Monday, December 12, 2011

Before Facebook?

I am so addicted to Facebook.  I admit it.  I think there should be a support group for people who spend too much time on it, and I would certainly have to join. 

It's funny how Facebook started out as a college thing and students had the use of it before it was discovered by the rest of the world.  If nothing else is learned when young people goe off to college,  they are in on the new big thing.  They are at a time in their lives when they experiment and are open-minded.    But, Facebook is not new anymore.  It's been around some 7 or 8 years now - I mean, a movie has even been made about it.  I'm wondering:  will something come along and replace Facebook?  Remember "My Space"?    Does it even still exist?  Does anyone use it?

I thank the young people for accepting all us older people on Facebook.  I'm sure they groaned when parents started joining.  I know my girls had to rethink what they posted...  and yes, there were a few pictures that surprised me.  But, all for the best.  I got a truer picture of their life away from Mom.  Wake up Marla!  ha!

Now when I talk to friends or acquaintences I rush home and type in their name in "search" and see if they have a page.  Maybe I'll friend them online!  Like I said, I'm abit nutsy about Facebook.

But... here's the wonderful thing about Facebook.  I have reconnected with friends I haven't seen in years and ones that live far, far away from me.   Some have become daily connections, some are just occasional "dropins".  But, it's a wonderful thing to stay in touch and learn about their lives.   As a woman who lives alone part-time my computer has become my way to reach out and say hello.  

It's a way to send out one message to many people.  Like this post! ha!  (Are you still reading this?  You must not be too busy right now. )   For me, it's a silent megaphone.  What?  Facebook (and now blogging) has given me the ability to share my thoughts.  I really don't care who reads them, if anyone, because typing them and "getting them out" is satisfying to me.   Oh, I do think that one day beyond my time on earth my words will continue to live on the internet.  Floating somewhere. Kind of spooky but also a good feeling.  My daughters will have "something" left of me.   Sorry girls...this is what I'm leaving you!  

Words.  Thoughts. Pictures.  

Facebook is a way to share. To laugh. To be touched at times.

Thank you Facebook.   What did I do before you? 


  1. I'm right there with you Marla! I could join your support group. Since I work at home in my studio FB has become a connection to the outside world. I enjoy solitary time, no problem for me, but it can be isolating.
    As to your question "what did I do before FB?", well, I USED to get my butt out the door every morning and go swimming! Thinking that I need to do that again.

  2. Martha: I know what you mean about getting out the door. Luckily I have Miss Honeybee and she forces me out for fresh air and long walks.

  3. I´m not your friend yet on fb? Will you accept me? :)
    I totally addicted too and love it. Especially word games. :)!/bettywiens

  4. I love Facebook, too. I was reluctant to join because I thought I was too old. But my daughter encouraged me to do so ... and I'm glad she did. I've reconnected with many HS classmates (Class of '69) and family. And as you said, it's a wonderful way to share a single message with a lot of people. And like Betty, I love to play word games on Facebook. ;-)