. After that I can really concentrate on Christmas.

  7. I remember when we moved and it felt really strange the first year decorating it. Yep, get'er done!!! I always watch White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.