Wednesday, July 5, 2017

After the 4th - QBing

It's July 5th.  Tired?   Many are heading back to work today after a long weekend with celebrations and family get-togethers.  I'm thinking of my daughters and my son-in-law who have such busy lives right now.  Back to work they go!   No rest for the busy!!  lol 

* But of course, daughter #1 (eldest) HAS to pace herself and take moments of rest now as she is carrying two little baby boys in her!  Being pregnant and working full-time still - and moving into a new home.  ALL are tiring, and she is doing all of it right now.   I don't want her to overdue it.  She is aware of her situation, and being careful.  Each new day during this time will bring changes, excitement, some fears, and lots of joy!   Continue to say a little prayer that she carries the boys for as long as possible to let them grow inside and turn out perfectly.

* As a grandmother-to-be my thoughts are pretty much consumed with the coming babies.  For the next year most everything else will be put on the back burner.   It's a rare and special time in life and I plan on enjoying it all!

*  4th of July thoughts:  America, America!  It's a day we can all come together and throw a party and celebrate all the GOOD about where we live.  And, wow!  We are good at it, aren't we?  All across this vast country with such different terrain and people, we know how to party!  Morning to night.  Amazing fireworks displays across the land.  I watched the NYC event on TV last night.  It was incredible!  Such a loooong fantastic display set to live music!!  Quite over the top!    Someone brought up on Facebook this morning the fact that millions were spent on fireworks yesterday - money that could have gone to help feed the poor... or perhaps put to another use to improve something long term in our country.      Your thoughts?     

*  But, this is nice...     The 4th of July is a day long break - a moment - to stop with all the divisive rhetoric - for ONE day.    Maybe it is worth it just for that!!

*  So, back at it and the prez keeps tweeting.   Social media at its worst.  

*  Hot enough for you?    We here in the lowcountry of South Carolina have a string of mid-90 degree days going.  And, oh yes, with a bit of humidity!! ha    I normally don't mind, but for some reason this season the mosquitoes are the worst I can recall in a long time.  Someone told me that my new backyard was a festering place for them, and now I believe him.  I go out to fill the bird eeder or to do a bit of gardening in the yard, and I am attacked!      I have also gone through two dose packs of steroids for fighting poison ivy so far.   I can't keep myself from getting out in the yard - because I love it!  But, the poison ivy (or creeping sumac ivy or whatever it is) is everywhere!   It's an endless battle.

*  I feel sorry for my pugs with the heat.  Miss Daisy really can barely be outdoors without panting and struggling to breathe right now.    Both pugs are shedding and shedding - and shedding.  Trying to get rid of that heavy coat I guess! But it keeps coming back!   My dark blue couch is constantly full of it. Every day I use the hand vacuum on it and fill it with pug hair!   I am amazed they have - and lose - that much! 

*  By the way,  tropical systems have started to form down near Africa...   and after last year I really REALLY want a quiet hurricane season!   We still have 3 properties to contend with here... and although Matthew cleared out a lot of the troubling trees last year, I don't want to spend my time doing major cleanup again.   Stay away hurricanes!!

*  Wedding season.  Some of my daughters' friends are marrying this summer.  I love going to weddings!  Such hope... and so happy and beautiful.   It's so much fun to watch them all grown up and start lives together.

*  I'm getting ready to head out and meet up with my bestie girlfriend in an hour. She is down here at the beach on her annual family vacation.  We meet up each summer when she comes down - but not for long enough.  The good news is we fall right back into where we left off.   We have so many, many years of history now.   We met in college and have kept the friendship going ever since.   I gotta go get ready... 

July brings family and friends - and summer activities!  


  1. I will continue to pray for her and those two precious babies. I loved watching the fireworks last night. We can see a lot from our house. We still have one to watch that we DVR'd last night. Have a nice time with your friend.

    1. Thank you for the prayers - and thank you for responding. Have a wonderful week!