Monday, June 25, 2018

Taking a minute for QBing.

Monday morning quarterbacking...

Hot hot hot!   Here in the lowcountry we are having a 'hot spell' and I think it's time for a temperature break!  Don't get me wrong, I like heat.  I will take a hot summer day over a cold winter day anytime.  But each day for a couple of weeks now we have had 'accessive heat' and warnings to stay indoors during the afternoon hours.   Just being outside for 15 minutes is challenging with these temps and the humidity,  and therefore it makes it impossible to do yard work or gardening without getting drenched.   I'm not happy when I can't get out and piddle around in my yard.

Last week I spent each morning indoors, helping with my church's Vacation Bible School.   It was a joy!  There is something wonderful about seeing the world through little ones' eyes...and hearing the Bible stories as told to them.   I was a 'crew leader' and had five  4 and 5 year olds in my crew.   I led them station to station each day:  opening, craft time, Bible story telling, games, snacks, music, and closing.   Those little ones made my heart sing!  They reminded me that we all start out with such enthusiasm,  are little sponges learning so much,  singing and dancing each day, and giving hugs.   

Being with children helps balance out life. 

Because as we know, the adult issues of the day, and in our country right now, are so disheartening. 

I'm watching the morning news right now.  A grandmother is trying to find her toddler granddaughter who was taken at the border and put into a detention center.   HOW can anyone think this is okay?? 

Tomorrow here in SC we have run-off elections.   I pray people take the time and vote their conscience.   Human rights over self.  I know a couple of people who seem to vote only if it will help themselves.  They don't see the big picture.  They don't realize that lifting others up, improving everyone's lives, will make it a better place. 

Can I also say, that some of the voters do not have a faith centered life?   I feel without knowing God's love and His teachings, then living takes on a different path.  Ego-driven.   Dog eat dog.   It makes me very sad.  

But, what makes me happy?   My daughter & her hubby took the twins to church yesterday!   The boys are 7 1/2 months old, and I know it wasn't easy for them all to get out of the house and to a worship service.   And, they didn't make it through the whole time (one of the boys got a little fussy)...   BUT I am proud that they tried, and I hope they keep at it.   I am sure the others in that congregation were happy to see them, and to even hear a little noise.    Jesus said to bring the little children!  

Do you have Independence Day plans?   This year the 4th of July hits right in the middle of the week.  So, we plan to have a family get-together on the weekend before.  I guess the holiday will be stretched out this year...some celebrating before, some on the day, and some the weekend after it.    Whenever you celebrate, take a small part of the day to talk about what it means to live in the land of the free! 

Good summer reads?   I just finished a book and am ready for another one.   I guess I should go pop on "" and see what is suggested there.

Daughter #2 wedding plans are set.  We are in the months before it that we wait....   some things just can't be done until we get closer to the date.    The soon to be newlyweds are watching their house be built right now.  Framing is done and the roof is on.  I think it's on schedule.   Lots of inside work is next - which is good since the summer heat is on!!

Time to run...     I have a busy day ahead.  Lots of errands.   Doing some prep work for the little grandsons coming this weekend.   Excited!!   I miss them each week when I don't seem them.  They change so quickly right now.  This Mimi sure loves those boys!!  

Stay cool everyone...  stay safe.   Vote tomorrow if you live in South Carolina!    


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  1. I don't think I could survive in those temps. It's a hot spell here right now and I know I'm slowing down. Have fun with the twins.